Northland College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Coming to Northland College as a transfer student I noticed right off the bat that my peers were a breed apart from most other student populations; the readiness to understand differences and our small size allows for a very close campus community.


My classmates offer a variety of ideas that enrich my learning experience.


They are outgoing, eager, kind, and environmentally friendly.


My classmates at Northland college look at everything like it's a bigger picture by using their environmental awareness, intelligence, and ethics.


My classmates are passionate about the environment and everyone is very friendly.


My classmates are all very friendly and work together well on the commom belief that they need to change the way the world views the earth to create a better future.


The diversity of Northland College students is large, as we encompass students with many different perspectives from all backgrounds and areas, each with great potential to lead, inspire, and initiate environmental stewardship.


Creative, odd, accepting people looking to make a positive change in the world.


Northland College students are mix of environmentally aware, always ready for an adventure, outdoorsy people from many states who are friendly and supportive in classes as well as good out of class friends.


Hippies and jocks most of them want to save the planet, big thinkers, not the best at applying there are also lots of people in the middle.


I think that a person from a really populated city would be uncomfortable here. There's a good mix of conservative and liberal people here. During meals a lot of people stick with their own kind. Hippies and druggies stay together. the hockey and baseball team have their own table. Dance team is the same way. Most people though stick to the really long middle tables which are nice.There isn't much to do here. No shopping or stores that stay open past 7pm.