Northeastern University Top Questions

Describe the dorms.


Freshman dorms are all very different. Some rooms are large, some are VERY small. Some buildings are nicer than others but none of them are unbearable. Sophomore year and up the housing gets so much better. Upperclassmen housing is mostly apartment style- share a bathroom, kitchen and living room with 3-8 of your friends. The apartments are probably the nicest you can get for the price, although still obviously expensive, but it's a city so it's to be expected. Only downside to living on campus is that you have to hand your card to a proctor to swipe you into the buildings. If you bring a guest, that guest has to have a valid ID and you have to sign them in everytime they come to the building, even Northeastern students who don't live in your dorm. And you can only sign in 3 at a time. That's not as big of a deal though because you can ask a friend to sign someone in if you have more than 3 people.


Dorms are 2 main varieties: Classic or apartment. The classic dorms are the typical "You and a roommate share a room and the whole floor bathes in one place" from movies. The apartment is basically living in an apartment on campus.


From the description of my friend, dorms at Northeastern are not as good as students expect. It is very expensive, but the facilities are not in good condition. The advantage of dorms is very close to school.


Northeastern's freshmen dorms are fairly standard fair; they are typical of any large college. After that, things change drastically. Northeastern has won awards for some of its dorms. The West Village complex consists almost entirely of suites, including fully functional kitchens. Many of the upper level floors in West Village have a full view of the Boston skyline, the view alone would probably cost upwards of 5k per month if a similar apartment was to be rented. Even freshmen are starting to get in on the luxury with the recently completed International Village. IV is 22 stories of mostly single apartments, connected by a bathroom. It also includes a gourmet dining hall and many class rooms. The Northeastern Dorms are among the nicest you will find at any college anywhere.


The new apartment I moved into this year.


West Village F. Brand new freshman only dorm room that opened up in August, northeastern university.