Northern Kentucky University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


A person who excels academically and takes their studying seriously beyond just wanting to have a successful career.


The kind of person that shouldn't attend this school is someone who is not dedicated and isn't going for the right reasons. The right reasons being to better themselves through education and character building.


Someone who interested highly in the sports programs, ie. football, etc.


This school is not for people who wish to anonymously attend classes. The classes consist of around 15-30 people which makes for a very personal classroom experience. Often, there are group discussions where the professor expects all to participate in order to have a good grade.


I believe a person who shouldnt attend NKU is a student who is not dedicated to succeeding in college. NKU is a college for students who are striving to achieve their life long goals and provide a better life for themselves.


I don't think that anyone should choose NOT to attend this school. NKU is an awesome school, but the phrase 'the more you put in, the more you get out' rings true here just like any other applicable real-world situation. If you choose to go to this school to ONLY go to school, then that's what you'll get: an education. But if you CHOOSE to join clubs, become involved, AND get your education, then you'll come out with an experience and a degree.


The only people who shouldn't attend my school are the lazy, and those who don't really care about continuing their learning. I struggled with what I wanted to be, and the direction I wanted my life to go in after high school. It took me a long time but I've always cared about high learning. I would really like to support any other tranfer students, maybe feeling out of place as they enter my school, to realize that is is a caring enviroment with a lot to offer.


Someone who doesn't care about their learning outcome


People who don't push for their goals and think they can just get by by doing the basic work.


The kind of person that should NOT attend this school would be someone looking for a large school with large classrooms and outstanding sports teams.


Do not go to NKU if you don't like to dream, to hope, or to believe. NKU nurtures wishers and dreamers, then gives those people the opportunities and connections to succeed. Do not go to NKU if you do not like to others to see your potential and challenge you to achieve it.


I person who wants to attend a big school should not attend this school. There are not as many students here as some other colleges, so a lot of the time you see people that you know just walking around.


Anyone can attend Northern Kentucky University, It is a wonderful campus that has a plethora of undergraduate majors and minors for anyone wanting to apply. The students and faculty have compiled multiple programs that help incoming freshmen acclimate to college life.


There isn't a person who shouldn't go to school; it's beneficial to everyone.


I think that a person shouldn't attend Northern Kentucky University if they're not willing to make their education a priority. At NKU, a student has to focus mainly on their classes and grades, because they're actually a challenge and need to be taken seriously. A person can't pass at NKU if they don't go to class, ignore assignments, or neglect their studies.


I do not personally believe that there is any "specific" individual that should not attend this college, or even any general college. Anyone can make the most of any school if they choose to, because that is an opportunity that people take for granted sometimes. Going to college should be something that people want to do, and work hard while they're there but also enjoy the time because it is an unique experience. That is why I do not think that one particular person should not attend my school.


If you are a person who likes help one on one and communicating with your professor this would be a good school to go. Another great benefit of attending Northern Kentucky is that the tution cost is affordable compared to going to other out of state schools.


A person who shouldn't attend Northern Kentucky University is someone who is lazy and completely demotivated. If the person has no structured work ethic and cannot find a decent balance school work and leisure, then it would be a bad idea to attend this school. Also, someone who is looking to attend a large school because Northern Kentucky University and has a very close knit campus.


People who feel the need to be in the middle of a huge city, or always need to have parties or things like that to do.


Someone who wants to attend a large school probably wouldn't enjoy Northern Kentucky University. NKU has a very intimate feel, because you see familiar faces everyday, though it's not so small that you know everyone.


Someone who does not care. The school is made for people who want to succeed and work hard. It's not a tough school, but it's not easy to slide through. People who do not want to show up and put in effort shouldn't even think about attending.


I believe that Northern Kentucky University is an institution that works well for all types of people. The only type of person I may think shouldn't attend here is one that is BIG on college sports and likes bigger schools where there are many more opportunities available to them.


The type of person that should not attend Northern Kentucky University is a person who does not have good time management skills or who likes to play around more than they would do school work. A person who does not have the motivation for anything in life should not attend the university because it will not be a good investment. College is a good way to success and if you do not take it serious why be on campus wasting time and money. That is the type of person I would not recommend to Northern Kentucky University.


A shy person shouldn't attend Norther Kentucky University. I think a shy person shouldn't attend this school because this is a mostly a commuter school so there isn't a lot of people here on the weekend or after classes. This would be a problem for a shy person because they wouldnt be able to make friends, get involved, and know whats going on around campus. For a shy person they wouldn't have a good college experience because they wouldnt go and meet people or get involved to be able to get all of what college offers.


Northern Kentuky University is a school for everyone. The size is not to big or to small. Although I may not have attended NKU for a very long time, I already love it. NKU is a school that give everyone an oppurtunity to get to know everyone and get involved on campus. Therefore, the kind of person that shouldn't attend this school would only be one that is not willing to get involved in campus because they will have a negative experience at NKU.


Everyone is welcome. The only people that should maybe consider a different school are those who aren't willing to set aside their judgements and let others in. Leave high school behind you, you're a brand new person in college. Embrace the great change at school.


A person who loves to party and go out. Unless they drive NKU is more of a focus school; therefore, there aren't a lot of parties on campus


Those who like a quiet and calm atmosphere while living on campus at NKU will love this school. It is mostly a commuter campus; not many decide to reside on campus. If you are looking for the more stereotypical, wild nights and parties college atmosphere, then this school is not for you! Although downtown Cincinnati is only minutes away, there aren’t many activities right outside campus because it is located in a smaller, quiet community. NKU is a fantastic place to go to school at, but go study at another college if you seek a fast paced atmosphere!


A person who is willing to work hard and go the extra mile to succeed in whatever field they choose to study in.


I think a person who isn't interested in college shouldn't attend NKU. It's a really good school and people who don't want to participate in class or even show up shouldn't go.


The type of person who shouldn't attend this school is one who does not plan on getting involved with any student organizations while in college. Northern Kentucky University has many options when it comes to student organizations and are gaining more each year. When freshman come onto campus for the first time, joining an organization is really stressed at this school. Most all students are apart of something whether it is a Greek organization or a club for their major. NKU likes to keep students involved in whats going on and to help contribute to their school.


The only reason I would not recommend Northern Kentucky University is if they didn't have there major.


I don't think there is a kind of person who couldn't be successful at Northern Kentucky University. There is really something here for everyone and the students are able to be as involved as they want to be in just about anything. If there isn't already a club or organization out there to meet your needs it isn't difficult to start one.


I think more people in-state and out-of-state should consider enrolling into NKU; I honestly believe NKU is a great school for anyone as long as it offers the field you want to enter. NKU is afforable, accepting, open-minded, challenging, and offers several opportunities for students to grow, learn, and succeed. If there is a person out there who would rather spend their savings away on an elite college who does not want their students to gain new perspective, be challenged, grow, learn, nor succeed then NKU is not for that person.


I dont think there is any one person who shouldnt attend Northern Kentucky University. My school offers so much for all different kinds of people, and if its not avaliable the student body is given the chance to start its own organizations. No matter who you are and what you are interested in, it is avliable here.


Someone who is not motivated and who is lazy.


Someone looking for a large classroom environment or someone wanting on-campus to be very social on weekends unless involoved in campus activities.




Northern Kentucky University is filled with all sorts of different students. There are 70 bachelor's degrees so you can imagain the variety of people. Everyone should be interested in attening this school if you are dedicated and willing to work torwards a higher education.


one that does not do well in a smaller classroom environment.


A person shouldn't attend this school if they do not have the time to dedicate to studying, traveling for outside experiance or group work. This is also not the school of choice if a person expects smaller classrooms.


I don't think a very close minded person should attend this school. Everyone is very open here and I don't think they would get along well with others. A person can believe whatever they want to, but if they cannot tolerate or understand others and what they believe or think they will not do very well here in my opinion.


The type of person that shouldn't attend this school are students who want to be really involved in campus, or want to have a lot of thing to do and the opportunity to meet new people. This campus is pretty small, with not many activities and majority of the students commute.


If you are looking for alot of on campus activities and don't know anyone this isn't a good school for you.


People who want to be on a fast moving campus shouldnt attend this school. And if they are wanting to go to a large college they also shouldnt attend this school because the classes are small.


Someone who doesn't like cold weather, or is bothered by a lot a concrete.


I feel like NKU is very open to all students. There is no discrimination, even when it comes to social ability. If you are shy, NKU will open you up! Northern Kentucky makes it very easy to adjust to college life, and all students should at least check it out. There are no types of students here, just northerners!


Person's who shouldn't attend are those that have not desire to succeed.


I think anyone could attend Northern. It is a great school for anyone. They offer the very lowest classes, if you aren't prepared for college to the very highest classes if you wanna reach your dreams. The price is also very afforodable and that makes it very conveniant.


Someone looking for a private-like education through a public school.

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