Norfolk State University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


Some of the professors and craziness if financial aid department, but alot of schools have the same issues.


I think that the worst thing about my school would have to be the students. The reason I say this is because majority of the students have the wrong idea as to why they are attending college. They act as if they are there to party and their priorities are all out of order. Work should not be on the back burner, and unfortunately it is for most of the students at Norfolk State University.


I consider the school spirit to be the worst aspect of my school. I participate in the school marching band so I'm very dedicated and truly in love with my university. I only wish everyone on campus was somewhat similar to my passion.


I believe that the worst thing about Norfolk State University is that there is not a wide variety or range of different types of races and nationality.


The worst thing I would say about Norfolk State University is their financial aid office. They never answer their phones which cost alot of student to lose their classes. My aunt is 35 years she went to Norfolk State University 11 years ago and even she stated it was worst thing about thing about the school. My advice to you is go up to their office to handle everything.


The size and decor of the dorm rooms. The lack of organization in the administrative offices.


There isn't enough parking spaces available.


The worst thing about Norfolk State University is parking and buildings. The reason I choose parking is that there are so many commuters and faculty that a lot of the parking is filled and there have been accidents where students have broken into people's car. The buildings on campus can also be overpopulated during meal plan hours and also we only have two buildings were multiple events are held at one time which can often create confusion.


There is nothing bad about my school because they care about the well being of all of their students.


The worst thing about my school is the availabity of class times. This is a bad thing because in some subjects there is only one time available for that subject during the whole semester. This may force a student to take morning or evening classes when it is inconvenient.


The worst thing about my school is the communication. The lack of communication on this campus causes students to loose money, and get de-registered quite often.


The worst thing about my school is their organization. At the beginning of my spring 2010 semester my classes were dropped because they claimed to have never recieved my high transcript, which I know for a fact was sent off to them.


I consider the lack of modernization in the class room enviroment the worst thing about my school. As society continues to develop new technology, our education must also evolve and progress at the same or atleast a related pace. If my school does not upgrade the class room aspect of the university, such as blackboards and wooden desks for more updated resources, it will be harder for us as students to compete with our peers in the already highly competative job market.


There is nothing worst about my school. My school is in a good location.


The meal plan timing and the fact that the front of the buildings do not have any type of underhead shelter for bad weather .


I can't nothing being wrong with the Univeristy That I intend besides being Known as a Black College . The reason for this beign; I feel that it labeled and people and some future employers look down upon it.


The worst thing about my college is the lack of cultural diversity because I attend an HBCU, a historically black college university. Some people may come into the school having never been exposed to other ethnicities, cultures or customs. This may lead them to be closed minded or ignorant and once it's time to get a job after graduation they may have a hard time. It is an important skill to be very versatile and open minded in order to be sucessful in the real world; which is a skill that may be limited for some attending an HBCU.


The worst thing about Norfolk State University would be the connection with alumni and the lack of funds being giving back into the institution. Many alumni graduate from Norfolk State and go on to graduate schools and Law schools and forget about their alma mater. I feel as though once you are stable in your career and are able to make donations, you should without any hesitation.


Dorms I feel the dorms are t closed in not really open


The worst thing about my school is that the students on campus. There are not really friendly, they like to hang out with people from their region or city, and are not easily open to making new friends. Also students are campus are very judgmental and stuck up people.


the location, its not in the best area and sometimes drug users can get on our campus. aslo i feel that nsu should give more money to out of state student such as myself we want to go thre but its so much a year we can affoerd to stay there for 4 years.


I do not believe the school truely focuses on the retention of students. Every fall semester the focus shift to incoming freshmans, therefor it becomes more difficult for returning students to recieve the financial aid, assistance, and attention needed.


The way the administration handles distributing scholarships, financial aide, and informing students of money available.


It is an open campus and the security is not always safe, at times us students feel as if we are not safe to even travel around campus.


It depends on what your major is. The computer science department has a brand new building, whereas the music department facilities aren't all that great. They have six practice rooms for over 200 music majors. In order to get and keep a scholarship from the band you have to be in marching band and no other major ensemble. Some of the teachers in the music department treat students unfairly and show favoritism.


The worst thing about my school is how dead it is on weekends and things because most people go home. People hate staying here for the weekend because of how boring it is. I also hate how expensive it is when our campus is half as nice. I just feel like im not getting my "loans" worth, because this surely is not my money to just be wasting!