Northwest Missouri State University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I knew a ton before coming to this school and I love it there. People are really friendly and I made friends really quickly. I wish I would've found someone to be my roommate though. I did not get paired with a very good roommate first semester but luckily I was able to change rooms.


What I wish I knew before I came to Northwest is how harsh the winter can be. I terribly hate the cold. I do not like how bipolar the weather in Maryville can be. I often wear layers upon layers of clothing just to walk five feet across the campus. However, campus safety is very effective in keeping the campus clean for an easy walk.


While most students worried about the classes they were going to take, making friends, or who their roommate was, I was mostly concerned about how my teachers were going to be. Before I came to Northwest I really wish I knew how relatable and willing to help our teachers are. Considering I want to be a teacher, I felt like having teachers that taught me how to become a great educator, like themselves, was very important. If I would have known how easy it is to talk to my teachers than I could have better prepared myself for other things.


Before I came to NWMSU I wish I had known how important it is to meet new people. When I was a freshman I went home almost every weekend to hang out with my friends from high school. Now that I am a junior I have a lot of friends from college but I regret not meeting new people and making new friends my freshman year. Your friends from home will always be important people in your life, but you could miss out on other great people if you choose not to take the opportunity to meet them.


With the summer session all students have to go to, the school does a really good job at letting you know what to expect and how they are different from other colleges. There are plenty of times to ask questions and get information. I felt that I knew what I was getting into when I came here and the move from home life to college went smoothly.


Some things that I wish that I had known before I had came to this school is knowing that studying is a MAJOR thing and that having study skills is a must and not only that but to have good study skills. Also paying attention to detail in schooland look for the important things in school and become involved. Prioritizing is a must because you have to do that alot in college, to be able to manage your time and set obtainable goals for yourself. Lastly to do well to get scholarships and the stress becomes less in your life.


Before attending Northwest Missouri State University, I was a first generation graduate and terrified by the idea of attending college. However, it had always been a dream of mine and something that I worked tirelessly at achieving. Looking back, I wish that I had been more educated on the college selection process and financial commitment. I also wish that I had known to slow down and enjoy my time because upon finishing a semester at a Northwest, I have learned that my constant stress during high school was unnecessary.


In high school I had a brain full of ideas. My idea of what I wanted to be when I "grow up" typically changed day-by-day. Looking back, I wish I would have looked deeper into career options before I came to Northwest, instead of thinking I would wake up one morning and have it all magically figured out. Waiting to make my final decision caused me to spend more money and time on classes not related to my major. On the brighter side, at least I gained a wider general knowledge and had fun along the way!


I wish I had a better understanding of exactly how to manage my time more accurately. I thought i knew how I was going to manage everything without messing up. After the first couple of days, however, I didn't know how I was going to have time for everything. I just wished I had taken more advantage of the sources that the campus offered while I was applying. I think then, I would have been more prepared.


I wish I would have known it was going to require a lot more hard work. The course's require a lot of attention and desipline. There are so many fuln activites around campus to get you distracted and you need to have a great work ethic.