NorthWest Arkansas Community College Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


A good stepping stone.


They embrace all walks of life.


The NorthWest Arkansas Community College is a great school for those who are trying to recieve a great education.


NWACC is very helpful family oriented,friendly it's a good schol to be at!!


NWACC can easily be defined as an outstanding academic enviroment in which both the teachers and students give the best of their abilities to help form an enviroment where question and concerns regarding lectures, course objectives, and homework assigments are encouraged.


My school is a small, close knit college where the teachers can focus and help each individual person.


NWACC is full of amazing teachers that are always willing to work with the students and help them to achieve their educational goals in any way that they can.


It is a community of diverse people sharing a common goal of being the person they want to be to further the good of humanity.


A well-organized campus brimming with dedicated teachers and staff whose one goal is to provide students with learning for living.


NorthWest Arkansas Community College is a fantastic school. The teachers are excellent, they are always willing to help and most will even stay after class to help. The school has many different opportunities to become involved. There are a lot of different clubs that students can join. The school also offers different services to its students, which include a learning lab, a math cafe, a library, a book store, and even a computer lab. The area that I like most about NWACC is the fact that while it is a small school there is a variey of cultures and opportunities.