Northwest Florida State College Top Questions

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Though the campus is small, it allows for close interaction among students as well as faculty. You can easily get to know your instructors, making it easy to ask questions in class as well as making it easier to receive recommendation letters from them later if necessary.


One thing unique about my school is that it is very laid back. The professor and staff are very nice to everyone and trwat us all the same. The school itself is very diverse. There are many cultures here that I learned new things about. I was raised in different country as well, so knowing to have a school as diverse and and accepting as this makes me feel like home.


One unique thing about Okaloosa Walton College is that their are seven campuses to accomodate a diverse amount of students. Since Okaloosa Walton College is located near three military bases, the college is good at reaching the heavily populated military personnel. Not only does this college help with the military, but helps high school students too. Each dual enrolled/collegiate student has access to take their courses at any campus.


My school is well accredited, close to home, and provides the oppurtunity to view the world from different perspectives. Instead of high school, where everyone is within the same age group, Northwest Florida State (previously Okaloosa-Walton college) offers those of all ages and backgrounds to get an education. The campus is small, comparatively, but it is close and decorated with local made sculpture, beautidul landscape, and caring teachers.