Northeastern Junior College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would tell myself that the clothes, personailities, shoes, brand names and life in high school doesn't matter. Grades and motivation will get me to where I want to be.


If I were able to go back in time and talk to myself, I would tell myself that I don't need to be so scared about going off to college. I can remember being so scared that I wouldn't make any friends. Not only would they just be friends, they would become family. This has been one of the most amazing experiences that I think I will experience in my life. If I could, I would also tell myself that the first couple weeks are hard, but once you get past the initial shock of being away from home, the homesickness fades a little more everyday. If I would have known that the distance would bring myself closer to my family would have also made it a little easier to go away to school eight hours away, but, like they say, home really is where the heart is. Last, but not least, I would also remind myself that pursuing my dreams is one of the best things a person can do in their lifetime, no matter what that dream is.


I would go back and tell myself to not be afraid when I get to college and that I should go out and get involved right away so that i would beable to make friends easier. I would probably tell myself to take the last year of high school more serious because even though I was already accepted to NJC didnt mean that it would be okay to slack off. I would also encourage myself to become better at studying. If I could have trained myself better at that skill I believe that it would have paid off more in the long run.


I would definetley have tried harder and studied a lot more in my classes knowing what i would have needed to learn from being in college.


the advice that i would give myself is to always work hard and you will achieve your goals. never let the thought of failing or giving up get in the way. if you follow your dreams and do the things you are suppose to do, then you will live a great life doing what you love and always wanted to do.


With the chance to go back to last year, my senior year in high school, I would have three topics to discuss with myself, scholarships, working hard and stepping out on my own. Scholarships would be my first topic because I spent my senior year diligently filling out the scholarship applications, while continuing to keep my school grades above average. While visiting I would be sure to tell my past self all my efforts would be worth it. My next discussion with my past self would be hard work, a topic that is all too often overlooked nowadays. Hard work, although difficult, is worth the sweat and tears. The final topic I would cover with my past self is stepping out on my own. I was wary as a senior to step out on my own; however I would assure myself that the transition to college would prove to help me grow as a person. My senior year was a challenge; however it did prove to make me a better prepared adult. Given the chance to visit with my past self, scholarships, working hard and stepping out on my own would be the three topics I would choose to discuss.


The world as you know it will change. The things that you lean now won't hold you in the future. There will be far more people on the planet and the social pressure will be far greater. It is vitally important that you learn to focus your mind and strengthen your heart in order to navigate and endure the difficult times and difficult decisions you will be facing. You will need to learn perseverance and discretion in order to hold true to your course. Sometimes that will mean being flexible. Flexibility will give you resilience. Right now you think life is about freedom. Later you will learn that life is about maturing, and maturity is about being "personally responsible". You will want to close your heart at times but that will be your worst mistake. Your heart is your compass and without it you will lose yourself. Remember these three things! 1. It?s not "no limits", it?s "know limits". It?s only with your heart that you can know when to expand those limits. 2. Every choice you make, minute and great will be your next step. Choose Well! 3. Challenge is what makes us grow.


If I could go back and talk to myself as a senior in high school I would give the following advice: 1. Quit stressing out about the future. Constantly stressing now is going to affect your grades and that's the last thing you want. If you want to go to school badly enough, there is nothing that can stop you. 2. Definitely go on a "Discovery Day" of your campus. You do not want move in day to be the first time you show up on campus. And seeing the school might really change your mind about going there. 3. Apply to every scholarship you can find. The worst that can happen is you don't get it. 4. If you still don't know what you want to do, don't worry. Pick a junior college to give you an inexpensive education while you figure things out. 5. DO NOT TAKE A YEAR OFF. 6. You can only be so prepared. The best thing to do to get rid of your fears is to close your eyes and jump in. The first step is the hardest, it all falls into place after.


The world is overwhelming, especially in a brand new environment. Do not let this be a discouragement, let it be your inspiration. Do not believe you?re incapable of making it, solely based off the fact that you barely made it through high school. College can be your new beginning, your time to show what you are truly capable of, and your proof you have what it takes to make it in society. You have to first choose the right college for you and your needs. A junior college will help you transition into the whole new world you are about to embark upon. A campus with dorms is ideal so you can get involved, meet new people, and do better overall in your classes. All of these are key to a successful college career. You?re going to want to remain focus on why you chose to go down this treacherous, yet amazing path to start with. Let that reasoning be why you strive to excel in every class even if they are remedial. In the college world, knowledge is key. Know how to balance studying and extracurricular activities, and you will enjoy and succeed in your college endeavors.


College is going to be a fun experience and you're going to realize this from day one. Continue to stay focused and work hard on homework and studying. Everybody learns differently and just because someone can learn something one day and take a quiz the next day without studying doesn't mean you can too. Be open to new things. Go out and have fun but realize the consequences. Take what oppurtunities you can to possibly meet new people. Your going to have a blast this next school year! But don't forget what you're working towards. Have fun, stay out of trouble, and don't do anything I wouldn't have done.


The advice i would give myself is simple. Actually try and get better grades, take your school and classes seriously. Popularity will no longer matter what so ever the after the day you graduate. Along with the clothes you wear or the car you drive. What really is going to matter is your education, your grades and the use you put it to. Start taking classes related to your major so you have prior knowledge on the subject before going to college. For your parents sake start applying for scholarships!