Northeastern University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The coop opportunities, large amount of extra-curricular activites, the research focus and opportunities, the in class teaching style-not just read and memorize, really gets the students invovled in learning-simulations, case studies, class discussions.


I believe that my school's best quality is their pride. Everyone at Northeastern whether they are a student or faculty member are extremely prideful. This pride allows for students to form a strong bond with other students as well as their professors. Everyone at Northeastern is so proud of the school and its image that they refuse to let their peers fail and will go above and beyond to make sure that everyone is successful.


The cooperative learning experience is invaluable to my education here at Northeastern. The exeriential learning program is designed to give students a top class education while giving them crucial job experience at the same time. Most of my peers have job offers by the time they become juniors, which is important to me because I come from a hard-working blue collar family and getting a top class job to match my top class education is a priority.


It honestly depends on your year and how early you send in your housing deposit for freshman. Freshman year I was stuck in an "economy" sized forced triple. Three girls, two closets, one room. One gang bathroom per floor. Not all freshman dorms are like that, but beware. After freshman year dorms get significantly better, most are apartment style. All on campus housing is expensive and it is required for freshman and sophomores.


It honestly depends on your year and how early you send in your housing deposit for freshman. Freshman year I was stuck in an "economy" sized forced triple. Three girls, two closets, one room. One gang bathroom per floor. Not all freshman dorms are like that, but beware. After freshman year dorms get significantly better, most are apartment style. All on campus housing is expensive and it is required for freshman and sophomores.


We're in the heart of Boston. Rather than other universities up here, Northeastern is pretty much in the center of Boston and we have our own stops on the ublic transport. It's really nice and convenient.


Coop. In today's economy, it's often tough for college graduates to get a job in their prospective fields right out of college. The coop program at Northeastern is fantastic in that often times, students are offered full time jobs from coop employers. It's also great to already have work experience and a resume upon graduating.


The best thing about Northeastern is the wide range of possibilities in experimental learning. The Co-Op program gives students real work and international experience while in working towards their undergraduate degree, which provides them with incredible networking opportunities. This program allows students to boost their resumes while studying, putting them at above other competitors for jobs after graduation.


I consider the co-op program to be one of the best things about my school. I am aware that other schools have it, but I am told that those programs aren't as broad as ours. I definitely feel that it gives me an advantage in the work force once I finish school, as well as preparing me for what I'll be doing for the rest of my life before I make any permanent decisions. I am able to decide, while I can still change my major, whether or not my current major is right for me.


The greatest thing about Northeastern is the direct access to the working world. There is no college which literally prepares you and sends you intot he waiting arms of large companies with serious growth potential that utilize the skillz honed in our classrooms.


I came from a small town, and am now in a big city. There is a "campus" feel to my school which I love


Opportunities to work/study abroad, as well as the co-op program. The co-op program gave me a great job with great pay, one that I probably wouldn't have gotten if it weren't for Northeastern.


Boston. Being in the heart of the city is great. It makes meeting people difficult since there isn't a traditional campus environment, but the city is at your finger tips. There are unlimited places to find a student job, internship, or after graduation job. There is something for everyone in this city. If you not from a city, Boston isn't as crazy as places like New York and it's easy to get to the mountains to snowboard, beach, or travel the east coast.


The best thing about my school is the co-op program. I like the idea of being able to get real, paid job experience before you graduate. You can explore different fields and discover what it is that you actually want to do without having to worry about losing or not being able to find a job. That was especially important for me when I was deciding which college to attend because I'm unsure about which careers I want to pursue in the future.


The professors at this school will help you become the best in your field.


I think that the diversity is a really great thing about this school because it has opened my eyes up to many different cultures and people. I have learned so much from sharing classes with people who have very diverse ideas and interests. The career focused motivation is also a very valuable aspect because the importance of internships while in undergraduate studies almost guarantees being a competitive runner in the job search after graduating.


The best thing about my school is that it exposes its' students to many different experiences which allow them to have a better idea of what they want to do as a career and who they want to be as a person. I believe that this, combined with the many majors that Northeastern has to offer, allows for extremely well rounded graduates.


The best thing about the University of Arizona is the community-like feeling the campus creates. The many places available for studying and meeting people enables students to feel like they always have resources to succeed. In addition, there are tutoring sessions and workshops available for almost every area of study.


The location. Being in Boston is awesome.


I consider the co-op program in our school to be the best thing. The co-op allows students to gain real world experience by practicing how to write resumes, go to interviews, and hold jobs.


The area and the Co-op Program. It's in the middle of Boston and is accessible to everything.


The best thing about this school is the open-mindedness of the staff and student body. The nonprejudicial viewpoint of the people here allows adn encourages students to explore more than would be permissible in other locations.


The teachers and the CO-OP program. The teachers here, at least for my major, are extremely dedicated in helping the students succeed and make the most out of their college experience. They know their material inside-out and don't hesitate to offer help for anything they may suspect is struggling. This is something that is very hard to find these days. As for the CO-OP, not only is it a wonderful experience enabling you to work within your major but it also allows you to travel the world while doing it!


Northeastern University has the unique location of being its own campus within a vibrant, exciting city. The location of Northeastern, which is right next to the landmark Prudential Center, provides Northeastern students with many opportunities for shopping, dining, sight-seeing, and night life. There are also four public transportation stops on campus that can take students anywhere in Boston and the surrounding area with ease. The campus has its own greenery and privacy, and security, but students can escape campus into the city whenever they please.


The best thing about Northeastern University is its dedication to experiental learning. The classroom teachings are geared toward real-life situations. Students are encouraged to take full advantage of the co-op program. Co-op is an opportunity to gain work experience, build work ethic, apply classroom learnings, and possibly secure a position after graduation.


The best thing about my school is that the staff, faculty, and students all really want you to succeed and push you to do your best. I have never had a problem with my motivational level at this school like I have had at other schools.


Northeastern's campus is incredibly different from all other college campuses in Boston. For one, its a campus. Northeastern offers the city life as well as the close knit campus feel. While many people may be intimidated by the dangers of the big city, there is nothing to fear at this school because everything is so close together. With the grassy quads and beautiful buildings sometimes the only way you remember your in a city is the T running down Huntington. Northeastern University is a great school that offers unlimited opportunities for both the city lover and the home body.


Amount of help available such as tutoring as well as the resources available such as the library


It has a good reputation. Because of the co-op program kids get experience


The best thing about Northeastern is having the best of both worlds. We are right in Boston and the city is at our fingertips but we also have this beautiful campus.


The location, because Boston is full of college students


It's a tightly knitted community that allows for room for growth. Professors are a great help and know the material and have life experience in what they teach. Student groups and committees are very active and very aware; they promote a lot of philanthrophy. The campus itself isn't too big but at the same time not too small, you can meet new people everyday and still be able to keep in contact with friends you just made yesterday.


The best thing about Northeastern University is their Co-Op Program. The ability to have real world work experience prior to graduation is a very large advantage for Northeastern students. This helps them start networking very early on to line up jobs after graduation. The companies Northeastern finds for these Co-Ops are usually Fortune 500 companies and look great on a resume. This was the main reason I attended the school.


The COOP program provided a wonderful chance to experience real life versus what was taught in class, and, in cases, apply what was taught in class to real work experience. The students were all down to earth and made life on campus very comforting and overall, very enjoyable.


Coop. Most students go for 5 years doing 3 six month coops along the way with major companies. Ratheon, GE, Proctor & Gamble etc.


I consider the co-op program the best thing at my school because it provides real work experience to reinforce what we learn in the classroom.


The best thing about Northeastern is its location. Situated in the heart of Boston it opens many doors for my career and social life. Everything I need and desire is within walking distance and there is never a dull moment in Boston. I love living in a city because it offers me exposure to an urban atmosphere that starkly contrasts with my suburban hometown. Northeastern has shown me that I am a city girl at heart.


The Co-operative program. This allows students to try out a number of career jobs before graduation, so they can better decide what they want to major in and/or do for a career. It allows them to find out what they like/dislike about a certain job and graduate with 1+ year of job experience in their field.


The internship oppurtunities are easily one of the biggest draws of the school. Career services sets you up for multiple interships in whatever field you are interested and many of these companies hire students upon graduation. Also, as Northeastern is right in the middle of a large city, it is very easy to find an internship in a convient location that allows you to stay in the city and experience the culture and nightlife of Boston.


The best aspect of Northeastern University is its cooperative education program. Each student is given the opportunity to take on internships that relates to his/her field of study and allows the student to apply the theories learned in the classroom to practical situations. Northeastern's cooperative education program is extremely valuable because it introduces the student to the real world work environment and may help to clarify future career goals.


Co-op program. Provides money for school and valuable experience for post graduation. Not to mention a lot of networking opportunities.


The diversity that can be found in the classroom helps give a more well rounded discussion in any subject. The interaction of many different cultures helps students achieve a wider analytical view of things in there area of study.


The professors are always willing to help you anytime. They want you to learn and get the best out of that learning experience in every class you take at North Eastern. It gives you a sense that if you need help it is available for you.


Diversity, availability of resources and activites. If your class allow time for you to be involved theres alwaya something to do around here. And you will definitely find a group to fit in with


All the opportunities available at my school. We have many study abroad options, we have co-op's and internships. The school even offers international co-ops. The classes are great and most of them really make you apply yourself and the co-op allows you to make great contacts and prepare for life after university.


In my opinion, Northeasertern's best attribute is its COOP program. Though the academic program here is stellar, I feel the 18 months each student spends in industry and research outside the university gives a unique perspective that no other 4 or 5 year undergraduate program an offer. My experience with the companies I have worked for has shown me career possibilities that I have never considered before. I am confident that when I graduate, not only will I have an excellent academic foundation, but I will also have professional experience that will undoubtedly help me in the future.


Helping students find internships related toward their own fiel d of study.


The city


The best thing is that I have flexibility in the courses that I take especially with having the option to take online classes.