North Georgia College & State University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


DON'T let everyone else influence your decision; go to the college you want to go to. Try your best not to stress about what your going to do with our life, we will figure it out in time. College isnt hard as much as it is time consuming and we grow up very quickly. As for chorus don't take it second semester get the classes you want not the history classes. There are going to be a lot of things that happen to you and for you, I cant be specific, I don't want you screwing it up ;). I really love where I am at, and hopefully you will be, I dont want too much to CHANGE. Do what you think is right, live our life the way you want to, put our life in our Savior's hands (yes, we become very spiritual. Shane is an amazing example). The things people are constantly warning us about are true keep that in mind, every decision you make affects both of US. My life right now, I wouldnt trade it for anything!


Don't drink and don't sleep around. Take the first semester seriously and the rest will come more naturally. Communicate with your professor, they are for you and your success. They aren't scary!


Get involved, but choose a few things that you're passionate about and immerse yourself in them. Be the best you can be. Don't segregate yourself. College is definitely not like that! Make friends with everyone. Your guidance counselor is your BEST FRIEND. She knows you best, your good and your bad. You want her to write an amazing recommendation letter. Oh yeah, it's okay to not know what you will be majoring in- the course work in college will guide you. Ask questions, no question is a stupid question. Be prepared to study, you will have to work hard to ger the results you want. It's okay if plans change last minute. Live the moment.


After spending a semester in college, I would advise myself to enjoy high school and being a teenager. I would tell myself to join a club, go to the football games, have some fun, but don't take my family for granted. I would advise myself to take part in the senior prank, you know cause a little trouble. Life is short, so make the most of each moment.


My advice to myself would be something that would change my entire thoughts on my educational path. I would tell myself to not study things so lightly. That its more than just a test or homework. When you study something you have to deeply submerge yourself into it to the point that when you talk or write about it your an expert. My second advice would be to visit colleges and see how student life is and what I should expect. Then I would greatly advise myself to find a mentor that will show me the path to my interested career. Someone that will answer my questions and help me along the long process. Then my final advise would be to ready myself for life after high school. College life is not like high school, your mentality will completely change. I would start doing it now because every decision that I will make will be an important factor in my career and my overall future. That would be my advise to my high school self.


Be organized. Read the syllabus and write down all of the assignments on an agenda or calendar of some sorts. Always stay on top of papers because staying up all night to finish a paper is not fun at all.


I would tell myself to calm down, because the process of applying to college is not as challengeing as I once thought. I would also tell myself to try harder in making friends and spend more time out of the room doing extracurrectual activities and enjoying college life. Everything happens for a reason, there is always more than one way to look at a situation and a fresh perspective can help develop productive habits for a new college students. I would lastly remind myself to help others who need a little cheering up, because my first roommate freshman year dropped out on medical leave due to a persumed suicide attempt. I would tell my high school senior self not to be so selfish and put more time aside to help my roommate who has having a hard time.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself, I would change that way I did some things in college that would potentially give me better grades and experience. My high school year, I kind of slacked off. I was happy that I was going to graduate and could not wait till I would be officially out of school. If I could go back I would tell myself to enjoy that time of my life, but once August came, it would be time to get to work. I would tell myself that college is entirely different from high school. My first semester, I had to drop a class and did not get the grades I wanted since I was still in "senior mode". There is much more responsibility in college than high school. I would tell myself in college, I have to spend a certain amount of time each day studying and doing homework. This is the key to getting the best grades possible, since any unwanted grades and my GPA would suffer. If would have told myself this, I would have been a better student in my first year.


Dear High School Self. Congratulations you have finished the first leg of the race in your life by completing High School. But the race does not end here. In fact the second aspect of this race will include you attending college which will help to prepare you for your life as an adult. This shift is a major shift, but it's a necessary shift as well as an important shift in your life. It's like leaving the swimming pool to go swim in the ocean. There's a wider, and boarder array of opportunites as well as obstacles you will encounter in this place called college. Therefore, it's going to be imperative to carefully plan your goals and consider ways in which you plan to stay focus in order to reach them. First understand college is not like high school, you are your own boss therefore its going to be totally up to you to stay focus and success. Please take advantage of the many opportunities that will come your way, for they are life changing. If you need help, seek help immediately. The road may seem rough initally but will become smooth as you go.


I would tell Charles, to take AP classes instead of ACP classes to get more familiar with college work and the AP teachers will expected more from the student like college professors does. You need to read your class textbooks and read another book that you enjoy. Therefore, when you become a college student you will feel more conformable reading larger textbooks and novels. Study for the SAT by getting a friend or pay the money for a test prep program. Try to make a score of 740 on the SAT you could save a few years in college and tuition. By having a 740 on the SAT you could also expect classes that you have taken in high school. Charles, when you in high school make sure you know how to bake different types of dinners. By cooking at home you could save a lot of money and put it toward gas expects. When the teacher give you the information for an exam make sure you study a hour everyday, therefore when the test come you do not have to cram the information into three days.


I would tell myself to breathe first and foremost. My college years have been far greater than anything i ever experienced in high school. The friends you make are those that matter most. My outlook on the future is so much brighter than before and i am so blessed to have been able to make it this far from the help of my family and close friends. I also get to be apart of a starting club volleyball team which is my passion and continuing that makes my time here even more enjoyable.


If I could go back and talk to my high school self I would say that I need to make sure to get involved. Anything that sounds interesting is worth a shot because you can meet some really great people. I would also tell myself to pick a college based upon what I want. Don't let any one else persuade your decision. With technology these days you can skype with your parents and dogs and you will see your friends over Thanksgiving and Christmas. They will be even more excited to see you and you will have a lot more to catch up on. My biggest piece of advice would be to live in a traditional style dorm where there are 20 girls who share a bathroom. There is more sense of community and you will meet more people. You may have less privacy, but it'll be a good experience. However, if you decide to go with this option you will need to learn to love the library. It is the best place to study. My last piece of advice is not to worry, everything will turn out alright in the end.


I would tell myself not to worry so much about what I want to do with my life. It took me two years to figure out what I wanted to do but I was extremely hard on myself because I thought I should just know. Don’t focus on the negatives in life, look at the positive things you have going for you. Now I am in the program of my dreams and loving it. As long as it took me to get where I am today I look back and think, why did I stress myself out so much? The best advice I can say to my senior high school self would be to take it easy on myself. I am my own worst enemy because I am so hard on myself. I wish I would have figured out earlier on that one test will not kill me, and not knowing my exact path in life is not a death sentence. Worry about the present and by going to class and talking to professionals, you will figure out what is the right path for you.


Know that the social structure of college is muc different than it was in high school. Be out-going and adventurous those first few weeks of college, because you aren't the only one who is nervous. Everyone else is feeling the same way that you are. Also, take advantage of this time as an oppertunity to re-invent yourself and become the person that you always wanted to be.


I would tell myself to have more confidence in transitioning into college because it is not as scary as I made it out to be! I would tell myself to be more outgoing when making upperclassmen friends. I would tell myself that procrastination will be my worst enemy. Most of all, I would advise myself to enjoy every single minute of the college experience because it will go by so quickly.


The first thing I would tell myself is to not declare a major right away. Take a few classes and figure out what you want to do before you decided what you are going to major in. Next, I would tell myself to not be afraid to ask for a new roommate. I asked for a non-smoking roommate, and she lied on application saying that she did not smoke so that she would be the only person who smoked. So, she would smoke in the room, and other things. Her boyfriend broke my chair. I knew from day one that she would be trouble, but I was afraid to hurt her feelings. Third, I would tell myself to try harder to find scholarships, because I don't think I tried hard enough to find a scholarship to help pay for school in the beginning. The last thing is I would tell myself to get more involved in campus life, because I know wish that I had.


I would tell myself to try harder on the SATs and ACTs because colleges really look hard at that stuff. I didn't get in to my number one school because I did not do well on my SATs. I also would have told myself to take it easy and not to stress about the small stuff. Senior year went by so fast and I would tell myself to enjoy it. The transition into college is not as hard as I thought it would be because I think I was ready for the independence.


I would have put more effort into high school. I would have pushed myself to try to decide what career path I wanted to take and not settle for regular jobs. To not be scared of putting effort into going to college. And to not waste what precious time we have on this earth.


Chae Young. Research, research, research, research, and find a job during the summer. You should have looked up more scholarships and not spend your time on facebook, tumblr, and youtube trying to find cute cat videos. Also, don't procrastinate. Please. Just. Don't. Procrastination will only make college a lot harder to deal with. Do things as they come up, and don't wait to do something the next day. The first time you push something back, it's like Newton's first law: it'll just keep going and going until you stop it, but by that point, it will be already too late. So, don't slack off. Please.


If I could go back in time i would tell myself to not wait and start going to college right after high school because higher education is needed in this fast growing technology driven world and the longer you wait the far there behind you get, i would also tell myself that if you put in 100% effort into everything you do you'll get everything you've ever wanted, it just takes hard work and dedication. The More you put in the more you'll get back in return, do it not just for you but your family because as the oldest you got to be the leading example to your younger siblings. Thats the advice I would have gave myself.


Would you like to see how your life could be outside the box you call your mind? Is there anything besides horses that could ever begin to satisfy your creative self? I know, I know; no one has ever taught you how amazing the rest of the world can be. You're not stuck with what life has dealt you! You can be what you set out to be. Don't be so hard on yourself. It's ok if it's difficult for you or you're afraid. I would be surprised if you could find one person taking such a big step in life who didn't have any doubts. Did you know that the majority of college students rely on loans, grants, and scholarships to get them through school? You don't have to have money saved to go to school. You also don't have to start at a community college. There are trade schools and programs that suit the needs of people with creative minds. People who don't have the affinity to complete every class under the sun that doesn't necessarily apply to their chosen field. Would you like to come see?


I would tell myself to always have a backup plan in case one couldn't get into the classes they would like to or into the college desired. I would also tell myself to be prepared for the work and learning how to manage your time.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would advise myself to try harder that academic year. Throughout my college transition, I have noticed that without the work ethic or the willingness to earn the “A’s,” it is impossible to succeed in college. Usually, students slack off their last year of high school; seniority confronts them and makes them stop trying. On the contrary, I believe that in order to get used to college, it is important to try harder your senior year. Try harder, as in pay more attention, not memorize but understand the concepts, and spend more time on schoolwork. Another advice I would give myself is to apply for as many scholarships as I can. Tuition payments, books, dorm and meal costs rise every year. The economy we are experiencing today is worst than ever. In times like these, it's important to save money. Now, being a college student and applying for scholarships, I have noticed that most of the scholarships are made for high school students. Due to this reason, I would encourage myself to apply for various scholarships and pay for my college education.


Enjoy high school a little bit!! Although you do have time to enjoy life in College and it is generally more fun than high school, it is also a transitional phase in a persoon;'s life that is filled with stress and uncertainty. High school, with all of it's difficulties, gives individuals a chance to simply be you and enjoy themselves. I would make sure that I didn't let my studies consume me during high school, and to not be so uptight about nearly everything. However I would also tell myself to enjoy the first year or so of college once they enter it, becasue it goes by more quickly than high school does. I would tell myself to get involved in student events and activities right away, and to not be so shy about meeting and making new friends. I would also tell myself that when yo udo inevitably lose some of the friends you had in highschool, to not be upset about it, to not think that their friendship wasn't real, but to think of it as someone who left a mark in their life that they shouldn't forget or resent.


If I could go back in time, I would tell my high school self to use my time wisely and not get so caught up in working. Working too much definitely impacted my grades, and made it hard to study as much as I should have. At the time I was just so happy to have a job that allowed me to make a lot of money that I wanted to be there more than school. Consequently, I only had average grades the first couple of semesters. I could have done so much better if I had applied myself more, instead of working so much.


I would tell myself not to give up. High school proved to be a difficult social time in my life, as did prior educational aspects. I would go back to tell myself that everything will get better. I would tell myself that the decisions in my life will pay off, and that I will attend a wonderful university where I will meet many wonderful friends. I would tell myself to calm down and focus on school, because what is about to come in my life, is well worth the wait.




If I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior, knowing what I know now about college, I would have quite a bit of advice for myself. I would start by telling myself that I shouldn’t be quite as worried as I am. I was totally freaked out about going to college, I mean don’t get me wrong, I was definitely excited, but I was a ball of nerves. I'd let myself know that there will always be someone to talk to, and if you don’t fit into one group, there is a much bigger diverse group of people there to meet and I am bound to find at least one person to bond with. I would also let myself know that college isn’t quite as hard as the teachers say (they just wantto scare you and keep you doing your work in high school) but it definitely isn’t easy- start a habit of doing work and study early on instead of learning the hard way, and lastly I would tell myself to have fun, because it will all mean nothing if I don’t enjoy the experience.


No matter what you think, never room with your best friend. It just doesn't work ever. College is also very different. It is nothing like high school, or ap classes. Always, if there are any questions about grades or class content, go to the teacher, it is a major help. If they see that you care, they might be more likely to help you later.


The summer between senior year of high school and freshman year of college was a very stressful time. I found myself constantly replaying a series of questions in my mind and growing more and more concerned each time I couldn't answer them. What will my major be? Will I make friends? How will I pay for this? While the last question is still an issue, the others have fallen into place quite nicely. If I could speak with my high school self I would tell myself to relax, things are not nearly as bad as my mind makes them out to be. I have found that the more I think the more worst case scenarios I formulate and they lead me nowhere. I would like to show my high school self all the things I know now: that everyone else has the same fears and it is ridiculous to think that I am alone in this. I had convinced myself that no one else could possibly feel the way I did which made everything worse, but now I realize that most everyone feels anxiety before starting school. It's normal, and everything will be okay in the end.


Looking back at my high school years, I had many great times, as well as some bad times. My senior year was the best, but I didn't take full advantage of my year. If I was to offer any advice to the current seniors, I would want them to meet and make as many friends as possible. I had many friends in my life all of them moved away once the summer ended. Things begin to change and your fellow classmates that you would get to see everyday soon vanish once you go to college or hit the real world. Secondly, have fun and make many memories, take trips and see things with your friends, you may not know when the next time you will get to see hang out again once you move off. Senior year is a great and fun year, make the most of every opporntunity. The final thing you need to worry about is your study time. High school is the time to learn great study techniques because once you get to college they don't baby you anymore. Make the most of your time left, because the real world is right around the corner.


First, of all I would strive to do better as a senior and improve all of my grades. the next plan of action would be to participate in sports to catch an eye of a recruiter to a good college. lastly I would start my college search and applications while im still in school to secure myself a spot in a college.


Assuming that I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would have a lot to tell myself. I would tell myself that college is not as easy as what it may seem like, and it is an opportunity that I have to take seriously. As far as transitioning, I would have told myself that I need to learn to work harder and manage my time. However, the most important thing that I would tell myself is that I need to choose a major and stick with it because if if don't, I will get off track. Many high school senior are told to go to college and get a career, but no one really ever specifies that you should choose the career and choose a major that your going to complete in college. This is probably the most important thing to figure out as a high school student, and many high school students don't realize this reality till they are in college. I would have saved myself some time and money if I had known these things, but it is a live and learn lesson that I can now tell others.


As a race, we can only reach our potential when individuals are informed to where we are intellectually as a whole. From that point, we can use our skill and insight to build onto what we have discovered about ourselves, our environment, and most importantly our limitations. When we can see where discovery has left off we can push past it. Education to me, is my contribution to my race. I have studied and will continue to learn as much as I can so I can put myself in a position to add to what we know as a society. I believe that we were not meant simply to learn and repeat what others have explained to us. I see it as my responsibility to do every thing in my power to reach the maximum potential contribution that I, personally, can offer. My education is bringing me up-to-date on the past, so that I can build the future. Education is the first and necessary step enabling me to do this and for that reason my education is the most valuable thing I possess.


The food may be bad, and there may be a lot of walking, but North Georgia was definitely where I was meant to be. I was the shy kid in highschool, but being in this small environment, I've made many good friends that I can depend on. The most valuable experience to me though, is the Christian organizations. Through Baptist Collegiate Ministries and Epic, I have been able to grow in my Savior Jesus' love. These organizations offer so much guidance and advice based on the Bible, not on worldly expectations. Through them, I have been able to be in small group Bible studies and mission trips and to gain Christian friends who can help keep me on the right path.


I have gotten a lot out of my college experience! I am in the Senior Military program here and it has taught me much. I have learned leadership skills, discipline, physical fitness, time management, and other skills needed in the corporate world. I am also a member of the orchestra here. I play the cello and am first chair and the orchestra student ambassador as a sophomore. I am a History Secondary Education major and I believe this school is an excellent preparation for my future job. This school is known for it's education program and I am proud to be part of it.


the best experience is to be able to be all unanimous ones in a same one to think, thus to construct a better future and to have a defined vision thus to complete the mission of each and to be successful in the professional life, and to be better person.


Out of my college experience so far, I have learned a lot more about myself as well as making many life-long friends. The caliber of friends I have made/met are exactly like me and we obviosuly get along well. I could not imagine me going to any other college or university. North Georgia College and State University is the school I always wanted to attend and now I am here. Most importantly, I have received an excellent education. The professors are very understanding and are willing to guide me through anything I may need help on.


I have grown so much because I am attending college. I have gotten out of my comfort zone and made friends who I never would have met if I weren't in college. I am obtaining a valuable education so that one day I will be able to educate others. I have learned how to take care of myself without having to turn to my parents for everything. I have grown spiritually by becoming involved with my campus ministries, and I now have the opportunity to go on at least two missions trips this year. The classes I have taken here have taught me much and not just in an educational sense. They have taught me so much about myself and the world we live in. There are just so many things that I wouldn't know if I had not decided to come to college. I also wouldn't be able to pursue my dream job of becoming a teacher without the education that I am receiving here. I feel like a more rounded citizen and an overall better person because of the experiences I have had while at college. I wouldn't trade it for the world.


My college experiance has showed me who I really am. College has helped me realize that I want to do many things in life. I was so set on one degree in High School and I have now discovered my true passions in life. School has always been very important and valuable to me. I feel knowledge is power and the experiance I recieve threw education has made me a stronger person. College has made me want to learn more and discover new things. I find myself more into the sciences, religons, and the arts. I hope by recieving scholarships I can attend to further my education and become all that I want to be.


I have attended my school for only a semester, but I have gained a world of experience in the short time I have been enrolled. Whether it's because I attend a liberal arts instituion or because my knowledge has expanded, I have acquired varying world perspectives and ways of thinking. Though I do feel as if I was academically challenged prior to college, I felt as if there was a completely different meaning to the word 'challenge' this past semester in ultimately positive directions. Being at North Georgia has helped foster my leadership abilities and create a different light outside of high school.


Being in college has given be a better understanding and use of computers. Since I have always loved to use them since as long as I can remember, learning more about them is a guy everytime. I wish to further my self and remove the burdance of loans threw these scholarships to further enjoy my experience.


College has literally been the experience of a life time. It has enhanced my life in countless ways. In high school I spent my time with the same people doing the same things daily, and I always had way too much time on my hands. College, on the other hand, has completely changed everything. I still have people I hang out with daily, but every single day is different, and I don't just have friends here, I have a surrogate family, a home away from home, and that will last for the rest of my life. I've learned so much about my capabilities and just how much I can push myself. More than anything else, I surprise myself daily with the things I'm able to do. A lot of people out there just think college is a waste of time and money, but college is constantly shaping me into the person I want to be.


My college experience has provided me with the life experiences and opportunities to dig deeper and really figure out who I am and what I want out of life. I have made friends, lost friends, made enemies of freinds, and more importantly, made friends out of enemies. I have learned how to properly use a check book (AND its register), and gotten a lot of practice folding laundry and cleaning in general. I have learned what it is like to be married (to my studies) and how to (almost) perfectly balance sleep and study time. I now know that my mother did know what she was talking about, and I am not too proud to admit it. I know what I want to do with my life, and I am figuring out how to get there. My college attendance has been valuble because it has flung wide the shutters to my future. And like a moth freed from an old attic, I am now able to flap out from the shadows and try to flutter, with hope and determination, towards the sun, or maybe even the moon.


I have gotten so much knowledge from my college experience. I have learned time management, recieved knowledge in chemistry and math, social skills and so much more. In high school i did not nearly try as hard as i have in college. From maintaining a part time job working as a waitress and going to school full time i have had to learn time management to keep my grades a float. Also coming into college i had poor chemistry and math skills. As my college semester went on i felt so much more knowledge towards those skills. I actually know how and what it means to find the average deviation and titration. I have always had social skills but in college i get to use them even more! To me that is vary valuable and no one could ever take that away from me.


I have gotten quite a bit out of my college experience even though it has only been a few months. I have learned that I must work hard and try my best. I have met new people who are interested in the same career as I am so I have people to relate to and have interesting conversation with. I go to school everyday because the lectures are very interesting and it is important for me to be there to get the most information from my teachers as I can. I want to do very well in college and attending class is an important part of that process. I have learned so much already. My classes not only help me in my major but in life and things I can use the rest of my life. I can't wait for the next semester of school where I am going to be learning even more information.


My college experience so far has been more than I could ask for. It is a fabulous learning experience and the teachers know you by name. I have had multiple opportunities to work outside of the classroom in different schools in the area and I have been able to declare my minor in Spanish and I now have the opportunity to travel to Costa Rica to study abroad. I believe that college will give me every tool I need for when I step foot into the real world and go to get a job as an educator. I now have the ability to give a great interview and provide skills that the work place needs. I love college and I would hope for everyone to go through the same experience I have.


Throughout my education, I took schools for granted and I never lived up to my potential. When I graduated high school, I believed college was no different from any other school I have attended and began my college life witth that mind-set. I was wrong. College was different. Professors did not care if you attended their class or not, textbooks had to be bought, and reality hits you hard. You are not a kid any more and people are not going to baby you like you were for the first twelve year of schooling. I learned to grow up and set my priorities straight. Your life is what you make it to be, it is your responsibility to learn, work, and live. College has taught a valuable lesson in life and I am beginning to finally reach my potential in the classrooms.


So far, my college experience has been altogether wonderful. I have gained a great sense of personal responsibility that I hadn't obtained before. I've learned to be confident of myself and my own decisions instead of relying on my parents for everything. I grew up as a "homebody" who relied very much upon her family and the safe haven of my home. Entering into the life of college, I have learned to stand on my own two feet without having to crawl back and hide behind the legs of my mother or father. I have learned to plan on my own, study on my own, and explore my world on my own. I feel much more independent and confident in my personal abilities.


Out of my college experience, I have gained the ability to be on my own, to work hard in order to pay for school, to use my people skills to find jobs, and the overall experience of education. School is the most important part of my life right now, even with all of my worries concerning my future. Through my classes, I have learned about different cultures all the way to the building blocks of life. As a future biologist, learning about molecules and how life is formed is one of the most beautiful things to me. I wish to keep going to school in order to learn more about researching in order to benefit society with my knowledge. By taking chemistry, math, and other science courses, I have realized what I want to do with my life and how I want to affect those around me. I am completely focusing on my studies and becoming more educated on medicine and chemical research. Going to college is something that everyone should do, not only for the mere education, but for the experience of meeting new people, making social connections, and having a better understanding of how life and people interact.

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