Northern Michigan University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Someone whoshould attend this school sould be someone who loves the outdoors, someone who is adventurous. You are focused on your studies but there is still plenty of room to have a little fun. Also this student should be someone who likes the cold and the snow. In the beginning of the school year yuo have to be able to stand the heat. This student should be a laid back person, Marquette is a relaxing but big town, we are not like Chicago. Finally a person who goes here should be up for volunteering and a chill campus


The most common person to attend Northern Michigan University are people who can tolerate the cold because it snows from October to April and people who are willing to get a dirty by participating in activities outside.


If a students interests include snowboarding, skateboarding, rock climbing or any and all things athletic and outdoorsy, then this would be the ideal place to attend. Any interest or possible major in Sports & Recreation or a subject pertaining to nature would also make this school a good fit. A person from a small town might find it alot easier to adjust going to this university because its a bigger city, but its definitely not overwhelming.


An easy going laid back person who likes talking to people and doing study groups. They should also know it's not a party school but people do party there but they also do their studying to get their degrees.


Anyone who enjoys winter weather, being outdoors, and living an active lifestyle should strongly consider Northern Michigan University. The town of Marquette is a very culture-oriented enviroment, with a number of art and history museums, unique dining experiences, and venues for concerts and theatrical performances. The town is, in a word, hipster. There is a balance here between conservative and liberal values in the town and at the University. The one thing that strikes you the most when you come to Marquette is how everyone greets you with a smile! This is a freindly place to live.


The kind of person that is open to all types of people regardless of their race or religon. If someone is of African American race there is no way they would enjoy going to Northern Michigan University if they are still stuck on racistism. The marjority of people who attend here are Caucasian. Everyone I have come in contact with are very friendly and up beat. They are easy going and fun to be around. If someone does not have those qualities they may not like it here.


The kind of person who should attend this school would be someone with a laid back personality, loves the outdoors, and enjoys a smaller school. Northern is a beautiful place in the u.p. and the majority of things to do around here are done outside, especially in the winter season. The campus is very small compared to other schools and it's likely you see the same people everyday. Marquette is definitely a college town, but the atmosphere here is very much so relaxed compared to down state.


Certainly someone who enjoys the outdoors and can put up with a long winter but that isn't all. I think that with the opportunities NMU provides its students, the type of person that should attend Northern must be motivated to take advantage of such opportunity. I think Northern is a good fit for anyone looking to be educated for a successful career and an exciting lifestyle. I came to Northern because I valued my education and believe NMU provides me with the best of the best.


The one thing I love about my school is that you'll find people from a wide variety of backgrounds. Over the years my school has been recruiting students from other areas, and we have had an increase in international students, so it is becoming more diverse. All the people that I have encountered are very warm and excepting. My school is located in a small town up north, so I would recommend it to anyone who loves the outdoors.


Someone who loves the outdoors and likes snow. Also it is not a huge campus, and pretty easy to walk everywhere. Someone who likes hockey or sports in general. Someone who is goal oriented and wants to push themselves to achieve. Anybody is welcome, but they need to love the snow.


People who are outdoorsy, love the winter, and perfer a smaller community would love Northern Michigan University.


The typical NMU student is casual, polite, neutral, fairly stoic, and generally quite accepting of others. A noticeable portion of the students are artistic and/or liberal, and there are also quite a few education majors, followed by pockets of English majors, band geeks, business types, punk rockers, casual athletes, winter sports types and plenty of hardcore Yoopers (Yoopers = from U.P. of Michigan) but really there are people from every group, lifestyle, attitude and background.


Everyone is excepted at this school. No one is looked down on because of their race, sexuality, or religion. We execpt everyone, and have alot of fun together!


A person who is an outdoor enthusiast... many of the activities here revolve around being outside. People who thrive on city life should not attend because there is nothing like that here, or anywhere near Nothern.


I would say anyone would be able to attend this school. They are open to everybody.


Anybody, this school is very accepting of all different backgrounds, races, and upbringings.


Someone who loves snow and is passionate about his or her future should consider attending Northern Michigan University!


Tree Huggers


Anyone who can put up with snow in the winter.


People who enjoy the outdoors would benefit a lot from the activities available at NMU... Still, even people who aren't crazy about the outdoors can still do well at this school and enjoy it because of the number of student organizations, major selection, and the wide variety of students on campus.