Northern Virginia Community College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Someone that needs a wide range of option regarding time for your class


A person who wants to get into the school of their choice or someone who wants to get a associates degree


Northern Virginia Community College has a modern environment for almost every type of students. Not only high schools students who seek for extra classes before entering colllege but also for adults working and studying at the same time. Students who want an economical way to start college can choose NOVA then transfer into 4-year-university which costs less and more convinient. Seniors are encouraged to study here as they do not have to pay tuition.


This school is great for figuring out what field you would like to study while saving money. You can complete the general education that will transfer most places while saving thousands of dollars. This school is also great for taking summer classes or getting certifications or associate degrees.


Northern Virginia Community College is a great place for people who are not sure what they want to do with their lives and do not have a career path. Also the low prices for classes are unbeatable added to living at home while going to school is great for people who do not have the funds to pay for school.


People that want to go to a four year college should start out here. This school prepares you for what lies ahead in a univeristy. As my teachers have lectured in my classes, "this isn't 13th grade, you have to study and work hard to do well."


Someone who likes small classes and a chill enviornment where you can be yourself and you don't have to go out of your way to do friends. This is also an inexpensive school and will give a lot of personalized attention.


This campus is wonderful for a vast variety of people . I would recommend it to anyone, from single mother to the guy working a McDonalds trying to do something with their lives.


Any person looking to spend less money while still receiving a quality education.