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Northland Pioneer College

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What's unique about your campus?

I would say the Administrators and teachers and also the courses that they provide. i would say all that because the Administrators work hard to make sure they have the right classes for me to take and also that I'm taking the classes that I really need. the teachers are so nice and willing to work with you, they make sure you understand your assignements and are there to answer your questions, they respond quickly to your emails or phone calls. The classses are a challenge and yet fun, they are handled and taught by the right professors.

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The tuition rate, classroom sizes, and the fact that it's close to home. Attening Northland Pioneer College saved my family and I a lot of money, we have been paying out of our own pockets since I started school with little assistance from our local tribal government. The amount of students who are in a class is good, there isn't too many people. I like to location of the school as well because it takes less than forty minutes to get there.

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