North Carolina Central University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing is the atmosphere! There is a lot of school spirit and plenty of activities and programs to join. Highly recommend going to all athletic events and participating in some clubs, school social events, and community service activities!


I think the best thing about NCCU is how accepting the students are of others. They don't discriminate . They make you feel as if you are apart of the Eagle family.




The best thing about my school would definitely be the food. There is a diverse menu, but soul food is always served and reminds me of home. Mind you, I'm from the country where a lot of soul food is cooked, so the fact that I get t eat some of the same dishes when I'm at school makes me feel a little more at home.


This would be the best school because you have more than enough to get a great education.


The best thing about NCCU would have to be the school spirit. At football games and basketball games we are always cheering the teams on. We are often in competion with other HBCU's and NCCU always stands their ground and let other's know that we are the best.


i think the best thing here at central is the community service how it gives back and involves itself with the community. Also the sponsers, how they take the time out their busy schedules to help out at every football game, do fundraisers, and set up events around the school.


The best thing about my school is the events and activities that they have there. There's always something happening. On Tuesdays and Thrusdays they have what you call 10:40 break and it's where all the students come together between classes to have a good time and meet new people.


When considering NCCU, be sure that this is the right choice based on your major, career goals, and personality. NCCU is known for its wonderful law and science programs. For any prospective students, I would suggest learning the campus, the administration, and the degrees offered. It's a pretty small campus, which some people may or may not enjoy. And while the housing on campus is (overall) satisfactory, as of now there is no guaranteed housing for upper classmen (another thing to consider). It's a wonderful institute that offers many diverse things. But be sure to RESEARCH!


you wii gain some long term friendships.


The best thing about North Carolina University is the Diversity that binds us together as a community and a University. I love my school.


The best thing at my school I feel are the people. They come from all kinds of different places and are different nationalities and we all treat eachother as if we are the same. Our school spirit and how we come together is so incredible to me and I love my alma mater.


the atmosphere, people, teachers.


The best thing about the university I attend would be the atmosphere and the education. When I say atmosphere I mean where the campus is located and how well I get along with the students. I feel very comfortable there. When I say education I mean the professors are very knowledgable about the course of study and it helps when they have office hours.


The best thing about my school is the loving family environment because it helps students feel more at home, at ease, and able to succeed.


The sports and acidemics


The Best thing about my School is the atmosphere, and the whole attitude of being successful. There is a lot of Pride that can be felt as soon as you visit the campus. It is a campus that is enriched with diversity in both the students and faculty. THe fact that you get an opportunity to learn in such a peacefull environment free from all the pressures associated with most large campuses.


The education it provides


That is professors are caring they want to help the students that want help. Everyone on this campus is social. The athletic department is very good.


North Carolina Central University has always been my first choice for college. Most of my family members attended this school and I also wanted to keep the tradition going. I also believe that NCCU has a great undergraduate program which was designed to stimulate intellectual curiosity and the habit of disciplined learning, to give students a strong background in both general Western culture and African-American culture, and to equip students with marketable intellectual and professional skills.


Smaller classes give more one on one with teachers.


Definitely the flexibility the proffessors give the students and the ability to understand a students problem.


the teachers, the campus is being remodeled and it looks okay, basically you have to make this school work for you.


Academically the school has reliable resources for the students to gain access towards school work. The professors are very friendly, and allow students to be able to discuss current issues related to our assignments. We have to ability to think about things that can allow us to express ourselves in class.