Northern Michigan University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


You get a mixed bag of characters at Northen Michigan University. A large portion have come here for the same reason as I did, for adventure a knowledge. I have had fascinating and fun conversations and relationships with many of my fellow students.


At this time of the year, my classmates still want to learn and come to school but they are also worn out and want to go home.


My classmates are fun, energetic, cheerful, and vibrant.


My classmates are extremely laidback, supportive, accepting, and fun to be around, while still maintaining the intensity needed to get schoolwork done.


I have yet to attend a NMU class. My classes start Augest 29th. So I am not sure what my classmates will be like.


Northern Michigan University brings in a diversity of students. Anywhere from the creative artist to the adventurous scientists. Everyone is nice and gets along well. The school is also an Olympic training center so many of my classmates or Olympis trainees.


My classmates are very supportive. They work hard at what they do and they are always willing to help each other out.


My classmates are energetic and willing to learn.


NMU is not racially diverse at all. It is definitely a mostly white school. Being a cheap Michigan public school means a lot of students don't come from well off families. LGBT is big here. Annually NMU hosts the largest drag show in the UP. The art department here draws a lot of unique artsy individuals which make the student body fairly interesting. And of course Uppers are some of the nicest people you will ever meet.


My classmates want to learn, and love to have fun!


My classmates ask a lot of questions I have but I am afraid to ask myself.


Friendly and engaging classmattes


It is a great University to attend to if you don't want to attend a University that is to big or one that is to small. Come there willing to try new things and get involed in groups and organizations. It is a great way to meet friends. It is also important to be organized and to be able to balance social life with your studies.


My classmates represent my everything I've aspired to.


Everyone is friendly and all have different personalities. The students come from everywhere in the country so you get to find out about all the different places that you might go to visit someday.


The first two years we take liberal arts, so we are exposed to a wide variety of people with different goals, characteristics, and motivations. I am a senior now, double majoring in Business and Spanish. I have noticed that there are distinct characters within the majors. All of my friends in the business department are very driven and goal oriented. While all of the people I have encountered in the language department are very opened minded, love to travel, and enjoy learning about new cultures. One of the commonality I have noticed is that everyone here is really friendly.




My classmates are very enthusiastic and ready to learn.


The students in my honors courses think too deeply and make things out of nothing and students in non-honors courses are usually not very educated but extremely nice.


My classmates are helpful in that they share notes, form study groups, and help each other with projects/papers.


All of my classmates are friendly and willing to help.


Classmates seem to not take things seriously, want to be spoonfed by professors and not put any work in themselves. Most seem satisfied 'just passing' and the motto at Northern seems to be: "C's get degrees." Most people don't seem motivated to do well and truly be successful, many are very liberal - almost 'hippie' like and there is a decent portion of students who are much older and have decided to go back to school. Most people are not enthusiastic about our university and Northern is not the place to go if you want the traditional 'college experience.'


Friendly poeple who enjoy the outdoors, dont mind snow, are eager to learn, and respect the beauty of Marquette and the surrounding areas.




My classmates are the reasons that NMU now feels like home.


My classmates at Northern Michigan University are outdoorsy people who are friendly and always willing to help inside as well as outside the classroom!


outgoing, fun, friendly


We all love what we are learning and together help eachother out while still having fun.