Northwood University-Florida Top Questions

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The people there care about your education and will do all they can to help you achieve your goals. Its a small campus so theres no worries about getting lost or being late for class. The teachers and staff are friendly as well as the students.


There are many international students that attend Northwood. The student population is almost 50/50. Northwood is a well known school in S. Florida. Great networking on and off campus. There is always something to do either on or off campus.


Relatively small classes allow each student's personal views and opinions to be addressed and discussed openely with the course professor. I was also impressed with how often we were introduced to real people involved in the industry in which we were studying. The people we met and the businesses we visited were always pleased to have Northwood students interviewing them and touring their facilites. I feel that the insight and information that we received from these individuals about their real life experiences and endevours holds a great value in regards to my education.