Northern Virginia Community College Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


A very open school that does everything possible to ensure that its students are successfull during and after college.


Northern Virginia Community college is a school where all types of people come from to get an education.


Offers a chance to grow and learn with others that have the same aspiration in an approachable and diverse setting.


A great place for working adults to go back to school and work towards a degree.


Northern Virginia Commiunity College is a diverse enviorment with professors who genuinely want to see you succeed.


NOVA is a 2 year college in the Washington DC Metropolitan area with several campuses throughout Northern Virginia.


I want to learn and graduate at Northern Virginia Community College.


NVCC is made up of 5 main campuses, with Annandale being the main campus, and 1 Medical campus. There are also several outside locations which benefit the diversity of the college. The main campuses are well laid out, convenient to get to, and have a food court or cafeteria on campus.


My college is like a foreign country; there are so mnay different people with all different backrounds and pasts.


Everything that I have seen and heard about the NOVA campus is by far greater than one could expect from any community college!


Norther Virginia community college is a school which offers a challenging and quality education, which far exceeded my expectations of a community college.


NVCC has a friendly atmosphere and a campus full of enthusiastic professors and self-driven students looking to succeed in the wealth of fields to which NVCC gives them access.


if a student wants to go off to college after high school, they should try the community college first. Because it would save you alot of money if you are not getting a scholarship to go to a University.


My school has an aura of learning, everywhere around campus are students interested in furthering their goals in education; whether towards a degree or certificate, working towards transfering to a four year institution or for their own personal goals, students focus and determination is ever present.


Small, relaxed, and personal.


Will do anything to get good test scores.


NOVA Annandale is a big school which is continuously busy with students and teachers who may or may not want to be teaching at the school and are possibly doing it for extra cash or until they find a different job.