Northern Arizona University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst part about my school would possibly be that I attend a branch campus in Yuma rather than the actual campus in Flagstaff. I am missing out on the "college experience" for the reason I cannot afford the tuition and living expenses. At the same time because of this, most of my classes are online and I really have a hard time learning on my own. Other than that I am very happy with my school.


The worst thing about NAU is their advising department. They are not very clear & do not care if you graduate on time. I am now on my fifth major because they were not properly helping me. I now have a counselor that is being helpful and will help me graduate on time. Unfortunately it is not with the major that I wanted. But financially I cannot stay longer.


The location of the University made living very expensive. The city of Flagstaff, AZ is a very touristic spot, so restaurants, apartments and entertainment are pricey.


I have yet to experience anything negative about my school. Thus far it has been a seemless transition and all of the staff have been easy to work with and accomidating.


The weather is the worst part about being here. If it wasn't so cold I would not mind being here.


Probably the lighting at night. Even though I could see it stil felt like it wasn't lit up enough. The reason being for lighting control but I feel safter when walking when I can see a little bit better.


The worst thing about NAU is the bus schedule. They try to space out the buses so that they come every 10-15 minutes so that everyone can get on a bus and no one will be late to class. But sometimes 3 buses will come to a stop all at once, or there won't be one for 30 minutes. It's poorly done.


Despite the pessimism and audbile graons from my peers, I have actually had a great experience at NAU. The one thing that bothers me most about my school my seem like a fairly small thing, but it really bothers me; the vending machines never seem to work. There have been more times than I can possibly remember where I have been banking on being able to buy a coffee in the morning, or a gatorade after a workout and the vending machines do not work. It not only bothers me, but other students as well. They should fix it.


I think the worst thing about my school has to do with the meal plans freshman living on campus are required to buy. The meal plans are not cheap and the transfer choices are limited, so the food options get old really quickly. They are also not the healthiest options.

Jordan Rae

The worst thin about my school is that there is not many Honors Program Halls to choose from. As an Honors student I love to live in the Honors Halls because there is a strict 24 hour quite zone. However, there is only three Honors halls and two of them are strictly for freshmen. This is a negative effect because all freshmen honor students are now trying to get into one building for next year.


I would the the hardest thing about my school is the campus. It is very spread out. There are the beautiful old buildings and the new modern buildings. Its a very small campus compared to alot of colleges but still takes a good chunk out of Flagstaff. I still love the campus either way. Once you learn how to navagate through the campus you will be fine. And alot of kids are more than willing to help out if you are lost or need some direction. But for the most part that is the only flaw I find at NAU.


The lack of diversity is the worst thing. We do have diveristy, but I just wish there was more so that incoming freshmen will feel like they belong. This will give them the confidence to succeed because someone who is like them are doing well in school.


There is little student involvement, school spirit, and college atmosphere. They tell you a lot of the things you would like to hear at orientation and on the tours. But, little to none of the things they speak good about the school is true.


The worst thing about school is the bus drives. It gets overwhelming sometimes.


I think the worst thing is that the nearest decent grocery store is a few miles north, across a train track, and a few more miles east.


Flagstaff is a small town, so it is wonderful for about four years then it starts to feel really small. I personally couldn't stay in this town after I graduate, although I know many people who've been here for years and still love it!


NAU is a great little university. For the most part, I had good professors who were passionate about the field of education.


An aspect at NAU that I would consider the worst thing there would have to be at shuttle system. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE taking the shuttles to classes because most of them are on the northern part while Iive on the southern part of campus. But the shuttles crowd FAST and easily and leave many people out in the cold and when it's snowing that can be annoying as well as sad when a shuttle has no more room and has to pass you once, twice, or even three times before you can get on.


The worst thing about my school is actually how laid back it is. The atmosphere does not encourage students to try hard or even go to class.


The city and the school are remarkably inaccessible to someone in a wheelchair. I would never recommend for someone disabled to come here either if they have to travel without a car. Walking with a stroller forced me into the road because the sides were rocky and there is no safe place to do it. The sidewalks that are in place are jagged and mishapen so strollers/wheelchairs get stuck and can't run straight. Most places have stairs without elevators and many of the bathrooms are too small for wheelchairs/strollers.


They did not focus on the education but the money each student brought in. The teachers did not care all the time or were unsure what they were teaching.


The worst thing about my school is the abundance of drug usage and drinking. I'm sure it happens at every school, but this university is known in Arizona for it's party atmosphere. If you have the will to stay out of it however, it's not too difficult to stay on the right path!


The worst thing about Northern Arizona University is that the cafeteria and most food establishments on campus close by 8:00 p.m. It makes it more difficult to get dinner if you have a late class. There are a few places on campus that are open late, but sometimes they are closed due to maintenance. Unless you are able to eat an early dinner or store some food in your dorm, you may have to resort to fast food off campus.


I'm not sure what the worst thing about this school is yet because i have not attended a semester there yet.


If I had to say what the worst thing about Northern Arizona University is, I would have to say the price of parking passes and how the parking lots are set up. I have not been attending NAU very long but this is something I have noticed during the short time period that I have been here for. You are only allowed access to one parking lot upon purchase even if you may have classes on the opposite end of campus with little time in between to walk, or run, to your class.


Overcrowded classes aren't a problem here but sometimes there are classes that can't take anymore students. If you aren't on the honors program or an athlete, you have to really persist in order to get the classes you want and the schedule you desire.


The worst aspect of Northern Arizona University is the food. Dining Services provides a regimented menu every week and it rarely changes. The usual items are prepared daily and only occasionally is an appealing meal prepared. Also, sometimes the food does not seem fresh and it is not always warm. I wish that I could prepare my own meals, especially since what I have to eat is not worth the money paid in advance for it.


The worst thing about Northern Arizona is the lack of food. No location is open 24 hours and most of the food stations are in two opposite sides of campus. There needs to be an improvement in food choices and hours.


The size of the school does make it difficult somtimes for things such as parking, guest parking, and getting to know people in your classes. If you are in smaller classes you can get to know the people around you, but in larger lecture halls people sit in a different spot everyday and don't always talk to the people sitting next to them.


The worst thing about the university I'm attending is that they don't consider to offer vegan foods and alternatives. Only two dining area's out of the majority of dining places has vegan food. I'm not only considering they put vegetables and fruit everywhere, that's not enough to have a vegan person's health stay on track. There needs to be more resources the vegan people on campus can turn to.


Well there really isn't anything bad about this place. Except for parking, you park in the wrong spot and you get a ticket. So you really gotta pay attention to your parking permit and the areas your allowed to park in. Other than that it's a wonderful place to study and to train in sports. We're at 7,000 ft. The best training there is.


First, I've only been a student at Northern Arizona University for one semester so I still have some aspects of the university to experience. One thing that has stuck out like a sore thumb about the NAU campus is the lack of student activities. I've visited other campuses and am astonished by the amount of activites these campuses provide their students. I haven't seen much activites on campus since i've been a student.


The timing between classes


not very open to new people


Hearing the shouring, pounding, and slamming doors two in the morning every weekend as under age college students who are seeking some type of joy go out partying and come back wasted and drunk because they don't know what else to do with their pointless and unsatisfying life.


The worst thing about this college is the organization of the staff. If you have a question about classes you need to take or how many credits you need, then you have to find the answers yourself. Only go to the advisors after you have done your own research because they will know less than you will.


There is really nothing bad about my school. The location is beautiful and amazing with all the snow. Also the community with all the staff is very helpful.


The worst thing about the school is the area it is surrounded in. It is around 3 cemetaries with streets that are not accessable all the time. there is constant construction and there is no way around it.


The only bad thing about this school is the weather conditions, but that is out of the university's control.


There are not many disadvanatges at NAU, but there are a few things that I wish NAU did not consist of. The worst thing that I can elaborate on as being bad at NAU would be the altitude. It is real hard to adapt to the higher altitude especially when a person is originally from a valley or desert. Even then, it doesn't take long to adapt to, you just run out of breath a little faster and must make sure to drink lots of water, because if you don't then deyhrdration is most likely to occur.


out of state tuition is a killer.


The cold because I'm from Phoenix, AZ and still not used to the snow!


The worst thing I consider about my school is the parking services. They ticket you for anything and the ticket is usually very expensive and they usually don't give you a warning ticket if it is your first offense.


Poor hyeine among some groups of students.


The school is transitioning to internet based degrees to increase their numbers so every course has some type of internet home page you are supposed to look at and submit your papers on. As an older student, I found this frustrating and lazy on the part of the staff.


the frats and sorieties because they are given way to much attention and money for stupid activites.


I hate having to pay for school. My parents can not help me and even with my financial aid and my grandma helping me I still have to work 20 hours a week just to pay my bills every month.


I don't know. I love this school. I guess more financial aid would be helpful, especially for upper classmen.


The worst thing is the tution.


The school doesnt promote sports enough; there is very little school spirit at sport events.