Northwest Missouri State University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


When I tell my friends about Northwest Missouri State, the main thing I brag about is how easy it is to be successful here. Northwest gives so many opportunities to get started on your career. They offer interviews, internships, study sessions, tutoring sessions, jobs and plenty of social opportunities. There are also a strong group of bearcat alumni waiting to help the next graduate of Northwest!


What I mostly brag about when I tell my friends about my school is how friendly and personable our teachers are. They not only help us in the classroom, but also in our daily lives. The teachers at Northwest show that they care by asking questions about what we are interested in, and then they have a way of intertwining it into their lessons to make their class more relatable. I always tell my friends that I feel like I have gained so much from going to Northwest because my teachers made learning fun and easy for me to understand.


I brag about all of the fun organizations the campus offers, and how the town is a "college town" . Everyone supports the school in the area, and everything is about school spirit. We also have an amazing football team, and football games are a huge hit around here. I also brag about the class size. It's small enough to let everyone be involved, but not too small to feel singled out. I love telling people about our school!


NWMSU has a great atmoshphere and people are so friendly (faculty, staff, students, etc). My teachers are very willing to help me when I need help on a paper, studying, etc and they are also very helpful when I need advice about classes. The campus is small enough to see many familiar and friendly faces but large enough to countinue to meet people. Plus the town that my school is in (Maryville) is small and most people know a lot of people here and I think it is nice to have that.


The campus is beautiful and all the buildings are within walking distance. There is a beautiful arbor walk and all of the buildings are iconic and unique. The area is expansive around campus with clean air, with rolling hills and nothing but cattle and crops. the town is quaint and tightly knitt, a place where the people take the time to get to know you, your needs, and love to talk.


I like the fact that it is in a town that is much smaller than another, like St. Joseph or Colorado Springs. I also enjoy how many of the students here I know, and the fact that it is not as expensive of some other Universities I researched.


The football team, the teachers, the texbook rental program, and the helpfulness of the staff.


A BEAUTIFUL campus!!! And everyone is always excited, usually for the upcoming football game. The football team is unstopable!


Our football team has been to the national championship 4 years in a row. This school has a good academic record and good job placement after graduation. Beautiful campus.


I tell them we have an amazing jazz band. I really dislike going to school where I am and will soon be changing it to Western Kentucky University I think. I have not completely decided yet.


Choir department, awesome friends, football team (nationally known), Great dorms, cute girls


Its small


The campus is very nice compact yet with beauty. The teachers really do put time in to help you out in classes and career help. If you need any help the school really has the resources for you too get it. We have a specific Tutoring program and many of the GE courses have an Student Instructor which helps you out. The school really strives itself to be two things Technically Advanced and Environmentally friendly. Every Student gets a Laptpop for them to use and the computers updated. The school itself has a Recycling program which gives the University Energy.