North Idaho College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Students who are not interested in a career or taking school seriously should not attend this school. This is a beautiful campus in an excellent community. There are so many opportunities here and the entire campus corridor with North Idaho College, and satellite offices for BSU, LCSC and U of I work closely together to help prepare students who want to continue onto a four year college after Community College. There are many ways to get additional tutoring and the teachers have all been helpful and seem genuinely ready to get you where you want to go.


North Idaho College is a wonderful program for dual-enrolled students and for students looking to save money. This campus allows you to receive a quality education for an associate degree, and further, gives you the opportunity to save money before transfering to a four-year college. I would advise against lazy people entering NIC. Though it is a community college, hard work is still required. If you don't plan to study, don't waste your money!


The people that should not be able to attend this school are the ones that don't care about education. They don't want to learn so they should not be able to attend. Students who are lazy or get into trouble a lot should not be able to attend the school also.


I can't think of anyone who shouldn't attend North Idaho College. It is a great community college, offering many general course credits that can be transferred to 4 year universities. It doesn't discriminate against race, religion, or disabilities.


If you are looking for "the college life" as in frat parties, this is not the school for you. This is a calm, laid back community college in the heart of downtown Coeur D'alene, Idaho.


The type of person that shouldnt attend this school would be someone that isnt serious about going to college. NIC has many great programs and offers many different classes.