Northwood University-Florida Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Apply for as many scholarships as possible. Trust me, you are going to need a lot more money than you think you do. Some of these scholarship might seem like a lot of work but they are all worth it in the end once you get the money you need to pay college off. Another reason is you don't want to be paying loan debts for the rest of your life after you graduate. Apply for a credit card now. When you are in college you might find yourself a little short on cash for little things like gas or materials. If you use your credit card to pay those things off and pay your credit debt very soon after purchasing what you need, and you do that during the course of four years, by the time you graduate you will have great credit and you won't be turned down for that car you need or that apartment you want to live in.


The advice i would give myself woud be to fill out as many scholarships as possible. i would tell myself to get a part time job to get some extra money and also to score high on my act exams. i would get a mentor to help me out with the transition from highschool life to college life, and to help me through my first few years of college life and being on my own.


College life will be a challenging and very important paradigm shift in your life. You will gain a lot of knowledge which will be applied to not only your everyday life but to the career path that you choose to follow. During this transition to learning about your chosen career path, you will learn a lot about yourself and it is important to listen to your heart in order to stay on track with your goals and exceed your limitations by applying knowledge you enjoy. Above all, and most importantly--never give up!


The advice i would have gave myself was to pay more attention in highschool and dont take my work or my opportunities i had playing for sports for granted. I would have told myself to stay so much more organized especially being by yourself on campus. Everything revolves around yourself and your the person that has to get the things done now. Parents arent there to help you anymore, so I would have to myself to start being independent back before i graduated.


First of all i would ask myself not to be so scared about the transition because people are really helpful and willing to help you. Second, i would recommend not being shy or introverted because college is the time to socialize and form life long friendships. Finally, i would tell myself to get involved in as many things as possible because it not only will help me network but it will help me expand my knowledge on different fields. The more people I meet the more possibilities I have to experience and learn new things.


If I could go back in time to my senior year in high school I would tell myself a few things about transition into college life. One of the main things I would tell myself is that time management is important and critical to a successful college career. In addition to time management I would also tell myself that it is important to keep calm when studying and doing homework. The reason I would tell myself these two points is because time management is important to getting all the studying and homework done in time in addition to having a healthy social life with friends and family. When in college it is important to stay calm when deadlines are coming close because when a person stresses out about the situation the situation is not taken care of correctly. When a situation or a surprise assignment comes up it is important to keep calm and have a clear head so the work can get done correct and efficiently. These two lessons would have benefited to my transition into college life from high school life if I were to go back in time and tell myself.


“High school senior year is unlike any other.” As cliché as this may seem, this statement is undeniable. However, of course as students, we all roll our eyes and could care less about homework, school events or college applications that hold the key to “our future.” We would much rather care about the Prom, Senior's Day, and the countdown until Graduation. If I could travel back in time, I would have made every moment of my Senior year count whether it ranged from sleepless nights of home work to being more active in school events. You only get to do it once! In high school, I acquired a 3.25 cumulative grade point average. I wouldn’t have waited until college to achieve a 4.0 grade point average. I never realized the difficulties of getting a scholarship in order to succeed in future educational endeavors. Additionally, I wouldn’t have waited until college to become a cheerleader or an Ambassador. I now comprehend the importance of being involved in high school. I sometimes look back thinking maybe I should have listened to my college counselors. Thank you for this remarkable opportunity. Please consider me for this scholarship application.


Out of my college exeperience so far I have got the chance to interact with the students who are from all parts of the world and I get learn about their culture and language. I have gotten to experience a school that was built between a natural lake. So the scenary is absolutely gorgeous. Finally, at Northwood University I got a chance to really get the hang of college life and not be as stressed as I would've be attending a larger university. This universtiy is so close knit that you really get a chance to get to know so many people very quickly. It was a great choice for me because I don't feel like an outcast in a student thousands, but someone who is welcomed to the Northwood University family.


I am interested in business marketing and sales at any level. I have a strong passion for presenting and selling a product or theme. I think what makes me a great college student is that I stay focused on my studies while working 30 plus hours a week to help pay for my college education. I am a very hard and dedicated worker who puts their all in any project I perform. I am currently entering my senior year and have an internship with ESPN 760 the radio station. The main valuable that I have gotten from college is talking to people and networking. Networking is very important to obtain a job.


I've recieved a lot of things from my college experience, but one thing that really stands out to me is the level of preparation that I am receiving as a result of my studies here. I am confident that I will be more than capable of finding a good, reputable job after I graduate and obtain my degree here at this University. And not only am I receiving this quality education, but I am having a fulfilling college experience as well. From the events on campus, to the extra-curriculars that you can become apart of, I am very satisfied with my overall experience thus far. I would like to continue my tenure here at this University, and the aquisition of this scholarship would be a step in the right direction. I am thoroughly enjoying the quality education and the social aspects of college life, and it holds great value to me and my family.


Ever since mom and dad divorced when I was 10, mom and I have always been close. My advise to myself as a senior would be to listen to everything mom had to say and learn from her experiences. I never knew how difficult being away from home would be until I moved 4 hours away. It was a very emotional time for me, but I matured and became independent and strong.


Go with what feels right, and if those feeling change, change schools.


Parents: let your kids go where they want, even if it's far away. I found that I matured more than my friends who stayed home and went to college. Kids: go far away to school, you will learn quicker and it will be more beneficial. Live on campus for at least your freshman year, that is when you will meet the most people and possibly your life long friends.


My first advice would be ask yourself questions such as, what kind of environment do you want to live in? What kind of experience are you looking for? Do you want to go to a large school or a small school? Secondly visit different collages, so you can see and feel how well that collage fulfill your needs. College will be there you will gain more knowledge than anywhere else; you will gain intellectual knowledge and also individual knowledge. You will realize the importance of a microwave and how useful it can be and also realize you mother is a great cook. My best advice would be to enjoy the little things about college, many college students tempt to not give much significance for small moments but those moments will be the ones you will tell your kids and grandkids about, moments such as the night that everyone got excited because there was a tornado alert and instead of staying inside everyone went out and played in the rain like little kids. Silly moment but those are the moments you will miss over summer break realize that those are also the moments that make the college experience.


Speaking from personal experience when you try to find the right college make sure you like the surrounding, the people that you see that atttend the school, and last but not least make sure it feels good for you not for your parents or anyone else. Enjoy your college years because they go by fast.


The best advice I can offer any student or parent is to consider what you want from your college experience in regards of location, student living, programs offered, and general cost. Your best bet is to talk with friends, family or anyone else who is currently working in the career field that you want to pursue. Pick their brain, ask questions, and find out which college or University they had attended. Consider all your options, look at many different schools as their are many wonderful options to choose from. Every school has it's strenghts and weakness. I would strongly advise taking tours of the campuses in which your choosing to attend. Remember to take you're time and consider all your options.


As I am nearing graduation from Northwood University I can confidently say that I have learned a great deal about myself. Over the past four years I have conquered unbeatable odds, made good decisions as well as bad decisions, made friends which will last a lifetime, and lost a couple on the way. Looking back on my past experiences the best advice that I can give to any college prospect is to know who you are, where you are from, and where you are going and to not let anyone take that away from you. It is important to plan for the future and stay close to your chosen path while still experiencing all of the wonders that the world and college life has to offer. At times it may seem as if life's obstacles are overwhelming, but be grateful for what you have and have already achieved and be sure to stay optimistic because in the end all of your hard work will pay off.