Norfolk State University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


I don't believe there is a specific kind or type of person that should attend Norfolk State University. If anything, an African American who has a liking of their race, but when it comes down to it anyone should attend my school. The kind of person that wants to obtain a degree and better their education should attend Norfolk State.


A student who is very cultured and focused should attend NSU. The school has so many activities that if your not focused you can get lost academically.. Overall anyone looking for a fun learning experience shoud attend.


A person who is looking for a diverse environment and/or a city lifestlye


The type of person who should attend this school will have to be open minded. They also have to be able to get along with people from all walks of life.


Anybody that wants a good education that enjoy history to be around.


Norfolk State is a great school, rich in heritage and tradition. Anyone interested in recieving quality education, but is not a big fan or large classes and a large campuses should attend Norfolk State University. The professors are very attentive the needs of the students and are very concerned with the well being of their students. Many of the professors graduated from Ivy league colleges and want to share their wealth of knowledge to a students body, that consists of many under priviledged students that would normally not be exposed to diverse ideas and subjects.


a person who can be realiable and independent at all times


The only persons that should attend this are those who aim to achieve thir high education goals that is needed to live above poverty in todays society.


Anybody who is willing to further their career successfully with hard work and effort should attend Norfolk State University's Instituion of Choice.


The type of person who should attend this school would be one who has their mind set on a goal, someone who wants to make something out of themselves. Also someone who also has a fun side and likes to get involved in campus life.


Norfolk State Univeristy is a school for anyone. Any person could attend this University if they have what it takes to want a higher education. There are students from around the world who have came to this University to learn. Norfolk State provides great instructors to help students like me continue a higher education. I would recommend Norfolk State University to anyone.


The kind of person who should attend Norfolk State is a tough, and determined student. A student who will overcome the obstacles and change the stereotype of the HBCU education. A person who is willing to sacrifice many opportunities for a unforgettable experience among people who care. Norfolk State University accepts all students, but this is my opinion on what qualities that syudent should possess.


The university that I attend is an Historically Black College, so I believe in order be comfortable i believe that as far as ethnicity is concerned african americans should attend this school. Without considering race or ethnicity I believe that any motivated, dedicated, and focused person should attend this school.


The kind of person that should attend this school is a strong-minded person. You should know what you want to do and be able to keep yourself focused on academics instead of depending on someone to push you. I f you stay focused you will succeed at this university. Some people have been here for over five years because they got lost and behind in their studies.


Roughly anyone who wants a great education for a much smaller price. People are friendly and will definitely get to know you quickly. Also, NSU has showed me that there is more to college than just a piece paper. My teachers have helped me to realize that just because you have a degree doesn't mean you are promised a job. Once you leave school you are fighting with the world for the very career you went to school for. In short, the teachers may expand your mind ten fold or give the tools to survive in todays society.




A person who wants diversity!


all types of people


I recommend this school for students who are very social and striving for a career.


Anybody who is focused, energetic, driven, and diverse should attend my school if they want to be surrrounded by people like them. My school is full of faculty, staff, and students who display maximum school spirit. My school is full of sociable, approachable, intelligent individuals that work hard and play hard. I love my school and anyone who wants to be in a relaxed yet professional environment will love my school as well.


Someone who wants to learn hands on. Norfolk State is does a great job letting the students here become active.


A person who is from this area or the metropolitan area. Someone who is used to country life and living. Someone who doesn't mid being 6 hours away from home. Lastly, someone who afford to stay here/


Someone who is able to focus on academics, while still maintaing a healthy and active social life is likely to attend our campus.