Northwood University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


A person who is really looking forward into getting into there job. Also anyone who is fun and loves to just enjoy themselves in have a good time in college and make life long friends


Students who are serious about their , careers , students who perfer small classes, should attend Northwood University. Also students who are very involved in community work and volunteer work. Leaders should attend Northwood, people who want to see the change in the world. Students who like to travel should attend Northwood. There are study aboard program, you can learn a infinite amount of culture in these countries, creates new memories, and explore new places . Northwood is a great school for anyone who wants to be successful, anyone who is committed and a dedicate student , and students who like to have fun.


Someone looking for a smaller school where you get to give many presentations with hands on learning. A person who is interested in learning in a business environment and professional setting.


A person with an open mind, generally enjoys business, and beleives in a free enterprize market.


Someone who wants to get into the business world.


An extrovert but with introverted goals.

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