Norfolk State University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


I do not believe I can answer this question. The reason I say this is because Norfolk State welcomes all types of people. We have different varieties of people enrolling in our college. Though it is a HBCU, we should not be stereotyped as a "black school". Any ethnicity, personality, or gender can go there and enjoy themselves.


A person that is serious about their education should attend this university. You should also be a person that likes to volunteer and help out in community. Norfolk State University is very close with the surrounding communities and they want to show individuals that they care.


I would say that the only person who shouldn't attend Norfolk State University is someone who is not focused and really doesnt want a college degree.


Norfolk State University is one of the best HBCU schools in the state and I say that because of the great experience it has provided me by giving me a big pathway to be the best I can be and feeling confortable in achieving my goals to be successfull, but if you know you are the type of individual to just party,party,party and not focus on the purpose you came to school for then its definitely not a school you will like to attend because of having to choose most social activities to studying & learning.


If a person is lazy and lacks ambition, I don't recommend they attend Norfolk State. However, I also don't believe they should attend any other college as well. In college, you must be responsible. You can't slack off. The only person responsible for your work, your grades, and tuition is yourself.


I think a person that is interested in a big a small campus or even a quiet campus should not attend Norfolk State University.


Those interested in an HBCU who are Virginia residents, seeking a more affordable 4 year college tuition.


A person who is not self motivated should not attend this school because professors here will not hold your hand throughout a course.


I think this school is basically for everyone, but if you are a person who is out of state and GPA isn?t high enough to take advantage of the honor programs, and received no scholarships for this school then, you should weigh out your options.


aA person who can not show up on time. Even aperson who can not muti-task .


A person who is unmotivated and unwilling to learn. When an individual is unmotivated and unwilling to learn they will not be able to achieve anything in life, as well as anything in college the individual will just wasting their time.


The kind of person that is lazy and not interested in their future shouldn't attend school here at NSU, because here at NSU we work hard to get where we are going and let nothing get in are way or distract us from completing our goals. Here at NSU we take pride in our school , that is why we Behold the Green and Gold.


A person that's not willing to step outside the box and experience the college life as well as get a valuable education and make great life-lasting relationships.


Someone who is not serious about school. Someone who can't handle alot of work.


A person who does not have a financial need for scholarships and a GPA below a 3.00.


I personally feel everyone should attend this school but, if i had to choose i would say the socially shy. Everyone at NSU are openly social from the students to the faculty to the neighbors surrounding the school.


The type of person that shouldn't attend this school is a person that tends to goof off academically, because failing might be easier than that person thinks.


A person who is a loner woudl not functin well at this school becaseu everyone is so friendly.


Its doesn't matter what school they go to. it depends on them and what they what for thier lives. The kind person who should come here is a person who is determine,, has goals, a good athlete, or a socialble person, who gets along with everyone.


People who are not open to different cultures and also students who are expecting everyone on the campus to be seriously intrested in their school work and studies.


A person who not very open mind to different culture, race, and dress....etc