North Park University Top Questions

Describe how North Park University looks to someone who's never seen it.


From my experience at North Park University so far, this school offers many opportunities and resources and has a very well-educated group of professors, but NPU lacks intentional community and genuine fellowship.


The school is very diverse, friendly environment that looks to help an individual excel in whatever area he/she is interested in or seeking a preofessional career.


A small campus located in a large city which give a small town feel, yet the big city experiences.


North Park University is a private liberal, arts Christian college.


North Park University is the reason for having a bright future in any profession.


North Park is a spunky little university that doesn't try to be what just anybody thinks it should be - instead students find their expectations transformed into something beyond dry acadamia, trendy wallpaper housing, and self-serving degrees.


An intentionally Chrisitian and urban university placed within a very diverse neighborhood and filled with amazing professors where seeking overall purpose in life is highly regarded accompanied with preparation to enter the world and serve.


The administration sucks and is only in for the money; while most of the students are pretty nice and worth sticking around for.


My school is a grate place for learning.


Albeit a Covenant-affiliated school, North Park is challenging, exciting, diverse, musically gifted, located in a perfect part of Chicago that allows students to experience college without feeling pressured to be religiously active on campus.