Northern Michigan University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


This school gets their financial aid information mixed up a lot and they don't have it organized at all.


The worst thing about my school would have to be the amount of partying that goes on. While it doesn't take place on campus, it is distracting when people come back from the weekend and are drunk. But, you will most likely find partyers at any college.


The worst thing about my school would have to be the class sizes. Sometimes, the classes are so big that the teachers don't know you on a name to name basis. Other than that my school is great.


Perhaps the worst thing about this school is the lack of racial diversity. This is in no part because the school attempts to iscolate or is racist, however, going to a school so far north, does tend to deter many people from coming. The lack of racial variety tends to iscolate those of a different race who do come to Northern. The students do not do this on purpose, however, it does tend to happen. The school is working to fix this though.


Lack of direction, not a lot of help on directing you on the right path to a career.


there really isnt anything bad at my school that i have found so far.


I consider the worst thing about my school to be the fact that it is so far from home.


There are too many individuals who are attending college at NMU to get a degree, instead of an education. The focus of their day to day lives is social networking, not getting a 4.0. While there are some individuals who are here to acheive as much as they are capable of, they are fewer in number than one would hope for. I do believe this trend can be reversed within a few years; however, it will take a concentrated effort to achieve lasting change.


I guess the worst thing about my school would be icey walk ways all around campus. I love winter, but it's so cold up here that it's hard to keep the ice melted.


NMU doesn't have a giganitic variety of strong programs. While it does have a few programs, such as the teaching, nursing, and sports science programs, that are great, a few of their other programs, like philosophy or agriculture, are nearly non-existent.


the city its in, there is very little to do out side of school that doesn't involve drinking or the outdoors, and there are no 24 hour bussinesses, unless your count walmart.


I feel that the worst thing about my college is the distance those of us in Art and Design programs have to walk in the middle of the winter to our classes. The sidewalks are very icy and never seem to be salted or sanded so I always have to walk very slowly to make sure I don't slip and fall with all my work. It would be nice if a bus was able to pick us up near the dorms and bring us to the Art building when it's below zero out.


It's in a somewhat remote area, so we do not have as many opportunities as some other schools might.


The winter, it lasts a while and the ice is a little dangerous on the way to class.


The worst thing about Northern also happens to be the best thing to some people. NMU can have horrible snow storms and the weather can get well below zero degrees. Commuting to class can be quite miserable and shoveling 6 feet of snow off your car at 7 a.m. isn't much fun. However, this same snow also makes "snow days" possible and allows for awesome snowboarding, snowshoeing, sledding, skiiing, and skating conditions.


The weather at Northern Michigan can be a little extreme at times.


NMU is not really known for its academics. Some of the degree programs I feel are not very credible.


I think the worst thing about Northern is the snow. It starts in late October and continues through April. It's a very harsh winter in the upper peninsula, but the university keeps students involved in campus events by holding concerts, showing free movies, and even providing discounts at Marquette Mountain, where students can go snowboarding and skiing.


The worst thing about NMU is that I have to drive 8 hours to get there. I've had to leave both friends and family behind to pursue my dream.


It is somewhat in the middle of nowhere and things like shopping and entertainment are sparse without a long drive.


There is no mall so you have to do all your shopping online.


During the winter, it can be very cold and deterring to students commuting due to road and weather conditions.


Being in a secluded town.


The cold winter tempertures are a drag but the amount of snow and quality of the ski hill make up for everything


Not offering classes when needed, example i only need one more class to graduate but its not offered to fall of 2009. So i have to stay an extra year.


The fact that sometimes I have to choose between activities because there are so many to do:)


It is really far away from home and in the middle of the winter you don't think you will ever see the sun again, this can cause depression in some people, plus you really have to bundle up for the outdoors lectures.


financial aid does nothing to help students that need the extra help. the shcool does not help students who are tryignto pay tuition on their own, and recieve no financial aid. when someone cannot get a private loan there needs to be more options.


The winter weather.


The worst thing about NMU would be the quality of the laptops in use by the university. The audio is not that great on them.