Northern Arizona University Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


I would change the food selection. After a while it gets old! I love how NAU is a small town university and pretty soon if you are outgoing enough you can know just about everybody (which can be a bad thing). School sports are not really a big deal, but students still like to have fun. The administration is very laid back.


The best thing about this school is that the teachers always keep up with personal grade-checks. I would change the required advising meetings to optional. The school is just right size wise. People are impressed when I tell them that I attend NAU. I spend most of the time in class and in the gym. The campus is in the mountains of flagstaff. The administration system of this school is excellent. The biggest recent controversy was over keeping the Pell Grant and our contribution to Kony 2012. There is a lot of school pride. This school is one of the top engineering universities and has an excellent nursing program. I will always remember the Star Program over the summer, which was a transition program to college. There are generally no complaints.


My overall feeling of NAU, as a graduate student is very different from an undergrad. The university is small, however I might feel this way because my undergraduate degree is from a large university in TX. In my opinion there is not a lot of school pride, people on campus are not very proud of being Lumberjacks, sporting events are poorly attended and there is very little sense of traditions on campus (with the exception of homecoming weekend). The town of Flagstaff is very much a college town, with a row of bars located close to the university in the historical downtown area. Within the three-state universities in AZ, NAU is the smallest and considered the underdog when compared to Arizona State University and the University of Arizona. NAU is the school chosen by most people who wanted to get out of Phoenix or Tuscon and wanted to go out of town for their education. We also get a lot of students from southern California who were hoping to escape extremely high tuition costs of their home state.


I absolutely love it. It is the perfect size, and everyone is really friendly. I love the environment and the "college town" aspect of it. The only thing that ticks me off sometimes, and most of my peers on campus, is the messed up bus system. Other than that, I find NAU a very positive place to be.


I feel that NAU is an amazing school, with a great environment and city to hang out in. It is small enough to where you see people you know every time you walk on campus, as well as have friends in each one of your classes, but big enough that you feel like you can get away whenever you need. The town around campus is great, with plenty of things to do over the weekend and at night, having community events all the time, and great bands coming in to town. It is quite a college town, but at the same time, has a rich environment with people who live year-round. There is a great pride for those who live in Flagstaff and go to NAU, but the sports scene is nothing like at a larger school. This school is very unusual in that we place a large amount of focus on a 'green' environment, rather than on sports, which leads to happiness of students everywhere. The school is growing larger each year, however, I am still taking classes with no more than thirty students in them each time.


I love the school, I'm a very outdoorsy person and Flagstaff does not disappoint! There's great hiking throughout Flagstaff and Sedona, which is only 45 minutes away, tons of mountain biking, we're 30 minutes to a ski resort, and the grand canyon is about 100 miles from campus. The town of Flagstaff was in the top 20 college towns of America and I couldn't agree more. There's a great college atmosphere through the whole town, especially in the historical downtown. I am really happy I went to NAU and there has been only 2 people I know that doesn't like NAU, both of them hate the cold and are from Phoenix so I'm not that surprised.


One thing I really love about NAU is its small classrooms, which makes it easier to get one on one time with your teachers. All the teachers are there to help, and really care about their students. I would say NAU is a college town, and everything is in really close walking distance, and if it isn't, there is the city bus that takes you almost anywhere. I spend most of my time in my dorm room, which is right in the middle of campus. I like it because it is really close to everything, and literally right next door to the student Union, where the food is! NAU has a lot of student pride, and they always have campus activities going on. Especially as a freshman, they really make you feel welcomed by having weekly meetings with your hall, and doing a lot of activities together.


The best thing about NAU is the small class size. You get to know your professors and they get to know you. I feel NAU is just right for me, however other students may think its too small. One thing I would change is the size of Flagstaff. I wish it was bigger, because during the winter it gets quite boring. I spend most of my time in the Business college because I am a double major within the college. Flagstaff is definitely a college town. I stayed up there one summer and it was dead! The recent controversy on campus is all the construction and the enlargement of the school.


I think that Northern Arizona University is an amazing school! Flagstaff itself is a beautiful place and the weather is wonderful. You have beautiful and warm summers and you'll get cold winters with snow! The school is a perfect size, it's large but not overwhelmingly large and it doesn't take up the entire city of Flagstaff. Most people don't know a lot about this school, especially if they aren't from Arizona or the Southwest Region which I think is nice as well. The school is great and people do know about it but it's not a school that everyone knows about. NAU makes Flagstaff a college town. There's a great sense of community here and everyone seems to know everyone else. It's not very hard to get close to people just by virtue of living here. I really like the support that a smaller college town such as this one provides to every one who lives here. The library and the campus grounds seem to be the places where everyone spends most of their time, if they're not in their dorms of course. The library is absolutely HUGE! It's really neat. There are so many study rooms and places to just hang out and relax. Another great thing about NAU is there are a lot of outdoor-areas to sit and relax, do homework, read, hang out, etc. It's so nice, especially in the summer or spring to just sit under a tree and do homework. The school's administration is wonderful! They really care a lot about their students and they do their best to make the 4 years of college really enjoyable for each individual. The support systems that they've set up are wonderful too. We have free tutoring, free counseling services, a great gym and health clinic and more that have been set up and perfected by our President to make campus life as nice as possible. As far as school pride goes, I think our school would benefit from more school pride but sports aren't a huge part of our school so the pride kind of follows in suit with that. I don't have any complaints about that simply because even though we lack school pride, we don't lack sports and athletic opportunities for those who do enjoy sports. The biggest complaint that I've heard since I've attended NAU was in regards to the amount of construction that has been actively going on around campus. Right now they're in the process of building two new town-home style dorm facilities and a new parking garage. Just a few months ago, they finished building our new health center, pharmacy, and gym. This place is huge and it took a long time to build. While all of this has been going on, yes we've had a lot of construction around campus but I wouldn't say that it's too big of a problem to affect enrollment.


NAU is an amazing school. I love attending the University for a ton of reasons. First, the campus is beautiful. It has a really relaxed vibe and is gorgeous to just walk around. I also love the size. NAU has around 17,000 students, which sounds like a lot but it really isn't. The way I describe the size of the campus is that, every single time I walk anywhere on campus, I run into at least one person I know. I would never want to be at a university where you are constantly surrounded by strangers or I would never see my friends. NAU is not like that at all. Because the size is so nice, there is a real sense of community. This sense of community is only enhanced when you get involved which is very available at NAU. I like the town NAU is located in, to me it is a pretty small town but has a great down town area with shops, bars, and restaurants. is all walking distance from campus.


I love NAU! I enjoy many things about this university, such as, the outdoor accessibility, friendly people, small class sizes and overall convenience. The cost is very affordable and with the 4 year lock tuition it is something I can plan for. The school administration seems to be very on top of their jobs and very interested in the students success. The school pride could be more vamped up, but with what we have, its great! I think the size of the campus is great, you can get to your classes with only short walks. I am glad to call myself a Lumberjack!


I like the environment, but some of the teachers are not the greatest. I would change the fact that we let so many freshman in when we don't have the room. When I tell people back home that I go to NAU they think that its far and must be warm because it's in AZ.


I love NAU. I love the location because it feels like you're secluded from everything, yet so close to everything. The only downside to it currently is that there's an insane amount of construction that never seems to end. The size of the campus is absolutely perfect too. It's small enough to run into people you know often, but not too small where you can't get away from people!


Overall I am in love with this place and this school. NAU is amazing! The people are super friendly, professors are very well educated and exceptional in getting the material covered. My experiences here so far have been great. I've met a ton of different people and I do a lot of things I couldn't do other places. Like Snow Bowl! There is a free shuttle for NAU students up to the mountain and back down, which is definitely a plus. I find that when I tell people that I attend NAU they all wonder where that is or what we are known for... But I honestly don't mind going to a smaller university in a small town. I don't personally like the city or large industrialized places. Flagstaff is the perfect place for a university if you ask me. Though there are some things that go on here at NAU that happen elsewhere too, like crime related incidences. But this is nothing new, this happens everywhere and at NAU it is very very limited. If you're looking for school pride sports wise, this probably isn't the place for you. We do have a good amount but I've definitely seen better. There are also a lot of really cool little places to study and just relax for a bit and maybe even have a photo session! The scenery is beautiful. We have a lot of random events going on here at NAU such as the Spring and Winter Carnivals, the Undie Run, fundraisers, one free concert and other concerts, events according to holiday/month/time of year and a lot more. There is always something to do!


There are a number of good things and bad things about NAU. I love the small town atmosphere and the mom and pop business that surround Flagstaff. For the most part, everything is fairly close to campus and is in walking distance. The weather up here is beautiful! We're surrounded by the Ponderosa Pine Forrest and the San Francisco Peaks. We do get snow so it's a great place for students who love the cold. NAU's campus is medium sized. It's definitely easy to navigate but it's constantly growing each year. Last year, we had the largest freshman class in NAU history (about 5,500 freshman). Flagstaff is definitely a college town. There are a couple things that I wish I could change. Some of the staff on campus are highly incompetent and don't know what they're talking about. Most of the academic advisors are useless and students are forced to plan their classes and their college career on their own. Most people have never heard of NAU before but those who have say it's a beautiful campus and an amazing area to live in. A couple months ago, our campus made national attention over an incident that took place in the university union over 3 students handing out flags for 9/11. Administration tried shutting them down because they weren't in a designated free speech zone. The campus received national media over the heavy restrictions on free speech, which is something students are constantly fighting.