Northern Kentucky University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The non-organic options in the cafeteria as well as the lack of more sustainability awareness and resources such as rain barrels, solar energy and community gardens.


The most frustrating thing about going to school is the cost of going. For me, it feels like I'm working and scraping money just to get an education. I mean I understand that the professors need a salary, but does that mean, we as students have to suffer just to get the education that will help uS find a good job down the road. Also, for me it is the most annoying thing to hear that my mother makes "too much money," so my only option for school is loans. Will I ever be done with my debt?


Lack of parking and high priced parking passes.


The money to attend Northern Kentucky University, or any University, is hard to come up with when you're on your own.


The most frustrating thing about Northern Kentucky University is the parking.


That much of its student population is commuter. While residential life is fun and thriving, it does suck that many of your friends don't live on campus with you.


The fire alarms in University Suites are incredibly sensitive and get set off a lot.


The most frustrating thing about NKU I would have say is in the winter when all other schools and universtitys are closed due to bad weather NKU will stay open. I feel that puts the students at risk of having a car accident or getting behind in school work because you had to miss class because of being scared to take the chance to drive in bad weather.


Well just the 1st week was a bit ruff, with classes being reassigned due to scheduling , not changed of programing on students part. And having to place new book orders / cancel existing book orders.


The most frustrating thing about NKU is the fact that the bookstore is so far from the parking area. It makes it difficult if you just need to stop by campus to pick up books when you have to walk all the way across campus.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that it is so difficult to put myself out there. Like many other schools, they brag about the number of groups and organizations on campus, but whenever I try and attend or join, they are all very exclusive.


I have no complaints so far. The advisors, staff, faculty, and even the students are all very friendly. It's all about the 50/50. If you give your half of hard work and dedication to your school and community, the other half(staff,faculty,etc.) will meet you there.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that prices, especially the amount you have to pay for each class will get a little higher as time goes on. I really should have noticed it sooner as well as I kept attending each semester.


NKU is a commuter school, so the on-campus and weekend life is not very exciting or social; it's hard to get people to stay.


None that I can think of. NKU is the best school I've ever attended. I would recommend it to anyone.


To be honest, I love going to NKU. There are some things that bother me when I attend, but they have nothing to do with the school. I struggle mainly to afford going to school and traveling to school, as both are very costly. I hope that I will be financially stable in the next couple of years so that I can live on campus and focus on school primarily. This will help me not only to continue getting better grades, but to move on to graduate school and eventually receive my Doctorate.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that there is not much fun social events for all students because there is mostly events for the students who are a part of the Greek life.


The most frustrating thing about Northern Kentucky University is the parking and amount of traffic on campus. It is always had to find a spot! Also, the food can be expensive if you eat there every day. Also, the advisors have not really helped me choose my classes. It is very hard to get in with an advisor on time! You also have to book an advising appointment before you register for classes. This is hard to fit into your schedule sometimes. Also, I do not like the smoking on campus they should be more strick on the new rule!


We have a large number of commuters at our school who simply come to class and then go home. The only students that get involved on campus are those that are members of greek life. The school lacks the ability to get the student body as a whole, involved. The crowds at sporting events are small and the campus is completely dead on the weekends. This is something that I think needs to be addressed to increase the overall attractiveness of our school. Students choose not to come here based on the boring campus life and large number of commuters.


The most frustrating thing about Northern Kentucky University is the cost of tutiton and the difficulty of getting fininacial aid to help pay for the schooling.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that there are not many campus activities. Guest speakers and shows are a rare occasion, and are not broad enough to catch the majority of the student's attention.


The most frustrating thing on campus to me is the food places. They arent that good, we shouold get new restuarants because eating the same thing everyday gets old. Another thing is when smokers smoke in non smoking areas. Luckily, this year are campus will be smoke-free. The last frustrating thing is dealing with financial aid.


I dress differently than every other student. People say I dress like a bum, because I wear bigger T-Shirts. It's different than my hometown. I am born and raised in Toledo, Ohio around gangs.


The most frustrating thing about Northern Kentucky University is that there is not a football team. There are a lot of sporting events happening all the time at the university, including Division I basketball, but I grew up with a school football team. The fall is a frustrating time at the university because no football games makes it feel like there isn't much going on if you live on campus.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that the school scholarships require 30 credit hours to be completed during the fall and spring semesters. There is no room for mistakes.


The parking. I have to arrive on campus an hour before my class starts to find a parking spot. It is a good idea to arrive early because you can also have more study time, but the parking spaces are pretty terrible.


The most frustrating thing about school is not understanding something in the class or having a bad professor.


As a multilingual international student, I was frustrated with the lack of enthusiasm that many of my classmates showed towards leaning another language and/or culture. Even in my upper-level Spanish courses, I’ve seen very few students who shared my passion for the subject, which often made classroom discussions boring and unengaging.


Financial issues, mostly. It's frustrating and scary not having more assurance that you -as a student- will have the financiall security, and help from the school, that you'll need to continue and complete your education.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the lack of school spirt. I wish NKU was more like a big name college. NKU is a commuter school so there is no on campus spirt. They are moving in the right direction however. They have recently moved their basketball program to D1 level and will be NCAA tournament eligable in 3 years. I believe that will raise the spirt.


The most frustrating thing about school is when you want to study/do homework and your not sure how to approach it.


The most frustrating thing about most schools is the cost, an education is getting to be prohibitive and benefit adverse.


Parking is definitely frustrating. There are rarely any open spaces. This becomes a hassle when the weather is poor, and we have to walk a half mile from our cars to our classes.


The most frustrating thing about Northern Kentucky University woukd be bus system that is offered and comes with the schools tuition. The people who drive the buses seem to be on their time regardless of the schedule they claim to keep.


Majority of the students at Northern Kentucky University do not live on campus, but instead they comute to school. This can be frustrating to me because it is difficult to meet with commuter students who do not live very close to campus. This especially becomes a problem when working on group presentations.


Traffic and Parking


The most frustrating thing about NKU would be the parking. Although there is sufficient parking, it is so spread out across campus that is could take over 15 minutes to walk to your building. There are only three parking garages and most of the parking lots are gravel. The lots aren't evenly spaced between the buildings, so you could end up parking 180 degrees from your desired building.


The most frustrating thing is parking.


The most Frustrating thing about my school is that it's a commuter school. Being that it's a commuter school not that many students live on campus. As much as i like this school, its kind of hard to develop a social life because there's not that many campus events that go on and the campus events that do happen there's not that many participants because most students live off campus


The most frustrating thing about NKU is the dining menu available. When living on campus, students are required to have a meal plan since most of the university housing doesn't have kitchens. There are not a lot of options when it comes to eating organic or vegetarian. Vegan is very difficult to come by, and the only alternative is cheese pizza and french fries. The student Government organization on campus as well as Chartwells, the manufacturer's of the food at school; have taken this into consideration and are planning to accomodate to those students who eat differently.


Amount of classes offered




The tuition continues to increase, yet I am not benefiting from any of the changes that occur.


Lack of Financial Aid to those who need it.


I would have to say the traffic in the morning. Sometimes you can wait in line for 10 - 15 minutes, which means we as students have to wake up earlier and sometimes makes it difficult to get to class on time




There has not been too many frustrating things about NKU, although recently I ran into a problem. When the Literature and Language department split into the English department and the Department of World Languages, my English major, and the minors attached, got deleted. I then had to personally address the Registrar to get it fixed, rather than my department automatically fixing it.


It gets windy ad really cold in the winter.


Seems to small, and fraternity and sorority life is not encouraged.


The weather. Some days it is so windy I can barely walk without being blown accross the side walk. And others it is freezing cold. I call NKU the windy campus.

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