Norwich University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


The students body, for the most part, is very cordial and nice. Some of them are socially maladjusted. This school is not for everybody. Firstly, you need to be a gregarious type of person. If you can easily get along with a bunch of people, make friends and organize clubs, you're right for Norwich. The school wants leaders. The student that succeeds the most at Norwich, is the type of student that not only shows leadership skills, but also goes the extra mile. Bringing a cup of coffee to a commandant, going for a jog with a colonel, giving a gift to an administrator, donating to the school, mowing a colonel's lawn, etc...such things will surely get you a leadership position at Norwich University.


My Classmates vary from extremely intelligient to slightly unintelligient and from hard working to lazy.




They all seek education and friendships. Everyone in the class wants everyone else to pass, so when there is a problem with one students grades, there a lot of students that offer their time and dedication.




Some are quite and content, and the others can be loud and rude. I all depends on how you take things,


Most of my classmates had little tolerance for women in mechanical engineering but equality in civil engineering.


Best friends, if I ever need anything even after I leave Norwich my buddies will be there. Your friends you meet here will be your best man at your wedding and will be the person you go to if you need someone to co sign a loan.


They work together, and always lend out a helping hand.

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