Northern Illinois University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


I dont believe their isnt a certain type of person who shouldnt attend this school. I would have to say that a person who isnt responsible enough to handle being on your own and making your own decisions should try community college before going away to a University.


A person with no education, identity, discipline, and a heart and soul taken place inside of them


Anyone who is looking for a quiet place to live or wants to live on a giant campus.


I was in the top ten percent of my class, I double majored in biology and chemistry and double minored in health sciences and gerontology and through my non stop hard work I was accepted into medical school. The one thing I am positive of is that NIU is a "bang for your buck" kind of school. If you take advantage of the opportunities you are recieving from this cost effective education then you will benefit from it. If you take the low price tag for grantid then you will end up wasting your time.


If you went all through high school complaining about how hard school is and how you hate it college is not for you. I don't think someone should come to college just because someone else want you to. You have to come to college for you, even if you don't know what you want to do come because you feel like its place for you. You shouldn't come because your parents are forcing you to because you want learn anything in a place you don't weant to be. You should come if your not ready


If you can get into a more prestigeous school and can afford it, go for it. For the money it's a great place, but it's no Northwestern or UIUC.


Northern Illinois University is honorable school with devoted staff and many avenues for dreams to come true. Students who wish to prioritize partying over studies need not apply. The students who attend Northern Illinois University should be prepared to match the hard work and enthusiasm the professors and staff exhibit to make the experience of earning a degree rewarding.


Someone who is only looking to party. While NIU has parties, they definitely concentrate on your academics more.


People who are not serious about their studies and people who do not want to attend school in a rural area.


People who dont like too many parties.


Northern Illinois University is very diverse, with many different racial and ethnic groups. I would recommend that any person that may not be comfortable or has a strong dislike with a certain group should not attend Northern. While many of the class sizes vary, it would still be wise to assess whether you are a person that requires more in class attention from professors. Weather is also something to consider, it can be quite cold and is often very windy. I would suggest that someone who prefers warmer weather to maybe choose another school in a warmer location.


When I look around my campus, I see every different type of person you can possibly think of! We have locals, international students, urban students, rural students, you name it! Everyone is always friendly and willing to give you a hand if needed. The only type of person that shouldn't attend Northern Illinois University is someone who doesn't want to succeed, make lots of friends, learn, grow, be inspired, research any topic they desire, or find an internship or job quickly! I hope there is no one out there that fits that criteria! NIU is for EVERYONE!


Again, after attending the Northern Illinois University School of Business for about a month, I can’t think of any person that wouldn't do well at Northern Illinois University. In general, upper level students need to be highly motivated and have strong interpersonal skills to be successful but it’s my belief that this is a necessity at any university.


People that like to go out and party a lot shouldn't go to Northern Illinois University.


Dekalb is developing fast but NIU is still surrounded on all sides by miles of corn fields. If you like city life this school isn't for you.


This university is big on students that are in the business field and health. Students interested in these areas would excel. The programs are great, as well as the resources and support they provide in these area. However, the programs are competitive, students need to be committed to their academics.


The kind of person that I do not believe should attend this school is someone who is not here to do any work. There are alot of students taking up ferderal money but are not doing anything constructive with it at all. So if you are a student who just wants to party and stop or hold everyone from learning then do not come.


i feel that this school gives you what you give it. It's a school that is affordable and anyone can excel if they are willing to put in the time. so, i suppose a person who doesn't know what they want from life.


I do not think there is a kind of person who should not attend this school. It is an awesome school and has an inviting atmosphere. But if I had to choose one kind of person it would have to be someone who does not like wearing the colors red or black. Those are our school colors and there is a lot of school spirit on this campus.


If you are the type of person who doesn't like diversity or meeting new people with different ideas than yours then this is not the school for you. With over 25,000 students, NIU is one of the most diverse places I've ever been. Whether you're in the dorms or just sitting in class, you're bound to meet people who hold different values than you do and will challenge your comfort zone.


Every kind of person should attend NIU.


DeKalb draws students from very small farm towns as well as people from the city of chicago. it is surrounded by farm feilds and i feel that sometimes there is nothing to do. if you are the type of person that likes a huge campus then this school is not for you. there are around 20,000 students at this school.


Students that want a great education at a college that offers many different majors at a good price.


A person that is not willing to care. I say this because the proffesors and other staff care alot about a young teen's education. But it is up to the teen to put effort in his/her classes to make that possible.


People who are dedicated to obtaining the degree they strive for should attend this school, because NIU does not cater to slackers.


A student who does not put in the extra effort to succeed or does not feel they should earn their grades by hard work and studying should not attend this school.


Someone who prefers small class sizes and does not respect a wide range of diversities should not attend this university.


Someone who does not like big schools and not ready to be accepted into their program within two years.


The type of people who should not attend this school are people who like small campuses. This University is very expansive and has a very large population. Also people who do not like hands on approach to teaching. The professors here make it their job to get to know their students and do what ever they can to help the students succeed.


There is'nt a person that should not attend this school. The Northern Illinois University experience will benefit a person in so many ways. Even if you just take one or two classes you will be happy. This school is not just about education. This is a school where you can make new discoveries and long-term friendships in the area. You will also be proud to call yourself a husky.


I think that all people should attend this school. Northern has a very different atmoshere that I have yet to see at another University, people care about complete stangers and are always willing to help you. I think that there is a place for everyone here at Northern Illinois University.


Someone who wants an exciting environment. NIU has a pretty standard, boring environment.


A person who isn't socially interactive with others shouldn't attend this school. I myself am a very outgoing person who found going to this school was an okay decision. It is based in a very small farm based community... If someone is hopeful of being a part of the big city, or big buildings, this would be the wrong school to attend. It has a very good business program, and I am in the political science program. I feel that the alumni takes care of the business school more than any other...


One who isnt dedicated and focussed.


People who dont like to be involved or to be around people.


Students who are not willing to work for their education and only looking to party.


NIU is very cold and snowy in the winter which makes walking to class almost unbearable sometimes so people that do not like cold weather would not like it here, a large portion of the school year the weather is not very nice. People who are looking for an easy way out should not consider NIU many of the program require very high GPA's that seem impossible to reach unless you study a lot and forget about your social life completely. People interested in competitive sports probably wouldn't like it either because NIU teams are not that good.


There is something for everyone at NIU. From on-campus to online, and from degree programs to test reviews, anyone can find a class that meets their needs.


There are many services for students with disabilities such as the blind and deaf. There is also a strong LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) group. I believe that any type of student, no matter what race, ethnicity, or disability would feel comfortable attending NIU.


Someone who does not take school seriously, it is pointless to spend money on something that is not taken seriously


People that always need to be busy.


if your here to party because you get easily distracted


people not willing to learn or put out the effort.


Someone who is attracted to big city life wouldn't get on well here. We're close to Chicago but DeKalb operates very much like the small town that it is.