Northern State University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I could time travel I would go back and tell myself to talk to more people. Talk to more professors, more freshmen, more upper classmen, more foriegn students. I would tell myself to be more open to new things. I wish I could go back and walk around the halls of my dorm and introduce myself to more people. I think that if I would have done those things I would have had an easier time during my first semester.


I would tell myself to keep my door open at all times, that way I could meet so many more people. I would tell myself not to worry so much about all the different kinds of people and judgement - because most people don't care. I would tell myself that college is worth it and the friends I will make are friends I will have for a lifetime. I would tell myself to get involved in a bunch of campus activites. I would tell myself that Northern State University is the right college to pick and that there is no better place to go to college and have a great socail life!


I think I would tell myself to apply for scholarships even if I'm not sure on the outcome of who will get it. Meaning, take a chance. And I would tell myself that there's nothing to be stressed out about as long as I do my best and not worry about what others think of me. I'd also tell myself that even if people treat you like a target for teasing in high school, doesn't mean people in college will. And to take a chance at getting to know guys - not everyone will act as immature as high school boys. College can be a chance to come out of a shell that you've been in for years. The college will have counseling services that you can go to if you need help.


Knowing what I do now, if I were able to go back and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself not to worry so much and to enjoy life more. Yes, college is hard, but professors do genuinely want to see their students succeed. Do not focus all of your extra classes on your major, but do explore other avenues. It is a big, wide world, and there are so many creative and wonderful things that exist outside of your career, although that is wonderful, too. Trust your decisions. You are a hard worker, and you are smart. You will make it through college and anything else life throws your way. Make sure to take time to be with the people that you love, because they are more important than anything else, even your education. Education is still important, of course, but do not ever forget why you went to college. You want to make the world a better place. Hold onto that, and everything else will turn out fine. That is what I would tell my high school self.


You know how you are feeling burnt out due to the heavy school class choices you made? You really just want to work with your hands due to that feeling right now. The problem is that years from now when you have done all the things that are morally right, but chose to work with your hands instead of your brain, your body will be broken and your family will suffer. You are smart for a reason. That reason is to better the world around you. Look at the big picture, and see that with a great education you will have a career instead of a job. You will have more time for your family and more money to better care for them. When you adopt four kids, on top of the two you create, you will be able to provide everything they need as well as teach them to do the same for themselves. I know you think that getting an early start will help you save for the future. I know that you think you owe it to your families business to carry on a legacy. The truth is you owe more to your future.


It is okay to be nervous about the future, but you must realize the path ahead will be a winding road. The uncertainty you hold is part of your adventure through life. You will never fully know where you are going, what you may desire to become, or who you may encounter, but with each you will discover yourself. Every turn, every stumble along the uneven path, will reveal to you something of beauty. Whether this beauty be knowledge, skill, passion, love, faith, endurance, inspiration, or honor, you will grow as a person and find your meaning in life. If plans do not go as anticipated, do not allow yourself to falter. Continue walking confidently towards tomorrow. There are many forms of success and many ways to achieve it. Always be true to yourself, remember your roots, be open-minded, and forever fill your days doing what you love. Enjoy the journey as it unfolds.


As a high school senior, I would tell myself to enjoy my time. I think a lot of time I was so worried about the future and what was going on right now, that I didn't work to enjoy my last year of high school. Also, I would tell myself to keep working hard. As for transition to college life, it's different than I imagined. I was thinking freedom, lots of time, no stress, and partying. However, I would tell myself that that is not the case! In college you still have to work hard if not harder, you don't have as much time as you think, so you cannot procastinate, and there is stress because proffessors still have exams and quizzes all on the same day. I would definitely tell myself not to worry though, and to continue working towards my goals and doing what I love to do. Keep being me!


While I believe everything which happens helps shape us into the people we are today, I admit there are a couple great regrets from my high school to college transition. I never took that year off to study a foreign language and now I am left with a basic and conversational level understanding of Spanish (which is hardly a gleaming addition to a resume). It would have benefited me greatly to sacrifice a vacation and buy Rosette Stone to learn Russian for my current field. Sociology comes easy to me as it’s been in my family for generations…had high school me just managed to accept this, I would have saved $12,000 from that costly flirtation with the education major. I would have been a lot happier had I just gone to NSU right away because it’s an entire school of open-minded people who love debate and conversation. I would’ve also encouraged myself to be more social and outgoing. College friends connect with you on a deeper level because they share similar goals and aspirations and encourage you to strive for a better grasp of your creative and scholarly self.


I would never have the valuable experiences that I do today or have met all of the wonderful people that I did without attending college. It was a great experience overall and I think it helped contibute to the well-rounded person that I am today. It also helped prepare me for the vast amount of challenges that you have face on a day to day basis in the real world.


I am currently getting ready to attend an online university. I do this as I have children and this will enable me to continue to care for them and attend school. What I have already gotten out of this experience is the ability to be flexible in my life and still get what I want (in this case, a higher education). I look forward to expanding my mind and filling it with new information and building a foundation of knowledge that will enable me to create a solid career and better care for my children. Thanks!


a degree! to get a career!


attending college has given me a variety of experiences that i wouldnt have otherwise been able to experience. not only have i been given the privilage to experience higher education, but i got to do this in an environment that wants me to succeed. i have learned how to be independent but still to know when to askw for help. this has been valuable to me because this skill is one that i will use no matter where my degree takes me. i have also learned what it means to have true friends. i have friends from high school, but once we went away to college they changed. by making new friends at school, who have the same ideals and values that i do, i realized that i can have friends from both areas but only one group will fully understand me and the descions that i decide to make for my life. this is valuable to me because it is better to learn sooner who you can count on and turn to in a time of need. over all college has helped me grow and learn what is best for me.


There was a lot about high school that i wouldn't change, because i think learning from my mistakes has helped. One thing i wish i would have done differntly is the order i took my classes. I took all of my really hard classes in my first couple of years. It seemed nice my senior year, but i have forgotten most of what i had learned. I also took a college bound english class my senior year that i didn't take very seriously. In the end i got a B, and i was satisfied with it at the time. Now that B is the one grade that holds me back from a 4.0. In high school i never knew how important every grade was, and i wish i would have understood that the extra effort would have totally been worth it.


The most enchanting and dangerous thing about college is the social life. There's going to be a lot of times when it's tempting to just kick back and enjoy the company of people who really do love the same things as you do, but make sure you put some time aside for studying. Friends can always be contacted later, papers on the other hand have a pretty brutal due date. The work won't be harder but there will be more of it and the expectations will still be just as high as in that AP class. Just set aside about 2 hours every night (it's really not that much you'll be up until 2 in the morning, don't worry) and make sure you get those papers done. Also private colleges are really not for you, stick to public colleges, the people are more fun and the classes get much more animated!


Do not pick a school based on price. I had the opportunity to go to many schools and I picked the cheapest one. I am now looking to transfer. Do not put a price tag on your dreams. Fight for what you want in life and don't let anyone try to hold you back.


Go with a college where you have a good opportunity to learn but yet have some fun. With good teachers, and friendly students.


Find what you want to do in live or what you think you want and decide from there what school is right for you. Dont go just to play a sport if they dont have what you want or go for a girl friend because it usually ends up wasting a couple of semesters of your time and money.


that all the teachers are willing to work with the students and the campus activities are fun


When you first step on campus, you should feel right at home. You want to be some where where they want you to succeed. Decide if you want to be close to home or farther away because it makes a huge difference on how well you will do in school. Like the place that you will be living in because that will be where you will be spending most of your time. Like the food on campus because it really stinks if you don't like it. Find the college that fits you and what you are going to school for. Don't let your parents pick for you. Most of all, make the best out of college. They are some of the best years of your life!!


Research is the key to finding the best of anything. The internet is a good source for this research but when it comes down to it you have to go on college visits. On a college vist, one can see not only the campus but also the town. Different people have different preferences on how many people they want living in close proximity to them. A visit is also a good way to get to know how people will treat you once you get to college. There should be a friendly atmosphere to somewhere you might live in for four years. Bottom line is do some research and find whatever you like the most.


Don't skip over any options. Look into every opportunity.


I would tell parents and/or students to definately find a college where they are comfortable. A campus shouldn't be so big that it is overwhelming, but should also be big enough to provide plently of opportunities and activities. To make the most of a college experience I would tell them to make as many friends as possible and just get out there and experience new things.