North Idaho College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


That's it's right on the lake. Coeur D'alene is situated right on Coeur D'lane lake and it is BEAUTIFUL. They're always jealous.


When speaking to my friends about NIC i'd have to say that i brag mostly about the atmosphere of it all. I'm a big believer in comfort zones, and well, at NIC, i'm very comfortable.


NIC have smaller class and almost all the instructors have fun or creative classes. The classes are also structured to help you learn at a steady pace


The lakeside locale and view, the library and the friendly atmosphere.


I always tell my friends that NIC has the most beautiful campus. Everytime I leave class I walk away with some new found knowledge. The teachers are so brilliant and so caring. NIC provides so many amazing experiences that I am going to have with me always. I am can not believe how lucky I am to be able to attend North Idaho College.