Northampton County Area Community College Top Questions

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Easier on the wallet (by approx. 30k - 40k per year)


Norhtampton Community College Offered more major programs and rotc. The community college in Las Vegas where I was living at the time did not. Since I want to be a clinical psychology in the United States Army, Northampton would help me begin to achieve both of my dreams.


Northampton Community college is primarily a commuter school which allows students to save money by living at home while getting an education. Also, the school is affordable and allows me to save money to transfer to a four-year institute upon graduating with my associates degree. Northampton makes it possible for all economic-level students to obtain an associates degree at a more afforadable cost. By being an affordable college, students can get a degree. This gives students a better chance to get a decent paying job and helps them become more successful if they didn't have a degree.


This is, in addition to academic enviornment, a school which enfasizes highly on the social area. So far in my experience at this school, classes are more than just coming to a classroom and listening to the professor and going home. The instructors here really try to encourage students to work together in groups. I think that helps in the professional world where everything is interactive. I have seen that more in this school than in any other college.