North Central University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


First, North Central University is known for the intense spiritual atmosphere that surrounds this place. This is a Pentecostal Christian school and they are not afraid to show it. Second, North Central is also known for thier emerging music programs. This School is home to the state of the art Mcpherson studios which draw a large amount of aspiring musicians here. Finally, North Central is a smaller school which opens up the door to create relationships.


Our small community that is close and helpful during your academic career here. Also the student to teacher ratio is 18 to 1, which is exactly what I need to feel like I'm not just a number. One on one help is always available from my professors. The music program is excellent and provides many opportunitiies. The campus is location downtown Minneapolis which makes finding work easy and creates alot of entertainment nearby.


Music/worship majors and youth ministry/pastoral majors


It's Music Program and Musical groups such as One Accord, Worship Live, And the Concert Chorale.


It is a private Christian school for one., so the vast majoirty of the students are stduying to work in the church.


It is best known for putting out solid ministers.


The relationships that you build here. The ministers that it helps produce.


Our Cross Country team and living in the the big city!


The tight knit community


Music, psychology, and pastoral studies.


My university has been deemed one of the best secrets of Minneapolis. It is well known for its envolvement in the community as well as the outstanding graduates it produces. It is also charictorized by the facalty and staff who give thier all to the students, encouraging us to grow both academically as well as in our faith.