Northern Arizona University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The only frustrating thing about my school I have came across is while it's snowing and there is already a few feet of snow onthe ground, the bus system is slowed down. If you make the choice to wait for the bus to arrive, you can potentially be late for class. On days of tests and the professors lock their doors once class starts, that is not a situation I ever want to be in!


Most frustrating was not a lot of parking options


Probably when the weather is bad and it is snowing. School does not get canceled if there is only a little snow, it has to be a blizzard outside for school to get canceled. Also, when your teacher doesn't email you when class is canceled and you walk up to your classroom to see the note on the door saying that class is canceled


The most frustrating thing about my school is the lack of diversity. I visited this school a while before I decided to attend, however, I did not realize how much diversity affected me. If you ask anybody on campus, they would agree that there is most obviously one dominant race and it is uncomfortable.


I think you will find frustrating things at any school. The lack of guidance can be frustrating along with the rising cost of housing.


The most frustrating thing about my school is when it snows. This can be a positive and a negative. It gets extremely cold in Flagstaff and it snows alot so in the winter snow gets carried into the buildings and gets everywhere! However walking to class in the snow was one of the most beautiful images I have ever seen!


Determining residency status as an in-state student. If there was better communication with new and incoming students of freshman status or transfer then I as a student, might not have any frustration at all.


Most of the time the classes were so large it made my learning experience impersonal. The instructors were hard to meet with and could only really comunicate through email.


The most frustrating thing about my school is figuring out which classes that I need to take that are interesting to me at the same time. It is difficult to decide which class to take, that will best fulfill graduation requirements and will also fit in my schedule.


The most frustrating thing about NAU is that the advisors dont really take time to get to know you and what you would really like to be doing. I had to figure out a lot on my own, which means that I have struggled a little. Also the Financial Aid will not go to anyone in the middle class. My parents are paying and it is not a complete struggle, but the money is quickly going away.


The most frustrating thing about NAU is all the crustruction that is currently going on, but it is all for the improvement of our school. The food isn't that great but that is what is to be expected at a school cafeteria. Other than that I really have no complaints.


Sororities and Fraternities.


The most frustrating thing about my school is all of the construction going on and the toxic herbicides they use in the grass. First, the construction ruins the beauty of the campus and it is hard to get to my math class because of all the trucks, fences, and rubble everywhere! Second, I just found out about the herbicides they use in the grass and they are very harmful to humans. Laying in the grass of NAU is something everyone does, and I don't want to get any kind of cancer for trying to be close to nature.


I'm not currently in school so this is a tough question to answer. But, based on my previous university experience what I have to say is the most frustrating were some instructors. I felt that I was just a seat warmer not a student trying to learn. Given the time I was donating to highten my education in addition to the cost, I felt very frustrated with their lack of care and concern.


When the water from the snow freezes at night, the ice can be annoying. Walking in the night makes it hard to tell what parts of the ground are frozen and which parts are not. Although, it is fun watching people waddle on the ice, trying not to embarass themselves by falling. The only real problem with ice is that you have to take your time and move cautiously and that can make it hard to get to class on time if there is ice in the morning.


The most frustrating thing about NAU is the seperation of the campus. The South end is far away from almost everything and very isolated. If you want to feel social and meet many new people in a very easy way, you should be on North campus, because that is where all the action takes place.


The administrators, not teachers, are very good at running you around in circles without ever resolving your problem, the only way to get help is to go straight to a manager.


The most frustrating thing about Northern Arizona is the amount of things to do around. Every so often the school brings good events to campus, but Flagstaff is a small town so it can get boring. It also takes 2 and half hours to get to Phoenix if you want to get to a major mall, airport or concert etc.


The most frustrating thing about my school is when you are walking or at least once in our young lives running to class, is when you slip on the massive pile of snow and your books get soaked and all your stuff gets thrown about and people want to help but they are more caught up in laughing at you. Slipping on black ice is a new concept that I was recently introduced to and believe me after a couple of falls you dont really care which newton's law your using.


As I mentioned, I am missing out on being able to bond with my classmates. I have learned that online classes are just as hard if not harder than the "real" classroom setting. I have to fend for myself most of the time or make sure I get online when the instructors are available. It has been a real learning experience. There is no time to procrastinate even if I wanted to. Overall, I think I just miss the face to face with other students like myself.


The most frustrating thing about community college was the time slots for classes. For every class there should be a morning, afternoon & evening class. This would help those working while going to school.


My classroom is about four hours from campus. I'm involved in Northern Arizona University's distance learning program. The program is relatively new and experiences some difficulties with technology. We have an office here in town that is our basic communication to the university and can sometimes be difficult to get important paperwork turned in. The most difficult process through my schooling was applying and getting all of the necessary paperwork to the campus in Flagstaff.


Gazing upon the elegant snowy white peaks every brisk morning as your face is being tingled ever so sweetly by the fresh cool breeze is like a blessing sent down from the loving Father up above.


Though it's only my first year, I feel as though it's really no harder than high school, which was not what I was looking for in a school. I am in the Honors program, but I think that it's not really allowing me to live up to my full potential.


It has to be that there is snow on the ground from the October to almost may, other then that I adore my school and would never want to attend anywhere else.


I have experienced trouble with financial aid. They misundertsand a lot of what the student says and do what is best for the university, not the student. I have lost over 12,000 worth of financial aid and may not be able to stay enrolled next semester. The only other option is to gain scholarships or take out private loans.


Sometimes professors are not the best in the lower level classes, it is frustrating but it gets better the higher level classes you take. The professors in the 300 level classes are amazing at what they do.


The most frustrating thing about my school is having a teacher that does not check their email. If you are a teacher I would expect you to check your email on a regular basis so none of your students are falling behind.


I hate having to pay for school. My parents can not help me and even with my financial aid and my grandma helping me I still have to work 20 hours a week just to pay my bills every month.


The most frustrating thing about Northern Arizona University are the counselors and the parking around campus.


It is hard to be away from home. Getting homesick is hard to deal with but its manageable. It is easy to get discouraged and give up when you don't know what you want to do when you graduate but once you figure out what it is school gets a whole lot easier and you have a goal to work towards. Figure out what you like to do and find something you can see yourself doing in 20 years that will still make you happy.


Trying to get answers from the administration and different departments. It is difficult to get things accomplished because they send you running to different people when you really only need one person.


The most frustrating thing is probably the old buildings. Some of them seem to be falling apart. Parking is also really frustrating; there isn't much room and they keep eliminating parking lots. However, once I got used to biking everywhere things got much better.


The President of the University does not communicate at all with his students or staff in a productive method.


my GPA from my first degree carried over to my second degree


The most frustrating thing about my school is the availability of on-campus living. There have been times when students were stuck in study rooms while they sorted out a place for them to live. Also, they promote "staying connected" with on-campus living, but yet students have had to find a place off-campus which can be difficult to find. I also didn't like how they built a really nice new dorm and designated it a freshman connections hall. Thankfully it'll be upper classmen next fall.


for me being a student athlete, the most frustrating thing is not have enough time to get extra studying in or have time to meet with professors because of my busy schedule


The most frustrating thing is that kids leave often to go to the valley or back home on the weekends. It is pretty hard to find a decent off campus job since it is a small town. That's about it.


The administrative office works very slow.


There have been two times when I called the financial aid office and they had told me something that my parents did not have to pay their college loan until I was done with school. Well, it turns out that was not true and we have to start paying it off after the last disbursement next semester. That was very upsetting and now I have to take out another loan to pay off my parents' loan since we were not expecting those payments.


There was not enough world or nationally recognized professors in our respected fields.


The financial aid department, I hear stories about students reviecing an enormous amount of aid and I am struggling to get enough to pay my rent.


There is almost nothing frustrating about my school. My one complaint is that most on-campus dining shuts down on the weekends.