Northeastern University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Northeastern is a very busy school where you are constantly surrounded by people. If students do not do well in large groups then it is not the school for them. It is also a very active campus with at least ten events always going on so students need to be comfortable participating in a variety of activities.


Any student would be great at Northeastern. The school has excellent programs, professors, and faculty which make the experience extremely beneficial. However, because of the cost of tuition, I would say that any student that would need to pay for the full price of tuition in student loans should not attend. It is difficult to put a price on a quality education, however, there are other options for quality education that cost less money and in turn leave a student in substantially less debt.


If you are not an open-minded person, Northeastern is not for you. We are a very liberal campus where opinions are meant to be shared and we are very accepting of all different kinds of people, but we do not tolerate any kind of hate based on gender, sexuality, or race. If you are not disciplined enough to focus on schoolwork, this school will not be a good fit for you. Northeastern has high academic standards, and schoolwork cannot just be blown off.


If you have no idea what you want to do it can be difficult to find your place, especially becuase students start going on co-op sophomore year Those who want to graduate early (most programs are 5 years with 3 co-op experiences)


Someone who is planning to get in and out of school and dive into professional or graduate studies should not go here, because it is a 5 year school. Also, someone who does not have a plan or attended major should not immediately attend Northeastern, because the school thrives off students with goals and plans for their future. Finally, a student that likes to party very often should not go here, because most people are focused and there aren't many parties happening around campus consistantly.


A person looking for a scholo where there are many parties and not much attention paid to education. This is a very education oriented institution.


This school would not be a good match for someone who doesn't like to be around a lot of people or noise, since it is located in the city and is a fairly large school. Also, if you do not like busy cities you probably wouldn't want to live in Boston.


Very liberal and does not know what they want to do.


Someone who doens't have any goals in life


Someone who is middle class because you will accumulate a lot of debt. Lower class gets financial aid, and upper class pays.


Anyone who wants a good education, and is willing to work for it. Here we have Co-op, which really helps the learning process by putting students in the real world and applying their education. If you're ready to learn, go here.


Some one who does not like the city or big classes.


This is not the kind of university that is equipped to coddle an undergraduate student. While help and assistance is available, a student has to not only know he/she needs it, but also know how to stand up and ask for it. While Northeastern is a great resource for quiet students who want to push their boundaries and force themselves to become a little bit more outgoing, those who are more likely to allow themselves to float awash in the sea that is the student body, would, unfortunately, drown.


Northeastern University is fairly large at 14,000 undergraduate students. If a student wants a smaller university or doesn't want to live in a big city, Northeastern is probably not a good fit. Also, Northeastern puts a lot of emphasis on its 5 year, cooperative education program. So, a student who is in a major that might not need internship or work experience and wants to graduate in four years might be discouraged by the large emphasis on the cooperative education program, even though it is not required.


The type of person that should not attend this school is a person who is not goal-oriented. This school has unlimited resources to build some of the strongest resumes after college. However, if you have no motivation, no determination, you will not take full advantage of participating in what this college has to offer you. It would be a waste of this person's time and money as well as taking the opportunity away from a student who was next on the list for admissions. Northeastern University is a great place for anyone who wants to be here.


People who want just the basic four year school should not go to Northeastern. Even though they offer a four year program without a co-op, the main idea about Northeastern is to have a co-op(s) so that their students have already begun to build their resumes before they graduate.


An introverted person shouldn't attend Northeastern. This university's population could be overwhelming for anyone who is shy or subdued. Also, someone who has no commitment to schoolwork should search for another school. Northeastern prides itself on its academically challenging curricula and its students are willing and able to uphold above average grades.


A person that is serious about research.




Someone who wants a small, close knit community that tailgates for every sporting event. NU is a large campus with plenty of ways to get involved, but its location in the heart of Boston makes its campus interchangable with the city.


You should not attend this school if you are not prepared to spend money. Things are expensive on and off campus especially because you are in a city.


Somone who is dependant on high school rules to keep them afloat. Boston is a city, a decent sized one. It is easy to get lost in the freedom and independance of it all. Need to be a fast learner of how to walk the street.


Someone who is intolerant of others culture, religion, race, sexual orientation, political views or ideas. Someone who wants a peaceful and quiet surrounding area, because although our campus is beautiful and spacious on the inside, we are right in the middle of a great city.


A person who is not ready to live in a city environment and truly take control of their own future should not attend this school. When it comes to being decisive about a career path and academic program the faculty and staff are helpful advisors, but the decision really comes down to the student. It's a great place to make tons of new friends, so someone who is unwilling to interact with new people in a busy and exciting environment probably would not be truly happy at this school.


A stduent who likes sit around all day and skip classes would not fit into my university very well. A student who likes to sit in class passivly will not enjoy the interactive classes we have. Northeastern University is a welcoming place with a strong student community of motivated students who are driven in their social and academic lives. Our university is in Boston, literally in its backyard. A person who is closed minded or not used to hearing the pulse of the city may not like living so close to one.


You should not attend Northeastern University if you don't prefer a fast-pace life in the city. Boston is a great walking city with lots to do and see.


People with no set goals in mind, and just want to party. It rwould be a waste of money to attend.


A student who is unable to shoulder financial debt


Someone looking for a small, intimate, community feel would not benefit from Northeastern. I actually transferred from a very small liberal arts college, and it is a huge change! If a student is looking to know everyone in their major, get to know their faculty really well, or even have an open-door policy in their dormroom, it is more difficult to find these connections at a school like Northeastern. Your groups of friends are much smaller, and there is less of a community feel in the dorms.


Someone that is not motivated or driven to advance thier knowledge


Someone who is not prepared for to be in a "melting-pot" environment (academically speaking).


Anyone atypical to achieving the American dream. It is apparent that the general student body here at Northeastern, is about getting above and beyond. We are driven individuals seeking a better life for ourselves and prospective families. If you are not career oriented, willing to pull a few all-nighters, or simply not about not attend! You will be wasting your money!


Anyone who's looking for a lot of school spirit should definitely not attend Northeastern University. School spirit is very lacking here and there are not many events that promote it other than homecoming and even that is not all that fun. Also, anyone who likes organization within extracurricular activities should avoid this school. Because of co-op, many of the clubs here are not very organized and there's a very high leadership turnover. Advertisement for many clubs is terrible. For many of the clubs, most people don't know they exist.


If you do not know what you are interested in, Northeastern is not for you. Paying the tuition to go here to discover what you want is not advisable. If you do not put effort or interest into your classes, the professors will not put effort into you.


One who isn't motivated to prepare for their career. This school has a program called co-op where basically you go on a 6 month internship in your field of study and you aren't required to take classes at that time. But you are still considered a full time student. Most students go on three internships and because of this, students who go to college only to party should not attend. These internships provide so many opportunities and students who plan to take advantage of them should attend.


Someone who doesn't care to take advantage of the opportunities the school offers, if you don't care I'm positive there are plenty students out there dying to be able to do what you could do here.


Diverse, anyone could attend. Have to like Boston though


lazy people who cant look beyond surface ideas


Someone that enjoys living in the city and does not mind being in larger classes where there might not lways be alot of teacher to student contact unless you make the effort. Also, someone who wants to be involved or be social since the social aspect is a big part whether its going out to bars, shopping in the city, going to museums or being involved as a Northeastern Husky and supporting sporting events!


Narrowminded and shy people should not attend this school.


Shy people. You need to be able to take initiative.


someone who dislikes city life, is very shy, hates drinking


Anyone who isn't competetive and careeer-orienated.


A person who is very easily distracted shouldn't attend Northeastern University. Those who like to drink and smoke often should use self-restraint .