Northern Virginia Community College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating thing about NVCC is that they are extremely money hungry. Community college is supposed to be affordable, instead you have to pay for even more things here like parking and even the scantrons to take your tests!


With NOVA's easy online enrollment, and extensive class catalogue, there aren't many ways to get frustrated. The most difficulty that I encountered was in locating the list of required classes for the degree that I was interested in (Elementary Education). This could have been resolved more quickly if I had simply gone in to the administration building and asked a counselor about it, but I stubbornly stuck to my internet search and ended up finding what I needed.


Although Northern Virginia Community College is inexpensive and a good choice for many people, it is a commuter-only school which can pose problems. In my experince, it has been hard to make friends because of this. One of the only opportunities students have to make friends is in class, which proves to be difficult while trying to learn.


The most frustrating thing about NOVA is not having an assigned point of contact to disuss options, transfer information and best plan of action.


In my opinion I will say the fraustrating thing about my school is that, sometimes the aid given are not enough to buy books. Meanwhile, the books sold at the books store tend to be very expensive. The Cafeteria talso is another problem. It the same type of food each and semester.


The thing that frustrates me is that the students don't always seem interested in learning.


In my experience, one of the most frunstating things about Northern Virginia Community College is the extreme lack of communication between faculty, Staff, and students. If I have any questions about any of the online processes which classes to register for or how to register for them, I have always had to go through a long chain of people to get results. Often, the people I need to talk to were out during their office hours or their hours are inconsistent and scarce.


School isn't really frustrating but I wish traffic around campus was easier to navigate.