Notre Dame of Maryland University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


Small class sizes!


The best thing about my school is we empower women. Being a women's college everything is geared towards empowering us and making sure we get the most out of our life. We never have the pressure of being less than what we are because we are taught that we are equals.


The friends that I have made. Once you fit into your group, you'll have them forever. My friends are what get me through the day most of the time, and are what keep me at the college.


I would say the best thing about my school is the strong sense of history and tradition you feel when being there. My school has been educating women for over a century and they hold a lot of pride in that.


The best thing about Notre Dame of Maryland is the open community. Being built on a Catholic base, Notre Dame welcomes those in need to help them become as successful as its graduates. This is imporant to demonstrate to the students that being open-minded creates open doors and opportunities.


The best thing about my school are the people. I live in Boston, and being over 8 hours away from home, frightened me at first, but then being at CND I formed a little family. The people are so kind, and so helpful. They people as well as the faculty, helped point me in the right directions of what I want to do. I love community service, and my advisor and friends showed me what the school has to offer that I would enjoy doing. I have no regrets about leaving home. I made a new home.


Cohort classes, evening classes for working parents


The best thing about the College of Notre Dame of Maryland is the sisterhood. It is an all female catholic school of approximately 600 undergraduates. We were extremely loyal to each other and we have each others back. When one of us needs help, someone is always willing to lend a hand. We enjoy doing activities together on and off campus. It does not matter what race or grade level you are, we just hang out together.


I think the best thing about it is some of the classes. The small classes allow you to be more than just a number and you get more attention from the professors. You also get the opportunity to interact more with your peers in these small classes. We have more group activities and project.


The best thing about the College of Notre Dame of Maryland is that is is a women's college. Students are more focussed on their studies rather than paying attention to the opposite sex. Students can be theirself all the time. Better learning environment.