North Carolina State University at Raleigh Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I consider the community environment to be the best part of NC state. Its the biggest University in North Carolina, but to me it feels like one of the most supportive and unified community that I have ever been apart of. Everyone I see passionate about the school and is glad to be there. There is a lot of support in the classroom and in your everyday life to be your best in whatever you choose and it is nice to always have the community behind you to reach your goals.


Where to start? The reason I chose NCSU was because of all the amazing opportunities offered at the undergraduate level. Instead of applying into your major two years into college, students are already in their given major by their freshman year. In addition to that, the faculty are constantly involved in research and giving undergraduates the opportunity to get research experience early on. With a beautiful campus and long standing traditions, students at NCSU truly feel apart of the Wolfpack family even in the largest public school in North Carolina.


The resources available to students of every major are amazing at this institution. At the moment, I am enrolled in the college of engineering, and we have access to so many opportunities that likely are not available to engineering students at other colleges. For example, we have several 3D printer labs that any student can use. We also have guest speakers visit on a regular basis - several months ago the architect who design the Burj Khalifa visited NC State, and that's just one of many! In general NCSU is awesome.


I consider the best thing to be the professors. I have never had a professor who was not enganing and who did not try hard to help the student succeed. These professors are for the most part welcoming and are willing to work with the student to help them imporve and learn. Even when the class size is large the professors still try and make themselves accessible to the students.


The variety. NC State is a big school that provides so many opportunities for students to get involved. There is definitely something for everyone here. Whether it be a club, sport, hobby, religious affiliation, academic major, etc. Anyone and everyone can find a group or friends to get involved with that you don't even notice that the school is so big. And the school spirit is awesome!!


I think the best thing about NC State is the diversity, I love this because you get to learn so much from different backgrounds.


The best thing about this school is the Career Development Center. Career Development Center helps an individual edit their resume as well as conducting mock interviews for practice run of a real-life interview. Also, an individual is assisted in finding a co-op and or internship that fits their major.


The people I think the best part about NC State is the fact everyone there wants to help you succeed. The faculty are very approachable and friendly. The student body also has a club and a place for everyone, it is practically impossible to not fit in here at NC state.


North Carolina State is a University that is dedicated to research and innovation, not only in North Carolina, but across the nation. Competition for acceptance is as competitive as it gets around the nation, and I am proud of my achievement of acceptance. North Carolina State will open numerous doors for me in the professional world, and give me the leg up on my peers that I will be competing with in the ever-increasingly tough job markets.


The diversity and academics. Also, campus life is awesome!


The diversity of extra-currivular activities that allow for personal development outside of academics.


The best thing here at NC State is the greeting and introduction to a wonderful academic career. You start out by taking tours with the smiling students who attend the very university. Then, when you finally decide to join the Wolfpack, you go through Orientation where you familiarize yourself with the student leaders, and join in on every bit of fun the univeristy has to offer! This kind of welcoming introduces the academically-rich student body into State in such a way that will be remembered for their entire careers at NC State. Go Wolfpack!


The best thing about North Carolina State University is the diversity within the school. There are people of every culture enrolled and teaching, it really opens new doors for learning about different views.


The community at NCSU is great. There are so many ways to get plugged in: football games, Wolfpack Welcome Week, clubs, organizations, intramural sports, etc. The school spirit is everywhere and is contagious.


The best things are the variety of extracurricular activities, affordable clubs and nightlife, and friendly people.


The school is very diverse and is provided many of the technological advancements that help keep students current when it comes to entering the job market.


The best thing about NC State is the sense of community. Students at the university come from all over the state and even the country, but are humble and supportive of one another.


The best thing about the shool, North Carolina State University, is that it is a very big school. As such, you get to meet people, students and professors, in a wide variety of fields.


This is a large enough school that you are free to take a variety of classes and meet a variety of people, but not so large that you become lost in the crowd. I enjoyed this since I was able to make many friends and interact with people similar to me, but I also met and befriended many people that I may not have spoken to in another environment. Among those people, I met my husband, so we are both extremely fond of NC State.


The opportunities at NC State are plentiful. The number and variety of student organizations, from sports to academics, mean that there really is something for everyone. As a woman in engineering I expected to be one of the few, but NC State was ready. Through Women in Science and Engineering, or WISE, I have met fellow women with similar interests. WISE helped me transition to college, they showed me where my classes were and have tutors available to guide you through college classes. If you want to learn and have fun, NC State is the place to be.


NC State has a long and distinguished reputation for academics and forward thinking ideas and creativity. There is a comradery of spirit within the academic and athletic fields. There is a huge support base from the alumni, faculty, and fellow students.


The best thing about my school is the vast amount of opportunities available. By joining health pack, I was exposed to so many health related volunteer and research opportunities.


The best thing about my school would have to be the Honors Program. It provides great opportunities for research, as well as access to special events, and the people there have become some of my best friends. There's always something exciting happening, whether it's the accordian player, sword-fight practice, a paint war, volleyball, tie-dyeing, philosophical debates, or even building sandcastles, I am never bored when I'm there.


The atmosphere, because you can be yourself and find others like yourself, or completely differnet.


The best thing about North Carolina State University is the love for the school. Every student shows Wolfpack pride for every sporting event. No matter if it deals with athletic events, students love to be a part of the Wolfpack. There is a T-Shirt that a student can buy that says "Peace. Love. Wolfpack." One will forever and always be a part of the Wolfpack family.


I would say the construction. There is always construction going on. However, State's campus is quite beautiful I would say. We have the wolves statue, the free-expression tunnel, and people sleeping in hammocks on beautiful days. There are so many things to offer on campus.


Our campus is huge. There are gazebos, huge brickyard, a lot of bricks and different shaped buildings. It is definitely an engineering building school.


Two things: Number one, the brick. There is a TON of brick on campus! Almost all the buildings are completely brick, the sidewalks and pathways are brick, and of course, the brickyard in front of the library. It adds a special character the campus. I find it very pretty, it also makes the green of the grass and the trees really pop when everything is in full bloom. Number two, class sizes. In my major of education and mathematics, I am in the College of Education (CED) and the College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences (PAMS). CED is highly selective in who they select to be a part of their college. This allows me to be a part of small classes (15-40 students) at such a large university. Only three of may classes have been above 50 students.


More bricks than the brain can handle. and Centennial campus, a start of the art soon to be mini city in West Raleigh


More bricks than the brain can handle. and Centennial campus, a start of the art soon to be mini city in West Raleigh


The brickyard. Lots of activities are promoted there and it also a good place to hang out and wait for class or snag some free food.


The pride that is held with each NC State student follows you for a lifetime. Once a wolfpack, always a wolfpack is completely true. There is a camaraderie between NC State graduates that is unparalleled. NC State is located in an area that is conducive to new graduates. There are jobs to be found within the Triangle that is greatly beneficial for new graduates.


The best thing about North Carolina State is the warm helpful community that we have here. There are resources all around for the students here. Everyone on campus wants you to succeed and is truly here for your sucess, all you have to do is ask for help.


The Location is the best thing about my school, it is near the country which allows opprotunities for me to practice in my major, animal science, but it is also near the city of Raleigh which helps students get involved in the local community.


How conservative it is compared to other local schools.


NCSU is a place focused on getting you where you need to go. There is a constant urgency to be bigger and better to reach success. The atmosphere is one of success and determination. I know what I want to do with my life and feel that my school is behind me to help me reach my goals.


NCSU has a beautiful campus that is friendly to new students. The biology program is one of the best in the country with teachers who are truely dedicated to their subject matter. I graduated high school early to attend NCSU and that was the best choice I ever made because I love the experience.


The facilities and how helpful the professors are IF you are willing to put in the work to get to know them.


The best thing about school is the independence. College is much different from high school in the sense that students are now given the responsibility of taking care of themselves and taking as much away from the experience as you can. It's a period of time where one is independent without the full responsibility of life such as bills and taxes.


The best thing about my school is the overall environment including both University staff and students. The North Carolina State University environment offers friendly staff who are always willing to help you in any way that they can. The outreach of the people at NC State makes the educational experience exceptional over other Universities because it provides a positive outlook on students' education. There is no excuss for failure at NC State with the number of people waiting to help you with any problem that may arise.


I feel that the faculty and resources are the best things about my school. The professors are highly qualified and offer a great deal of help when asked. They are easy to talk to connect with. Professors and other faculty also aid students substantially in networking. They often contact students about events and job/internship opportunities which helps a great deal. Many students, myself included, are often bogged down with work and don't have much time for other things. With professors informing us about these events/opportunities, it makes life much easier.


If you can FIND a good adivsor they can help you find a place, and if you do by some chance graduate you will most definitely find a job. The best part is their ability to get students jobs. (A good advisor is like finding water in the desert)


I consider the education to be the best thing about my school. I am an animal science major, and my school has a great program for science, as well as other majors.


The best thing about my school is that it provides a relaxing environment in which you feel accepted and liked. Many colleges are overrated due to their success in such things as sports, which covers up the true reason to attend college. The campus itself is well designed with everything revolving around central campus. As a freshman, I have yet to get lost and I find everything accesible. My professors come from all around the world, and so knowledge is diverse here. The school itself is within the top 10 engineering schools in the United States.


I think the best thing about NC State is all the many opportunities and resources that are available here. It makes it easy to find pretty much anything you want and accomplish your goals.


The best thing is it's a great school and only 30 minutes away from home. It has a wonderful Education program and that is my major.


I consider the sciences the best thing about my school. We are in the research triangle. Since I am a botany major, I feel there will be many job opportunites for me later on down the road. There are many job opportunites available to students.


To me the atmosphere of North Carolina State University is the best part of attending here. It has come to be my home. I see my fellow students as part of my family and the professors really want to see us excel. There is nothing like being a member of the Wolfpack!


The best things about my school is that you can be your own person and nobody will judge you for it.


The diversity level and the quality and strong emphasis of education.

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