Northwest Missouri State University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The overall affordability. Textbooks are included which saves you a lot of money (and hassle) as well as a laptop. I don't have to worry about finding the right books and then finding a way to sell them back for only a fraction of the price. The laptop is great in that it came with preloaded software I need for class right away. There are scholarships and grants like the Midwest Student Exchange which also helped me be able to go to Northwest.


The best things about my school is that the textbooks are free and they have meal plans that are included in the tuition. Having the textbooks provided is very convenient because I did not have to make sure I had the money to pay for them. Having a meal plan included in my tuition was also convenient because I do not have to worry about having cash to eat.


The best thing about my school is that there is so much support from the whole town and community around Maryville. The town sort of "shuts down" during football games and other athletic events because most residents attend them. The community gets along with all of the students and enjoys them being at Northwest and in Maryville.


The best thing about Northwest Missouri State University is the amount of support and help the school provides its students. Everytime I have a question or I'm stressing about something I know I can go to my advisor and he will provide limitless amount of sources or advise to help me get on the right path. The faculty is always willing to help the students to the best of their abilities.


The best thing about my school is that it is small enough that you recognize people in your class but big enough that you feel like it is a new experience.


I would have to say that the best thing about Northwest other than our Championship Football team, would have to be the scope of possibilities when it comes to the education one can gain through the Maryville campus. The professors are all very open to their students, and will try their hardest to help the students succeed




The Campus enviroment. It is easy to get around campus and make it to your classes on time. There is plenty of parking for off-campus students to park. The area around the school is looks really good. It is a small town but still there is things to do on the weekend.


I like that the class sizes are small. This allows the professors to work more inividually with students to help them succeed.


The size is not overwhelming. It is possible to walk across campus and know quite a few people on the way to class. This really helps the students feel at home.