Northern Michigan University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The biggest thing I brag about to my friends about Northern is that Lake Superior is only a ten minute walk from campus. Being surrounded by such a beautiful part of nature is something that I take great pride in bragging about. Another thing I tend to brag about is the fact that every student at Northern gets a laptop for school. They include it in our tuition, but it's one less thing we have to worry about as they get ready for move-in day.


The people in this area are the nicest people I have ever met! I love the community.


The things I brag most about are the oppertunities, nature and starbucks. My school offers pretty much every single major and minor that one could think of and it has hundreds of clubs; so everyone can find their people and feel like they are truly a part of something. Marquette is extremely beautiful and surrounded by nature. A few weeks ago was my favorite time because of all the fall colors presented by the trees. Lastly our ID cards come with prepaid money so we can get free starbucks over by the Learning Resource Center.


My school is more personal. Since Northern Michigan University is a small campus, the teacher-student relationship is more personal. It's also nice and relaxing environment. There are many outdoor activities to get involved in such as snowboarding.


I brag about the location of my school and the peope I meet. It is not a tiny city, but it's small enough to know a lot of the people. It's also surrouded by all sorts of amazing landscapes such as beaches, waterfalls, lighthouses, cliffs, rivers, lakes, and hiking mountains. I've made friends here that I will last long after I graduate, and college wouldn't be the same without them.


The size and location of the college. The campas is not overwhelming in size and easy to navigate. From the very beginning you feel like part of a family or community.


Campus is seven minutes away from Marquette Mountain Ski Area. The physical landscape in Marquette is amazing and there are outdoor activities all year long. I enjoy the small feeling of the school and every professor I have had knows my first name.


The pictuesque landscape that can be viewed only minutes from campus. It's beautiful! And the fact that we alwasy get a lot of snow.


There is so much to do outside of school work that you will never get bored. You can hang out with friends on-campus or if you head off-campus, you can go hiking on one of two mountains a few miles away or go swimming in Lake Superior a mile from campus. Jumpping off Black Rocks into the lake is one of the favorite things to do on a warm day. During winter, you can go sledding for free at this one guys house. He builds a shoot to go down. Then there is Marquette Mountain for snowboarding/skiing.


The food is great and everyone is extremely friendly. You don't go around campus without at least ten people saying "Hi" to you when you pass by. Oh yeah, the food is phenomenal. People from the community come to the cafeteria to eat because it's so good. The staff is extremely helpful, and they never seem to be in a bad mood, or if they are they don't show it. Plus there is a campus shuttle that can take you anywhere you need to go!


Beautiful environment around you and recreational opportunities


My professors are so awesome. there are a few who are really boring, but the rest of them make even the subjects i don't like fun. And NMU is such a beautiful campus in such a pretty town.


I will brag about our hockey team because I am big into athletics. Also I talk about how nice the snow can be before it gets to be too much to handle. Mostly the location, how it is in a beautiful part of the country that not many people will ever have the opportunity to ever visit.


How beautiful it is up here, although it is also cold and we get a lot of snow in the winter there is still a lot to do, there is a ski hill near by nice trails and everything is really close. I also have some awesome labs that are all outside where we go on hikes in the woods and look at whatever we are learning about in lecture, we then collect specimens that we view in lab at a later date.


Our amazing hockey team!! And all the things to do on weekends.


Mostly I brag about how beautiful the campus is. I absolutely love it. It's so green and spacious. I love being able to watch the sunset walking back to the dorms after evening classes. Not only is the campus beautiful, but everyone there is so friendly and social. The school is small enough that you almost know everyone, or have atleast met most of them once. It makes being at school feel just as good as being at home.


How much fun I have in the Marquette area! I really enjoy the outdoors, so I brag about hiking and other outdoor activities I do. I also brag about the friends I've made and the close relationships I have with the people I've met.