Northampton County Area Community College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I think one of the best things about this school is how inexpensive it is, yet the quality of education is usually great.


I love the campus. The classroom sizes are perfect and are laid out very nicely. Everything is conveinently located.


the best thing about Northampton would be the professor that teach at the school. why ? because they help u with what ever u need and they also break it down so that u can understand it better.


One of the best things about my college would be how nice everyone is. Of course everyone is nervous there first day of college but for me once i got there I felt very welcomed and I knew if I had a question about where I was going there would be someone there to help me. I consider that the best thing because you never really feel unwelcomed, there are so many different people and there isn't little groups like high school.