Norwich University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


Norwich Univserity has traditions that are 195 years old. Norwich is the oldest private military college and is the birthplace of R.O.T.C. (Reserved Officers Training Corps). To be apart of these traditions as a student in the 2013/2014 academic year is humbling. Many great heros, military and civilian, have walked the same Upper Parade ground and building hallways as I do today. I experience that feeling of tradition every day I am at Norwich and my respect and discipline has grown for our country and my opportunities because of these traditions.


commraderie between students, superb school pride, community involvement, professors who care and an excellent library.


This school feels like a family. Everyone knows everyone else, and there is usually a helping hand or a kind ear if you need it. The classes are small so you get a lot of attention, and the professors are usually willing to give you extra help if you need it.


The people make the school. They are the whole reason that you can't wait to go back, because they were the ones that were there for you through your time of struggle. Since I go to military school, in the beginning of training the cadre are all about breaking you down to build you up again. So when people break your rook buddies are there for you day in and day out.


Personaly I think it is the Corps of Cadets lifestyle. Just because you are in the Corps of Cadets does not mean that you have to join the military after you graduate. In fact 40% of its members this year includeing the regimental commander are not going to join the military after they graduate. but going through the Corps of Cadets will help to teach you things students at normal colleges dont get. It will better prepare you for life.


The best thing about Norwich is the small class sizes. Along with the small class sizes comes the caring faculty and the fact that you are a name and person with your story to tell and not a number and a grade. The faculty are usually always in their offices when not in class and don't mind if all you are doing is dropping in for a chat.


The sense of community.


Norwich University develops students academically, ]physically, emotionally, and morally. Here we learn the importance of supporting our country. This is supported by our campus wide flag salute every morning and evening and by the pride taught in our military classrooms. Norwich makes a point to make sure that each student has all of the support they need. Our academic achievement center helps all students with their work load and disabilities that they may have. The code of Norwich is 'I will not lie, cheat or steal, or tolerate those that do'. This code sets the standards of moral value.


I get a sense of family at Norwich. The professors are willing to help with whatever they can, and have their doors open to us students at all times. Also, I have met a lot of great people that I feel will be my friends forever. They are willing to help me whenever I need it and always asking to do something together, such as go shoot hoops. Norwich is a small school in attendance, and because of that, everybody feels more like students, more like individuals than just as a group of unknown students.


The clinical experience for nurses starts early on in the education years, which is important to me being a hands on learner.


That we are half military and civilian and that my friends are going to lead our country


the people


The sense of community, brotherhood, and loyalty among the students and alumni.


For those of us who are contracted with the U.S. Military, we get hands on training to become officers. We are constantly being taught how to be leaders, both in and out of the field.


The best thing about my school is the type of people. Everyone wants to help everyone. No one is afraid to put themseleves in harms way for others. We have many vol. firefighters, including myself, and emts.


The bonds formed by hardship endured by members of organizations like the Ranger Company, the Artillery Battery, and the Army ROTC Department are the only reason I'm still here.


The best thing about Norwich University is its adherance to long-standing traditions. People become more disciplined and learn what it's like to focus on studying because there isn't a whole bunch of things to do in the small town where the university is located. People make lifelong friendships there and the alumni are very supportive of the students that go there.


Norwich University is a great school for people who like small classes and a friendly environmnet. The people you meet here are like family and the friends last forever.


Norwich is the type of place for those who want to join the military but don't want to go to the academy. We produce excellent leaders through the Corps of Cadets enough though it has gotten soft in the last few years. The Corps teaches freshmen how to be in the military and then how to become a leader. You can only lead if you know how to follow. "Lead me, Follow me, or Get the hell out of my way." Gen. George S. Patton.


They gave me the most financial aid the first year.

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