Northern Kentucky University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about my school would probably just be how windy it is on campus. Northern Kentucky University is known as the "wind tunnel" and can be a degree or two colder than off campus. It is always so windy that every time I use my umbrella it turns inside out. That is the only bad thing about this school.


The Parking is what I would probably consider to be the worst thing about my school, while there seems to be a lot of places to park around campus, these spots fill up quickly making it hard to find a spot which can even affect what time I can get to class.


The architecture is aesthetically displeasing. Too much concrete.


I never realized how many students actually attend NKU. For me smaller classes are a better way to learn and I didn't realize how big the classroom sizes were. There are some classes you will take with 20 students, then there are other classes you take and there will be 100 students. It is a balance you need to find if you learn better in a smaller classroom setting.


While they try their best to keep a large number of student positions available, the fact is that NKU is expanding far faster than their employment opportunities are; in short, it can be difficult to find work on or around campus. If you're willing to commute a bit, Cincinnati isn't too far away, and the diversity of jobs on campus is still very good (especially for CIT majors!).


The worst thing about NKU is definitely the lack of parking spaces. If you live on campus and happen to have evening classes, don't even think about getting parking spot that isn't a quarter mile away next to a Skyline. Also be prepared to get to classes early just to spend all your extra time looking for a parking space making you late to class despite your valiant efforts.


The worse thing about Northern Kentucky University is yet again the parking. It is difficult to find a space, but it is the same way at any University.


It's located in an area where the overall morale of the population isn't very high. People seem to harbor more negativity than positivity, and sometimes this is reflected in their thoughts & actions.


The worst thing about my school will be the day I graduate and will no longer be returning to it year after year for my education. That being said, I do plan to stay involved with NKU as an alumni and continue to support the soccer team (and other sports also).


Construction, while it is a minor annoyance the campus has been undergoing one construction project or another since I've been enrolled. Moreover while detours thru campus are clearly marked they can sometime take a vary circuitous routes.


Multi ethnic enrollment


The worst thing about Northern Kentucky University is it is very overwhelming. Now, that could be just because I am a freshman and a new school is a big deal. But I think it's overwhelming because there is so much to do, from taking classes to clubs you can join. Also, the greek life is very strong at NKU. But I would rather be given these opportunites and be overwhelmed because if you take advantages of these opportunities it could help your personal success in the long run.


To be honest, I really can't think of anything negative about NKU. Our school strives to make improvements for the school itself, as well as the students. For example, a new dorm building is being built to accommodate our growth, our recreation center is undergoing improvements, meal plans have been positively altered, programs and courses are being adjusted, etc. With all of these improvements and goals to further better the University, there are hardly any negative aspects to find.


I haven't started school yet there but from recent visit's I have taken to the school, I would say the worst thing about about Northern Kentucky is that I feel as if they dont have enough programs for us students to engage in.


The worst thing about my school is that a lot of the people that go here are commuters. This makes it hard to know a lot of people on campus because most people just come to campus for classes then leave.


General Education classes because they don't really connect or help with my major or future career.


Honestly, I love my school. I think the worst part about it is that it's not nature-y enough; there aren't a lot of pretty trees all over campus like all the older universities.


The worst thing I consider about NKU is the parking. It's pretty difficult to find a decent parking spot mid-day.


The food; as a vegan I have pretty limited options and it can get repetative eating the same things over and over. Also, my friends and I have all noticed that the food can be poorly prepared at some locations.


The worst thing about my school is that the some buildings are older than others and need updated. Such as the college of health professions because if you have a major in that college you don't really leave that building therefore missing out on the nice and newer buildings that have a lot more study areas and even stores where you can buy coffee/snacks.


More student's don't take the opporunity to come to NKU.


The worst thing about my school is how underratted it is. When people hear about NKU they automatically assume its for kids from low income families, not a party school and its too close to home. NKU has so much to offer all sorts of people and for a resonable price- which is great for a college student.


The worst thing about the school would be the placement of the campus. It is on top of a hill and all of the buildings are concrete so the wind passes through. The placement of the buildings makes walking through campus like walking through a wind tunnel. It gives the feeling that a majority of the school year is in the dead of winter.


The worst thing about our school is its facilities. For the amound of students that attend our school the facilities are insufficient. The recreation center is too small and is almost always packed. The housing facilities are old, run down, and could definitely use some renovating. We have 16,000 students who currently attend are school, eighty-five percent are probably commuters, yet there are still students who are forced to park in gravel parking lots. Lastly, our campus is not attractive, it lacks artistic touch and variety.


The worst thing about NKU is the fact that it is a commuter school. Campus is always very quiet and unentertaining on the weekends due to the lack of people that stay here. Unless you have a good group of friends, you'll be very bored.


The worst thing about Northern Kentucky University (or I suppose any place of higher education) is the cost - even though it could be a lot more expensive, college at NKU is financially burdening my family and I.


The worst thing about my school is the parking. There is not much parking available for the number of students they have.


The worst thing about my school is the student life. A lot of the students commute making the social experiences different.


The worst thing I consider about my school is that people do not show me any attention like how I did at home. No females show me attention and that is why I don't date no one. Everything happens for a reason.


The worst thing I would consider about my school is there is not alot of diversity. I consider this the worst thing because miniorites here feel as if they dont belong. Since there are no programs geared to them, they feel left out and tend to transfer colleges. If Northern Kentucky University had activities and clubs that were geared to minorites their retentiton rate would be a lot better. As a freshman entering a new environment I would like to be around more people like me until I feel comfrotable away from home but NKU doesnt have that.


The worst thing about Northern Kentucky University is the construction. NKU is a continually growing and expanding campus and there is construction to beautify the grounds that turn into quite the annoyance when trying to walk to class.


Honestly, my experience at NKU thus far has been great! If I have to choose something, I would say it is the wind. Campus sits up on a hill so it is really windy!


I really don't consider anything bad about my school.


The worst thing I think at NKU is the parking situation. Although there are many parking spots some people have to keep driving around to find spots that aren't so far away from the crosswalk.


Much of it looks very concrete heavy.


The worst thing about Northern Kentucky University is that the buildings are set up like a wind tunnel. It is a nice concept but for Kentucky, it was not the best idea because our winters get cold. So, it is always 10 degrees colder on campus.


The worst thing about my school is that I recently applied for nursing and the program is suppossed to be completed in 4 years. I am 1 and 1/2 years into school and didn't get accepted and once you get accepted its another 3 years...I am becoming discouraged because I have finsihed my pre requiste courses.


I really like Northern Kentucky University. The only problem with the school is that we hardley ever have any activities going on on campus which can be a little boring sometimes. Also you can't really meet different people when there isn't any social activities going on.


I do not think that there is a whole lot of things that I can complain about when it comes to NKU. The only aspect that comes to mind is that it is a smoking campus, but this is changing in January 2014!


This school seems so great that it is hard to dislike anything about it, but I would say the worst thing about NKU is the location, which isn't even that bad. Cincinnati is literally right there, but it does stink to have to drive across the river to go do something fun. Newport on the Levee is very close, but the only exciting thing in Newport is the aquarium.


The thing I consider to be the worst about NKU is that most of the social activities are based around Greek Life. A good majority of events are hosted by fraternaties or sororities and I am not involved in Greek Life. I wish NKU's social events weren't so Greek centered.


I honestly can not think of one negative about NKU. I love the class sizes, the brillant proffesors, and the environmently high tech campus. I haven't had a bad experience yet!


Parking costs and not enough diversity would be some aspects Northern Kentucky University can improve on. It is welcoming to have a diverse community and allow students to experience other cultures. More parking spaces available for students would be convenient.


The worst thing baout my school is the food. It doesn't taste as good as i had hoped it would.


The worst thing I also believe is one of the best. It is a large commuter school. This is great because many people are in similar situations and understand one another's view points and limited availability. The bad part is when it comes to numerous group projects and having to find time for everyone to meet in non-class time hours.


Financial aid for my school is very difficult. They seem to not really care how or if you go to college.


The worst thing about my school is the financial aid office. They are not very efficient.


The faculty/staff attitudes towards members of the LGBT community.


It seems like things move slowly at NKU. For example, construction projects around campus were meant to be finished before I even began school, but were not completed until well into the winter. In other departments like the accounting, legal, advising etc, things seem to process slowly as well, and if you have a question, don't expect an efficient response.


So far I've only been in two different in two different buildings so I haven't experienced a lot as far as campus life goes. In one of the buildings the elevator didn't always work as I experienced once. That was quite the adventure waiting for someone to fix that.

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