North Carolina Central University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating thing about my school is that some of the professors do not put in grades while the semester is in progress. They wait until the last minute, when the semester is about to be over to put in grades which does not allow you much time to get your grade up to an A or whatever it is that you want it to be in time for the end of semester.


The cafeteria is the most frustrating. The food very rarely has it's good moments.


At North Carolina Central university, there can be a lack of organization. Financial aid is pretty disorganized when it comes to getting your stuff on time.




I don't find anything frustrating about my school.


The most frustated thing about my school is how its not know for too many things, and how we sometime get bad comment because of the area.


The most frustrating thing about NCCU would undoubtedly be the parking situation. While there are limited parking options for those that reside on campus it is increasingly difficult for off-campus students to find proper parking before class starts. The City of Durham claims to have precedence over the streets that cut through the campus and therefore issue city citations to those parking illegally or over the 30-minute time limit. It always seemed like a predatory practice to me, but there really is nothing we can do about it.


There's nothing fustrated with my school.


The most frustrating thing about this school is that they claim to be supportive and accomidating to people with disabilities. But, people with anxiety and depression not so much. You have to prove that you are actually sick so they believe you. They are not accomidating most of the time. They are not supportive they just want you to deal with it like it is something that you can just make disappear.


I really can't afford being here


The most fustrating thing about my school is that we dont get enough credit for the great programs we have to offer here and other schools look down on us.


Paying all of your tuition if your an out-of-state student.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the financial aid help. People can not get any scholarships unless you have applied for fafsa which is unfair for some students that are not allowed to apply for fafsa. Its really frustrating when the financial aid counselors seem to not want to help you because they are going out of there way to do more work. Maybe it wouldn't be this bad if they try to help and would be able to apply for scholarships such as minority scholarships without having to fill out fafsa.


the most frustrating thing about my school is you get the run around when it come to financial aid, counseling, and general questions. the school be sending students from one place to this place from that person to this person, and we be the ones that the teachers and employees get the attitude with and it just make you want to scream. some days they could be helpful and then there are those days that they be full of it.


The campus is not good looking on the outside


The only thing that I feel is frustrating about my school is the parking. We do not have enough parking for all the students that attend my school. At my school freshman are allowed to bring their cars so possibly if that was changed or they made more parking for us things could be better.


The only thing that I can say about my school that is frustrating is the begining of the year financial aid problems. Of course the lines are long and you have to clear your whole day to get your everting straight because that's how long it will take. And sometimes they do give you the run around, but other than that everything else is good.


The most frustrating thing about North Carolina Central University is the lack of communication between the adminstrative offices. If students go to one office they reffer them to another office, then that office tells them to go back to the first one they went to and so on. I feel like if the administrators don't know what to do, there is no way we're supposed to know either.


The online math test. Everything always has to be a certain way and if you can't get it the way the computer wants it you'll never pass.


The professors are at times un-willing to help or to try to understand what a student maybe be going through out side of college.


The Most frustrating thing about North Carolina Central University, is the long book store and finicial aid lines at the start of a semester.


The fincial aid office giving you the run around.