North Georgia College & State University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


There are no dorms on campus. It makes it really difficult to meet and retain friends as well as get comfortable with the campus. It doesnt feel like college. The parking is also limited which causes students to be late for their class when it's not their fault.


The lack of housing available to students. The school is accepting more students every year without building more dorms. It is frustrating for the students because we are never sure if we will have housing for the next year.


My one frustration this year would have to be the financial aid office. They would never answer the phone making it very difficult to get in touch with them. However, this year they have hired five new people to manage the phones and have moved to a new, more convenient location so it should make things a good deal more managable. Other than that, I cannot say that I have had many frustrations.


There is not much to do in Dahlonega. If you want entertainment, you have to go to Cleveland or Dawsonville. There's a small theatre that has a few entertaining performances or movies, and there are plenty of good restaraunts, but no big movie theatre or bowling.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the parking situation. Many students are often late to class, or miss class simply due to the fact that they can't find a place to park. Often times I have to arrive thirty minutes before my class and battle other students for a parking spot. This problem is a reoccuring them among students, and is very stressful on a daily basis.


The only frustrating thing is that there are not many places that you can go study besides your room or the library. I wish there were more places, like coffe shops, or things of that nature, where people can just go hang out in a quiet environment.


The one thing that frustrates me the most about my school is the fact that some buildings have computers and other technology where other buildings are lacking.


Perhaps the most frustrating thing about the school is the amount of classes offered in each subject due to the school's small size.


The most frustrating thing about North Georgia College and State University is that they keep changing the rates and fees each semester, claiming budget cuts and shortfalls, but at the same time we have seen a record enrollment and they are building multimillion dollar facilities, such as a new gym, new library which is huge but has very few books, and a new parking structure. There is never any money for new lab equipment or student services like the writing center, which has had its hours cut to less than five per week, but there ismoney for huge building projects.


If I had to choose something that was a problem, it would have to be the campus food. It could be better and it has been making steps to getting better. They are going to build a brand new dinning hall that will be open the 2011-2012 school year.


My school does not provide a very diverse environment.


the town that its in, its a very small town. to go to any chain restaraunt or mall, you have to drive an average of 45 to 60 minutes.


The dining hall and the lack of variety of food that they serve, especially on the weekend.



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