North Park University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about North Park University?


The North Park University campus is beautiful. When you're on campus, it is so quiet and serene that you hardly realize you are in Chicago. There is a river that runs through the campus, surrounded by hundreds of beautiful trees and plants everywhere you look. It's also within walking distance of two CTA train stops that will take you anywhere you want to go in the city. This school allows you to experience the excitement and buzz of Chicago while having a calm and relaxing campus to return to a the end of a busy day.


North Park University, although being in the city of Chicago, brings most of it's students from all over the nation and world, many of whom have not come from a environment as diverse and urban as the surrounding neighborhood. Because of this, the school really advocates a get-out-of-the-classroom, real world learning experience. The academics are solid, but more importantly, relevant. The emphasis on actual significance can even be seen in North Park's religious piety - social justice trumps self-righteousness.


I say that it's easy to get into, but that we have genious professors that could be doing other amazing things but instead decide to teach there which is great. I also brag about living in Chicago and being located in a really diverse place within the city. I also brag about our great staff that support our student-led activities and endevors.


small class size. caring professors. comfortable apartment. good friends.


I love to tell my friends how my school is in Chicago that is a huge thing for me. I also brag about our rec. center!


It is in Chicago and the area surrounding campus is the most diverse zip code in the country speaking in ethicity terms.