Northwest Missouri State University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


Upon pondering this question, it took me awhile to come up with an answer. The school itself is so wonderful. From the campus to the teachers, this education program is amazing. We get laptops and textbooks for little cost, and the ability to succeed is always the number one priority. The only negative thing I can say about the school it that it's location is inconvniant. I am personally not a small town girl, and Maryville, population on 10,000 only holds so much for me. I find myself not having much to do in town..


The worst thing is the lack of parking by some of the major buildings where there are a lot of classes. Other then that I love everything about the school.


The worst thing about my school are the outdated books in my school's library. The majority of the books in the library date as far bask as the 1980's. It would be nice to have new, current books available to us, especially those concerning science and related biological fields.


Because I am a vegetarian, it is very hard to eat here. While the school does offer some healthy vegetarian options, there is rarely any variety and I feel like I eat the same thing over and over again. I eat alot in my room and wish I could use my aladine more often.


The worst thing about my school is the winter. It gets extremely cold and snowy and there aren't very many close parking spots so students have to walk a ways to classes in the cold.


Oh the worst thing about Northwest is definitely the weather. I'm from Kansas City and a hundred miles north makes all the difference. We get blizzards and it's freezing when the wind blows in. Maryville is a small town, so if you need anything beyond what the local Wal-mart can provide you have to drive thirty minutes to a bigger city.


I consider the avaiblity of on campus jobs to be the worst thing about northwest.


Being here in Maryville there is a huge competition to get jobs. If you don't qualify for work study you will not receive campus jobs. It is even kind of hard to get jobs in Maryville off campus. If you need a job, start looking early in the summer when there are actually openings at businesses. If you wait until August to apply, you won't get a job.


I think the worst thing about Northwest is it can sometimes be considered a party town. The campus is a "dry campus", where no alcohol is allowed. However, there is always a party somewhere in the small town. The bars also let students in when they turn 19, which causes a huge problem, they may not be allowed to drink, but they usually find a way. This can be a negative image for the University.


The tuition is high and still rising, and the lack of jobs on-campus that pay well enough to keep the students above water with their financial situations. The housing both on and off campus is really expensive.


Once you get further away from the main campus all there is, is a lot of farmland. Once you get of the main street leading into campus there is not a whole lot of businesses or anything to go to. It is either houses in one direction or farmland in the rest.


The worst thing abou my school is the location.


Coming from a bigger scity, switching to a small town was difficult. Some students never completely adjust.


The worst thing about the school is the weather in the winter. It is absolutely treacherous. It is freezing, windy, and snowy.


The onlty thing that I can thing of about Northwest is that we have to have a meal plan when we live on campus.


It is known as a drinking and party town which I do not like.


After graduating, I realized maybe the small school I attended didn't challenge me enough. The reputation of this small school isn't as credible as a larger state school. Being in a small town, I missed opportunities to work with real businesses and teachers that have much more experience. The Career Services department didn't offer very valuable resources.


Weather, really cold and windy. in the middle of no where geographically


Maryville itself gets far colder than anything I'm used to, which makes walking to class almost unbearable. Also, there should be a kitchen, or at least a sink to do dishes in, on each floor of the Dorm Halls. Having to go to the basement every time dishes need to be done is a pain in the butt. Also, there aren't a lot of quiet, comfortable places to study, especially with internet access. And wireless internet should be available to everyone as long as they have their s-number and password (including off-campus computers.)


There is really nothing horrible about this school but the Union where we go get our food could be better and more choices in what was can eat.


The worst thing about my college would be my battle with keeping my social life separated from my school work. I have struggled to stay in school. Many professors recommend help, but don't offer enough. I'm in a prgram called Student Support Services (SSS) that Northwest Missouri State University offers is somewhat helpful but also provide activities(social involvement) that I shouldn't attend; I should be studying instead. I meet new people, but this school don't focus enough on the students amount of studying, they focus more on student involvement and social activities.