Northwest Florida State College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Someone who is attending college for the wrong reasons should not enroll at this college. It is a home-town , family oriented school. There is not an abundant amount of drinking and partying on this campus. The faculty focuses on educating and training students to hold a career.


Colleges take all kinds of people. Generally, Northwest Florida State College, or Okaloosa Walton College, as many people know, accepts anyone who is willing to work and pay for an education. I feel, however, that students who are disciplinary issues, druggies, or public disturbances to the educational atmosphere should not attend the school. The school is nice, growing, and has the calm atmosphere of a small community college. I’ve seen the story unfold many times before. Kids who don’t know how to control themselves get a hold of nice things and don’t know how to respect it.


A person who is not focused about school or does not care, and wants to cut up all the time should not attend NWFSC. This is a nice school and your teachers do not play and i like to be in a enviroment that is learning not all the time having to get on to some one who is being bad.


Anyone that is not willing to try just because it is a community college should not come to this school. Even though it is a fairly easy school the professors are there to help those in need and are willing to work with the student. If you plan to try and take advantage of that fact you shouldn't attend the NWFSC but other than that everyone should go to this school if they are able to.


Not sure, everyone is pretty welcome here.


Anyone who has the desire to learn and do well in life.


The kind of person who shouldn't attend this school is someone who likes a busy atmosphere on campus because our campus is laid-back. If you are looking for a bachelor's degree, there aren't many offered here yet. If you want to live on-campus, you shouldn't attend because there are no dorms here.