Northeastern University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My program at Northeastern is know for their connections throughout the Boston area in very well known hospitals.


Northeastern is best known for the co-op program, which allows students to gain real world experience in their chosen field. These six month placements are full-time and usually paid, meaning the student can really immerse themselves in the job they have. These co-ops are ideal for students who want to gain experience as well as students trying to figure out what future career would be the right fit. Northeastern believes in experiential learning that is not limited to an academic classroom setting.


As a freshman I haven't noticed too many campus traditions yet, but my favorite so far is the annual underwear run! It's hilarious, a good workout (we run all over Boston) and for a good cause.


It's cheesy, but there's a golden statue of the King Husky in Ell Hall. Undergraduate students rub the Huksy's nose for good luck. Before leaving for job interviews before graduation, I would make sure to give the nose a rub. Seeing how worn down the statue's nose has become over the years made me feel part of something big, a long lineage of successful students and graduates.


We like to pretend we have a rivalry with BC and BU, so we make fun of them, which is kinda fun.


Northeastern University is best known for our one-of-a-kind Co-op program that places students in full-time employment positions related to their academic interest in order to gain valuable working experience and have a competitive advantage when searching for jobs in the future.


My school is famous for its Husky mascot, of which there are several statues around campus, painted to represent those who donated each particular statue. My school is also known for being a five-year school, because of its co-op program, where students give up summer vacations after freshman year and spend six months of each subsequent year in class, and then six months working a full-time, 9-5 job in the field toward which they are working to earn a degree.


Northeastern is known for programs like engineering and physical therapy, but their best known aspect is the co-operative education that they offer. Undergraduates take paid internships all over the world during the course of their career as a student. This allows them to apply their knowledge and learn more from experience.


Their co-op program. Providing students with the opportunity to do full time internships while pursuing their degree.


Northeastern is best known for it's co-op program. Students rotate between 6 months in classes and 6 months in co-op placements related to their academic program. The focus on real world experience helps students hone in on their academic and professional interests while providing them a strong background for career and higher education placements upon graduation.


The Co-op program, it provides students with resources to find non paid/paid internships in the field of their major and have "real-world" experience under their belt placing graduates as top candidates in the job market already having job experience under their belt.


Northeastern University is best known for their co-op program. Almost all students take part in this program no matter what major they are in. Co-ops are paid internships where students can explore their selected major and decide whether or not it is right for them. By taking part in co-ops, students can build up their resumes and connections for their future job. Thus making it easier to obtain a job and preparing you for the real world.


Their co-op programs.


Unlike the other schools I considered that were located in my home state, Northeastern University was in Boston, all the way on the other side of the country. Aside from weather differences, Northeastern also has a lot of international students - I've made friends from all over the world. And another unique aspect of Northeastern is the impressive co-op program. That's the reason why I decided to come to Northeastern University.


Northeastern University is best known for their co-op program. The program allows students to have a deeper involvement in their desired field and allows students to have the advantage of a full year of job experience upon graduation.


Northeastern University is best know for it's Co-op program. This cooperative education program has you attend school for five years and within those five years you will have three, 6 month paid working experiences. People work with real companies and can work anywhere they would like to in the United States or the world. This is the reason i decided to attend Northeastern University, you get real working experiences that looks very good once you graduate and are looking for a real job.


The co-op program.


Northeastern University is best known for its cooperative education program, in which students are offered the opportunity to gain eighteen months of paid work experience in their desired career field both nationally and internationally. This program helps to jumpstart students into life after college. Northeastern is also ranked as the second safest university in the United States and is located in the heart of one of the country's most historical cities.


Northeastern is known for its world class co-op program. Most students go on two or three co-ops, 6 month internships. These internships need to be completed in order to graduate and go through the same process as if the students were looking for a job after graduation. We need to apply and interview in order to get the job.


Northeastern is known world wide for their Cooperative education. The ability to get hands on experience prior to graduation is what sets Northeastern studens apart from others. Northeastern students get a taste of what the real world is like and view it first hand. They are able to see with their own eyes what it is they will be doing after graduation if they were to chose a paticular career path.


The school is best known for its co-op program in which students are exposed to the real-life experience in the field that they are studying. I am in a nursing program and am currently working at a teaching hospital as a patient care assistant in order to get more experience and get hands-on training. This co-op program is very helpful and exposes people to their field of interest so that they might realize what they like and what they feel is not appropriate for them.


The Co-operative education program which allows studnets to hold a full time internship for six months out of the year, anywhere in the world, while remaining enrolled in the university, but typically not taking classes.


Northeastern University is best known for its co-op program.


The co-op program


Northeastern University is best known for its excellent Co-op/Experiential Learning Program. Most students attend Northeastern for 5 years, and have 2 or 3 Co-ops during their time at Northeastern. After students complete at least three semesters of classes, they are allowed to alternate between three six month Co-ops and three more semesters of classes.


My school is best known for its co-op program. It is a well established program that many students participate in and find to be very beneficial. I think that it is very valuable in this day in age with the increasing cost of college and the increasing demand for job experience in order to get better higher paying jobs. It is hard to gain that initial experience that many companies look for when hiring new college grads and most college grads are very in debt, so co-op gives them a strong advantage.




Northeastern University if best know for it's 5-year co-op experience based learning. You can spend up to three 6-month periods in the field, gaining experience in the field you plan on entering after you graduate.


My school is best known for the cooperative education program. This program allows for each student if he/she chooses to go on a 6-month internship in a field they are interested in. Personally, I have experienced one co-op at a pharmaceutical company. This opportunity has allowed me to obtain first hand experience of the job I am interested in. It has really shown me that the job that I academically study for is one that I really do enjoy.


Our campus that is right in the center of Boston yet it still feels very closed in and small.


Northeastern is best know for its co-op or exeriential education program. In addition to classes, students are placed in co-op jobs or interships with companies in their intended field. We work for six months at a time and then return to classes. Students can participate in up to 4 co-ops and typically graduate in 5 years. The job experience is extremely helpful because you can apply what you've learned in class and learn by actually doing.


Campus activites and residence life. 5 years with a co-op or two.


Co-op. And being a party school, I think.


Northeastern is best known for it's co-op program. Students work in up to three different companies realted to their field of study before they graduate.


Northeastern University is known for its incredible location in the city of Boston and our famous co-op program.


Our co-op program is the best in the nation, after the first year you can work for 6 months out of every year full time in your field - and it counts as going to school!


Cooperative Education


Northeastern is best known for it's academics, amazing professors, being in an amazing city, and long-lasting friendships. Classes are challenging yet entertaining, and the professors here are amazing and will stop at nothing to help you do your best. The city is full of life and other college students; it is so easy to meet people and have fun in Boston. Lastly, the bonds that you will form here with your friends are ones that are unlike any other and they will last forever.


My school is best known for their CO-0P, where students are placed in an internship according to their majors, and they are paid and recieve credit for it also. It's a good way to become familiar with what you want to do after graduation, allows you to really gain the experience you need, and also a great way to take a break from classes while still recieving credit.


The co-op program that allows students to work for six months at a time in a field related to their major. This allows for good job placement after school and great resume building.


My school is best known for our co-op program. co -op is a great way for students at northeastern to allow themselves to immerse in the field of study that interests them the most. it gives a chance to see what you may or may not want to do in the future. northeastern is also known for its strong curriculum and academics.


Co-op Program.


My school is best known for its co-op program which results in a five year program for most students before they graduate. The co-op program was designed to aid college students gain hands on experience in their majors before they gradaute and find careers for themselves.


Cooperative Education opportunities


Co-op programs where students work 6 months out of a year and study another 6 months


A couple hundred kids run in their underwear at Northeastern


The coop program. We do 2-3 internships that last for 6 months.


Northeastern University is best known for the Co-Op progam. This program gets students into 6 month paid jobs with big companies and provides us with good work experience.